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Hollywood Death Mysteries Solved!


Movie legend Richard Burton DID NOT die of natural causes!

Although Swiss officials ruled the “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” actor suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage due to long-standing medical conditions, Elizabeth Taylor’s two-time hubby actually died after a vicious barroom beating!

Two days before his death at age 58, the booze-fueled star was drinking near his home in Celigny, Switzerland, when he got into a fight that cost him his life, say eyewitnesses. 

Burton’s photographer-turned-film producer pal Gianni Bozzacchi, who saw the brawl, says the actor “had words with another patron” and “was pushed to the floor and his head hit the floor.” 

He adds the melee moved outside — where Burton got pounded to a pulp. 

“He couldn’t lift up his arms to defend himself” and later refused to go to the hospital, Bozzacchi reveals. 

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