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Michael Douglas New Cancer Horror!


RAVAGED actor Michael Douglas’ gaunt face, cloudy eyes and shockingly thin frame have renewed fears the savage cancer that nearly killed him in 2010 is back — and eating him alive!

Sources say the 5-foot-10 star has wasted away to a bony 134 pounds, igniting concerns the killer stage 4 tongue cancer he beat six years ago has returned to attack “another part of his body.”

Says an alarmed friend: “Michael’s health is always a big, dark cloud looming over his family.”

The 72-year-old Wall Street heartthrob’s tragic decline and weight plunge were evident in a family photo with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, 47, and their kids Dylan, 16, and Carys, 13, at a California desert festival last month.

Read more in GLOBE Magazine about Michael Douglas’ declining health.

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