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ONCE the A-list star of hit flicks The Shining and Popeye, actress Shelley Duvall has become a recluse living in miserable squalor and babbling about space aliens as she battles her mental demons on a rundown Texas ranch.  
The broken-down 67-year-old looks more like a bag lady than the glamorous star who played Jack Nicholson’s wife in The Shining.
Duvall, coping with broken teeth, pimply skin and threadbare clothes, gave a shocking, heartbreaking exclusive interview to GLOBE on her Blanco, Texas, land.
“I’m miserable,” Shelley declared. “I really don’t want to die like this. I have no money. I’ve made five TV series and a whole bunch of movies and I have nothing.”
The rambling actress added she hates her house — where she lives with longtime companion Dan Gilroy ­— because “it’s covered in spider webs. I get bitten. I’m not happy. I feel like a prisoner here. And I don’t want to be.”
Read more about Shelley Duvall’s pain in this week’s issue of GLOBE Magazine!


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