PLAYBOY Prince Andrew is being officially exiled to Bermuda in a desperate attempt to save the monarchy, which was shaken to its very foundation by the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal!

In an explosive world exclusive, GLOBE reveals that Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son — who has been accused of bedding underage sex slaves from Epstein’s private harem — is being shipped off to the British North Atlantic island, where he will serve as the colony’s governor.


DEVASTATED by the sudden death of her young drug-addicted cousin, Caroline Kennedy called off plans to end her strained marriage — and is working to rebuild her love life!

Sources say the shocking overdose of 22-year-old Saoirse Kennedy Hill was a sobering slap for Caroline, 61, and hubby Ed Schlossberg, 74, who — amid desperate pleas from their three kids — are getting back together after decades of living separate lives.

“It was a cruel wake-up call that left the family shattered,” a Kennedy insider spills.


BLAZING flames and toxic fumes kept a desperate captain and crew from rescuing the 34 helpless souls trapped below deck on a California diving ship — dooming them to die!

That’s the shocking reason skipper Jerry Boylan and four crew members abandoned the 75-foot Conception after it became engulfed in flames off the coast of Santa Barbara in the early morning hours on Labor Day, sources tell GLOBE.

Though Boylan and some of his crew were able to escape in a dinghy, they left behind 33 passengers and another deckhand, who were sleeping in luxury quarters.