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Terrorist Killers IN YOUR TOWN!


Gullible Americans being played for fools by ruthless ISIS operatives  who use fundamentalist religion, psychological manipulation, and promises of ever-lasting glory to turn lonely losers into cold-blooded killers eager to cut down their own neighbors!

In the last 20 months alone, the inited states overworked law enforcement agencies have hauled in DOZENS of home-grown terrorists, who fell for ISIS’ internet propgaganda hook, line and sinker, a GLOBE special investigation reveals.

But the chilling truth is the arrests ARE NOT ENOUGH! “For every identified terrorist on a U.S. Watch list there are many more, radicalized and ready to strike, who, seemingly are ordinary citizens,” warns a senior congressional source. “But with encouragement and direct orders from their Muslim Middle Eastern leaders, they she their skins like evil, venoumous vipers.”

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