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Melissa Packs On 52 LBS. In 4 Weeks!


MEGA-comic Melissa McCarthy has packed on more than 52 dangerous pounds in four weeks, leaving an alarmed medical expert insisting she needs to get her stomach stapled — fast — before she eats herself into the grave.
After viewing shocking before-and-after photos taken on May 9 and June 13, worried New York diet specialist Dr. Stuart Fischer warns, “If she is unable to follow simple dietary guidelines, the surgical option should be ­considered in an effort to save her life.”
The Park Avenue Diet author, who has not treated the Ghostbusters actress, notes the 47-year-old’s excessive weight opens her up to 65 dangerous health issues, including diabetes and heart disease.
Dr. Stuart Fischer, who hasn't treated The Life of the Party Star, suggests that a surgical option may best suit her needs.


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