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Frail Swayze Beaten Up On His Deathbed!


In his tragic last days, wasting away from savage pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze was imprisoned in a house of horrors – deserted by his cheating, abusive wife, who left the dying star to wallow in his own filth! 

That’s the shocking charge by one of the “Dirty Dancing” Icon’s closest friends, who rips the lid off what was believed to be a Hollywood fairy-tale marriage that lasted 34 years, ending when Patrick, 57, died of cancer on Sept 14, 2009.

According to the friend, Patrick’s personal hell was made worse in his final months because wife Lisa Niemi kept the actor, who’d shrunk to a pitiful 90 pounds, a prisoner in his own home – banning his mother and loved ones from visiting.

Find out more about the tragic last days of Patrick Swayze in this week’s GLOBE!

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