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VENGEFUL Johnny Depp insists he was hospitalized after a furious physical confrontation with his raging ex-wife Amber Heard — and has produced a photo he claims proves she cruelly put a lit cigarette out on his face!

The 56-year-old movie pirate’s legal eagles filed the explosive photo in a Virginia court where Depp clobbered the 33-year-old Aquaman beauty with a $50 million defamation suit following a damning op-ed piece in the Washington Post, where she claimed to be a victim of “physical and psychological abuse” without specifically naming her ex-hubby.

Just weeks ago, on July 25, the judge refused Heard’s request to move the case from Virginia to California. Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman filed the shocking image of the Pirates of the Caribbean star on a hospital gurney, covered by a soiled sheet, that he says proves the actor was a battered husband and Heard was a violent, pill-popping, booze-swilling wildcat!

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