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Nixon Killed JFK & Stole His Brain!


President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on the order of ruthless Richard Nixon, who later masterminded the theft of JFK’s brain from a secret FBI vault to cover the murderers’ trail!

Nixon used rogue CIA agents and professional hitmen, loyal to him, to plot and help carry out the chilling execution of his rival JFK, who he believed stole the White House by rigging the vote in the 1960 presidential election, a  political insider reveals.

Now the evil plot is finally unraveling — more than 50 years later — as an imprisoned hitman confesses he was the mysterious “second gunman” in Dallas who executed America’s Commander-in-Chief.

To read about Tricky Dicky’s revenge plot in full detail, pick up the latest issue of GLOBE — on newsstands now for a limited time.

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