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Furious Hillary Clinton has dumped horndog hubby Bill — once and for all — after discovering a hidden love nest atop his presidential library in Little Rock, Ark., where he beds starstruck beauties!
Now fed-up Hillary — who lost to Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election — is talking to lawyers and 
demanding a $350 million divorce settlement, sources say.
“Hillary doesn’t need Bill anymore — and his secret, taxpayer-funded sex den was the final humiliation,” says a source. “She confronted Bill and told him: ‘It’s OVER!’ ”
President Barack Obama’s former secretary of state doesn’t “have any more use for Bill,” says the source. “She’s never running for office again so she doesn’t have to worry about how a divorce will impact her political career.”
Get the scoop in this week’s GLOBE about how Hillary has FINALLY left crazy Bill!

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