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QUEEN Elizabeth stopped her son Charles’ chilling palace coup by issuing a shocking deathbed decree naming Prince William as her official successor!

Now Charles and his co-conspirators are scrambling to regain power as their plot, code named Operation Orb, lies in ruins, palace officials say. But William is making moves of his own in a vicious real-life game of thrones that pits father against son!

Newly named King-in-Waiting, William is pressing military prosecutors to speed up Charles’ trial for the 1997 murder of Princess Diana — and rallying other members of the royal family to his side. 

Charles and his scheming wife, Camilla, are spreading rumors “Her Majesty is suffering from an extreme form of age-related dementia and paranoia,” a member of Elizabeth’s royal court reveals. “They are determined to undermine William’s authority by attacking the soundness of Elizabeth’s mind and decision-making.”

Read more about the William and Kate’s ascendency to the throne in this week’s GLOBE!

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