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Disgraced Skater Tonya Harding Fighting For Life


DISGRACED figure skating queen Tonya Harding is struggling to rebuild her life after a nightmare plunge into booze, obesity and poverty, friends tell GLOBE!
That’s the reality movie audiences don’t see in the hit flick I, Tonya, based on the notorious Olympic bad girl’s competition with U.S. Figure Skating Championship goddess Nancy Kerrigan, who was kneecapped by a hit man hired by Harding’s then-hubby Jeff Gillooly in 1994.
A source close to Harding tells GLOBE the real Tonya, who weighed 105 pounds in her skating days, once crushed the scales at 225 pounds and “has struggled with obesity all of her life — and a lot of it’s due to her drinking.”
Her new manager Michael Rosenberg denies any current issues with booze and says, “She occasionally drinks only beer.”
He admits she ballooned and was “fat” following the scandal, but insists she’s now just a few pounds above her skating days.
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