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PLAYBOY Prince Andrew is being officially exiled to Bermuda in a desperate attempt to save the monarchy, which was shaken to its very foundation by the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal!

In an explosive world exclusive, GLOBE reveals that Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son — who has been accused of bedding underage sex slaves from Epstein’s private harem — is being shipped off to the British North Atlantic island, where he will serve as the colony’s governor.

“The move is designed to get Andrew out of Britain — much as the royals got rid of Elizabeth’s disgraced uncle Edward, who was banished to the Bahamas after abdicating the throne in the 1930s,” a British government insider tells GLOBE. “Edward was appointed governor of the Bahamas after he married American divorcée Wallis Simpson and supported the Nazis before World War II. Andrew’s role in Bermuda will be largely ceremonial. But, most important, he’ll be 3,500 miles from London.”

Prince Andrew's escapades have hurt the crown's reputation, get this exclusive and many more today!

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