Lisa Marie's $62M Web Of Lies!

SCHEMING Lisa Marie Presley has been busted in a bald-faced $62 million lie! In Hollywood’s ugliest divorce war, Elvis’ trainwreck daughter is claiming she’s flat broke and doesn’t have the dough to pay off baby daddy Michael Lockwood. But GLOBE has learned Lisa Marie spends money like water and is sitting on a pot of gold! Buy Globe Magazine at the nearest Wal-Mart, supermarket or newsstand - today!

Babs Goes Bonkers Over Brolin Baby

MEDDLING Barbra Streisand has already turned into the grandmother from hell, even though stepson Josh Brolin’s baby daughter isn’t due until November. The 76-year-old diva — married to Josh’s actor dad, James, 78, since 1998 — “has totally hijacked this pregnancy with her pushiness and constant interference,” snitches an insider. Brash Babs insists on talking to Josh’s wife Kathryn’s “tummy just about every day, and is also planning the delivery and ordering sheets and drapes for the hospital room,” the source blabs. Get this issue of GLOBE Magazine to learn more about Barbara Streisand's d

Johnny Depp: My Wife Beat Me!

 TROUBLED Johnny Depp was beaten and battered by 23-years-younger wife Amber Heard during their stormy two-year marriage, court papers and friends charge. In bombshell legal documents filed in a British court, The Pirates of the Caribbean star declares he was violently punched in the face — twice — by furious Amber, who finally divorced Depp in 2017 after making her own chilling charges of domestic abuse. While Amber denies it, sources tell GLOBE the five-foot-seven, 32-year-old blonde repeatedly roughed up her 55-year-old hubby throughout their marriage – making Johnny’s l