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Fall-Guy Steven Avery Claims Family Members Framed Him!


Jealousy, greed and revenge led to Steven Avery being shamefully railroaded for the horrific murder of pretty photographer Teresa Halbach, charge sources.

Avery is now serving life without parole for the 2005 slaughter of the 25-year-old beauty at his family’s junkyard near Green Bay, Wis.  

But a 10-part Netflix series about the 53-year-old father of four has triggered a firestorm of outrage, with claims that lawmen forced witnesses to lie and planted explosive evidence to frame an innocent man.

Now, a petition demanding Avery’s immediate release has been signed by nearly 300,000. 

And in court documents, Avery charges four family members — driven by jealousy and greed, and aided by vengeance-seeking authorities — tortured, murdered and mutilated Teresa and then made him the fall guy for the horrific crime.

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