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Boozer Goldie Goes Overboard!


Blearly-eyed Goldie Hawn was looking like a hungover train wreck after two sloshy nights in London, and worried pals fear the crumbling 70-year-old grandma needs to check into rehab and curb her boozing before it’s too late!

” When Goldie gets out of control on alcohol, she could hurt herself, or worse!” declares a concerned worried pal.” She needs to get into rehab or die!”

Alarm bells rang after Goldie – with longtume lover Kurt Russell nowhere to be seen – exited a swanky september 26benefit for her Love In For The Kids at Mayfair’s Annabel’s club, two nights later, where she partied until the wee hours – and was spotted holding hands with another man!

Learn more on Goldie Hawn’s boozy hollywood nights in this issue of GLOBE Magazine!

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