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DESPERATE to hold on to power by any means necessary, ruthless FBI director J. Edgar Hoover killed President John F. Kennedy when his plot to blackmail the commander-in-chief by exposing sex tapes and Mafia connections backfired — and he was ordered to resign!

That’s the ticking time bomb set to explode when more than 3,000 documents and 34,000 previously redacted  files from sealed 54-year-old government files on JFK’s assassination in Dallas are released from the National Archives on Oct. 26.

An archives employee, who insists on remaining anonymous but is familiar with the files’ explosive contents, tells GLOBE: “The papers spell out, in detail, how John and Robert Kennedy were prepared to fire Hoover in response to his prying into John’s flings, including Marilyn Monroe, and the president’s Mafia connections.

“Hoover would never tolerate such a humiliation — so he had JFK killed on Nov. 22, 1963. The details of his plot were sealed by the Warren Commission, which investigated the assassination — and was a total whitewash.”

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