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Don’t Mess With Donald Trump!


Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is planning swift vengeance on sleazebag Republican rivals Ted Cruz, John Kasich, their creepy co-conspirator Carly Fiorina AND Democrat Hillary Clinton, GLOBE has learned in an explosive exclusive!

Initially, Kasich and Cruz teamed up in an outrageous effort to try to block Trump from capturing the Republican presidential nomination — despite his overwhelming victories in a series of primaries. Then, in a move straight from the Desperation Playbook, Cruz named GOP presidential race dropout Fiorina as his potential running mate. The threesome’s twisted partnership drew scorn from political insiders.

“Trump will win the GOP nomination in spite of their disgraceful attempt to steamroll the will of the voters,” says an insider. “They’re going to pay — BIG-TIME! If you’re going to mess with Trump, you better not have any skeletons in your closet.”

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