EXPLOSIVE autopsy secrets about the earth-shaking murder of President John F. Kennedy — including shattering proof of a chilling cover-up — have surfaced in newly declassified government documents. In a bombshell special report, GLOBE rips the lid off the 55-year-old assassination concealment with new information gleaned from more than 50,000 just-released documents the government had kept under lock and key since Kennedy’s Nov. 22, 1963, fatal shooting in Dallas, Texas. Get this exclusive story and many more in this issue of GLOBE!

Kelly Clarkson Loses 37 Pounds

VOICE coach Kelly Clarkson has dropped more than 37 pounds, and the singer’s buddies insist she did it the old fashioned way — by eating right! But the former American Idol winner’s rep claims Kelly didn’t peel off the pounds because she was unhappy with her body or health — despite years of cruel fat-shaming. That, of course, doesn’t address the reason for the star’s amazing transformation. Find the latest GLOBE Magazine at your nearest supermarket, newsstand or Wal-Mart!


ACTOR Robert Blake was tangled in a brutal plot to murder his late wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, and knows her killer’s identity — and is protecting the bloodthirsty fiend in a shameful murder cover-up! That’s the explosive claim of private eye Scott Ross, who was hired by Blake’s high-powered lawyer, Harland Braun, to help the former star of TV’s Baretta beat the rap for murdering Bonny. In an exclusive interview with GLOBE, the Hollywood sleuth insists Blake did not fire the fatal shot — but was behind the plot to take out Bonny, the scandal-scarred mother of his little girl, Rose, now a teenag