DRUNK doggies are driving Florida traffic cops to drink. When Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies collared Reliford Cooper III, 26, after they say he ran a stop sign, zoomed through ditches and crashed into a house, he claimed he wasn’t behind the wheel — his dog was. Deputies say Cooper reeked of booze and marijuana — and found NO dog in the car. Get the latest issue of GLOBE to read this story and more!

Goldie & Kurt Elope After Cancer Scare!

LONGTIME lovers Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell tied the knot in a secret quickie ceremony during a family vacation in Greece — and friends believe they were driven down the aisle by fears the 72-year-old golden girl may not have long to live! While reports have described their three-decade-plus relationship as being rocked by recent fights and jealousy, Kurt, 67, and the Snatched beauty “decided to make it legal because the word among their inner circle is Goldie may have received devastating news — that she’s got cancer,” confides an insider. “Her time may be running out.


TORMENTED by delusions triggered by two ravaging brain diseases, comic Robin Williams was driven to suicide by the ghost of John Belushi and the wracking guilt that he could have saved his hard-partying fellow funnyman — but didn’t! That’s the bombshell conclusion dropped by insiders and medical experts about the ­puzzling 2014 death of the Mrs.