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Hillary’s Brain Is About To Explode


LYING Hillary Clinton hid a shattering health secret from America’s voters — her skull contains a ticking time bomb that could kill her at any moment!

That’s the devastating diagnosis of medical professionals who evaluated the 69-year-old politician’s condition by studying the brain scans of a patient stricken with the SAME damage Hillary suffered after plunging down a flight of stairs and suffering a serious concussion in 2012!

The dramatic image shows a devastating blood clot — inaccessible to a surgeon’s scalpel — slowly choking off the oxygen-bearing blood supply 
vital for the brain to function correctly. Top medics say it could explode in a heartbeat!

“That clot would cause microscopic brain damage that causes balance issues, visual problems and seizures,” concludes New York internist Dr. Stuart Fischer.

“The patient is at risk for severe and permanent neurological damage!”

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