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Jan Michael Vincent Unmasked!


TWISTED Airwolf heartthrob Jan-Michael Vincent was into sadistic bondage with underage girls and had kinky sex with Kim Basinger and other celeb beauties before his crippling accident — when he tried to kill his galpal and her kids because she was breaking up with him!

Those are the shocking secrets exposed by Vincent’s former lover Nicole Wallace, who feared the truth about the 73-year-old trainwreck would be buried with his battered body after he died of cardiac arrest at Mission Hospital in Asheville, N.C. 

She insists the actor, who broke into the big time with the 1975 hit movie White Line Fever, lived a dark life filled with pain, bitterness and sick sexual cravings after his career tanked.

The former hollywood heartthrob took many secrets to the grave, read GLOBE Magazine to find out what he took with him.

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