Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation Seniors Are “Lighting Up Later in Life”

Article by Richard Cowan

The New York Times has a good article, “ “Lighting Up Later in Life” about how many seniors who are now starting to use cannabis. Slow learners, I call ‘em.

Full disclosure (or bragging): I will be 81 in a few months, and I have used cannabis almost every day for over 50 years and it’s been a very good half century. And I don’t take any prescription drugs.

I Wonder If Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts Has Heard of the Nine Commandments

Article by Richard Cowan 


Back in 2006, when Steven Colbert was still doing his character who just let politicians make fools of themselves, easy job, his guest was then Georgia Republican Congressman, Lynn Westmoreland, who wanted to require that the Ten Commandments be displayed in the Capitol Rotunda. So, of course, Colbert asked him to name them. So, of course, he could name only three. Embarrassing for a self-proclaimed Baptist.


Stop now, before you laugh, and see how many you can name.