BRAVE Alex Trebek confesses he’s losing his war with killer pancreatic cancer — and is set to quit his super-hit game show, Jeopardy!

“Alex is done,” says a source close to the show. “He’s quitting in a matter of weeks!

“He doesn’t want any sympathy. He doesn’t want anyone watching the show to say ‘poor Alex’ as he struggles along. He wants to go out with his head held high.”

This has become the latest and saddest development in the game show host's career as his career continues to wind down due to his cancer.

Henry Winkler holding grudge for 30 years!

SUPPOSED Hollywood nice guys Tom Hanks and Henry Winkler have been locked in a nasty feud for 30 years — triggered when the big-screen star got the Happy Days actor canned from a directing gig.

Bad blood began flowing in 1989 when the sitcom’s famed Fonzie was hired to direct Hanks in Turner & Hooch, a crime-comedy about a cop and his drooling pooch.

Henry, who recently snared an Emmy for his role in HBO’s hitman sitcom Barry, says Hanks didn’t like his directing and ran to Jeffrey Katzenberg, then CEO of Walt Disney Studios, and got him axed.


GARTH BROOKS and Trisha Yearwood’s 13-year marriage is spiraling out of control — and friends fear that the fed-up hunk is ready to storm out!

Whispers turned to a torrent of talk after the pair were caught in a snippy spat at the George H.W. Bush Points of Light Awards in New York City on Sept. 26, with the 57-year-old country king confronting control-freak Trisha, 55, in front of dozens of stunned eyewitnesses!

Now, their long-simmering differences — and her nagging ways — threaten to tear them apart, spills a friend.