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The horrors of Hurricane Harvey as it slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast with terrifying Category 4 winds of more than 130 mph brought out the best in thousands of trapped residents, who bravely battled hellish conditions to survive. 
For days, the monster storm relentlessly dumped trillions of gallons of rain on the area, including Houston, America’s fourth-largest city, swamping homes, flooding roads destroying businesses — leaving more than a dozen dead and an estimated 30,000 people homeless.
Unable to escape by truck, Cathy Pham, her husband Troy and their 13-month-old son Aidan were trapped in a loft bedroom, with a 73-year-old neighbor!
As water became chest deep on their southwest Houston street, desperate Troy took his kayak 400 yards down the street seeking help.
Read these heroic tales that have come out of this terrible natural disaster! 

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