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Bob Barker’s Graveyard Collapse


Fragile, fast-fading game show legend Bob Barker says the time is right — to say goodbye! 

“I’m ready to die,” the feeble 93-year-old former host of The Price Is Right is telling pals.

“Everyone’s praying for Bob, but his health is deteriorating rapidly,” says a friend. 

“We fear his final curtain could come any day.”

The ailing quiz master and animal lover, who spends most of his time secluded at home, made a heartbreaking pilgrimage to the burial plot of his beloved wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon — and collapsed in grief!

“Bob never got over Dorothy Jo’s death from lung cancer,” says a source. 

It was sad to see Drew Carey takeover his coveted position as host of The Price Is Right, but it seems that the former game show host truly needs the rest.

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