Why Was Vice President Harris Greeted With Trump Campaign Signs In Guatemala?

Article by Richard Cowan

Vice President Kamala Harris’ first international trip to Mexico via Guatemala was delayed for a few hours because her plane was forced to return to Joint Base Andrews due to technical problems about 30 minutes after it took off. Maybe that was an omen…

A little history...

Were The Sick Just Dying to Legalize Marijuana for the Healthy?

Article by Richard Cowan.

The drive to legalize marijuana seems unstoppable. Arrests are falling (but still over 400,000 annually), and the various cannabis industries (plural) are booming. Hooray for our side!

If present trends continue… In a few years, people will have forgotten that marijuana was ever illegal. The memory hole really works. 

So how did a hundred years of maximum government and medical and media industry propaganda fail? Or did it?