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Judge Judy’s Show Is Fake And Everyone Gets Paid, Insiders Reveal


Judge Judy’s courtroom reality show is a shameful hoax.

The show is rigged so winners AND losers get paid, TV whistleblowers reveal!

A special GLOBE investigation discovered the popular daytime legal drama is guilty of tricking viewers into believing acid-tongued 73-year-old Judge Judy — a.k.a. Judy Sheindlin — is making real decisions and blasting offenders as if she were in an actual courtroom.

In a REAL small claims court, the winner gets paid whatever damages are owed, and the loser MUST also fork over legal fees.

But in Judge Judy’s made-for-TV court, EVERYONE cashes in — as a shocking letter from producers reveals.

To get all the details the letter dishes, be sure to pick up the latest issue of GLOBE — on newsstands for a limited time!

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