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Down Acapulco Way, Children Are Now Soldiers in Our Drug War


Article by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of Effective Ways To Consume CBD Oil.


Starting back in the 1960s, Acapulco was one of the first international resorts for the “Jet Set.” In 1963 Elvis even made a movie Fun In Acapulco. No more.


Unfortunately, Acapulco now is too violent for international tourists (Americans), but on the other side of the coastal mountains, the state of Guerrero is even more violent. 


Recently, El País, the center/right Madrid newspaper carried a horrific story “The child soldiers of Guerrero cry out against the narco armed and with shots in the air” 


(Google translation)


‘The youngest of the firearms-wielding group is six years old


For the third consecutive year, minors have joined the adults of the community police in a kind of military parade that is a call for help to the Government of Mexico and also a show of force before the organized crime groups that besiege them in the Lower Mountain of the State of Guerrero. They are now just an irreducible village of 600 inhabitants in an area where poppy cultivation has been gaining ground by gunfire. The Ardillos, a group of criminals, want the land and semi-slave labor for the opium gum. Who does not fold pays it dearly. And in the municipality of José Joaquín de Herrera they do not want to fold.”


Very simply, in the hinterland of Mexico, the Federal government has abandoned the indigenous people to the ruthless gangsters who supply our drug war.  So now even the children are armed, and neither Biden nor the Republicans will acknowledge the role that our money and our guns play in this tragedy.


The so-called self-defense groups have a long tradition in Guerrero and have spread throughout the country. Ordinary people arm themselves to protect themselves from the dangers that threaten them. After all, the Constitution establishes autonomy for indigenous peoples in matters of justice and police, among others.


Of course, Mexico has very strict gun laws, and all of the drug production is illegal. (The Mexican Congress is still trying to pass laws legalizing marijuana, but they have had to ask their Supreme Court for another extension.)


For Fox News it is simply “Biden's border crisis”, as though this was something new. But if anyone owns the “Drug War”, it would be Biden, who still can bring himself to admit he was wrong about marijuana.


See Joe Biden Isn’t Senile — He’s Just Hard Of Learning When It Comes To Weed


The chaos that is spilling over our southern border begins in Central America, where the land has been wrecked by hurricanes, the economy has been devastated by the pandemic, and the governments are utterly corrupt. The hypocritical prohibitionist clichés about “the children” are worse than meaningless. Even if we were completely blameless, it would still be in our national interest to help these people.


Besides, I don’t think that this is what Jesus had in mind when He said, “Suffer the Children.” 


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