Joni Mitchell's Sad Final Days

Weak and wheelchair-bound Joni Mitchell is suffering from short-term memory loss and has packed on 60 pounds -- causing pals to fear the end is near for the ailing folk icon! Ther 74-year-old Big Yellow Taxi legend was left physically wrecked after a 2015 brain bleed, and now medical experts, who have not treated the star, estimage she crushes the scales at a deadly 180 pounds! "It's a miracle she's even around," says  music critic David Yaffe, who penned Reckless Daughter : A Portrait of Joni Mitchell. Read the latest issue of GLOBE and read Joni Mitchell's life-threatening struggle!

Shatner's Undies Held Hostage

A crazed fan female fan kidnapped William Shatner's skivvies and held them for ransom.  Star Trek's iconic Captain Kirk reveals the woman  said she'd only return his undies if he signed a bunch of memoriabilia.  " I was in a hotel and when I came back to my room, my underwear was gone," says the 87-yearold Priceline hustler. "Somebody had been in my room and stole my underwear." He boldly went there! Buy GLOBE today to get the latest on your favorite stars and more!

Evil O.J. Is Riding The Gravy Train

Wicked liar O.J. Simpson claims to be broke and diasbled but the two-faced weasel lives like a king, playing golf, chasing babes and tooling around in a lucury convertible worth a staggering $220,000! And while the 70-year-old scammer has no problem swinging his clubs, he uses a handicapped placard to park his Bentley in more convienent "disabled" spots at his Vegas golf club. "He's a disgrace," says a source. "This guy was once the biggest football star in the world and a role model for America's youth.