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AFTER three kids and nearly 33 years of marriage, Caroline Kennedy is using her powerful clout to try to get the Catholic Church to annul her shredded marriage to Ed Schlossberg, insiders say.

In a bombshell revelation, sources close to the 61-year-old daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy say she’s fed up and stressed out over her marriage and — since she doesn’t believe in divorce — she wants the church to nullify the union. However, that could still cost Caroline half of her $278 million fortune.

“It’s a marriage in name only,” a source tattles to GLOBE. “They have been living separate lives for some time now. She doesn’t believe Ed would fight her if she were to go for an annulment.”

The daughter of camelot has returned to the front pages of GLOBE Magazine this week – read more about it in this week's GLOBE.  

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