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DYING cult leader Charles Manson plans to take chilling revenge from beyond the grave, using bizarre voodoo potions to turn himself into a zombie and hunt down the targets who escaped slaughter by his bloodthirsty followers decades ago.
That’s the bizarre deathbed confession of the twisted, 82-year-old fiend from his Bakersfield, Calif., hospital bed, where he was rushed with gastrointestinal bleeding from the Corcoran prison.
Serving nine life sentences for ordering his robot-like groupies to murder seven people — including pregnant, 26-year-old actress Sharon Tate — in two 1969 bloodbaths, the monster has also been scheming to father a child following his death with fiancée Afton “Star” Burton, 28, by injecting his sperm!  
Read the final last words of this crazed killer!

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