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Alan Thicke Heart Attack Horror


PIGHEADED sitcom icon Alan Thicke didn’t have to die!

That’s the tragic conclusion from friends who tell GLOBE the beloved Growing Pains dad ignored symptoms of an impending heart attack — and stubbornly refused to seek medical advice!

“Alan made a big mistake — and it killed him,” a pal told GLOBE. “In the days before his death, he complained of fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness and an irregular heartbeat.”

Pals told him to see a doctor, but he brushed off their advice “thinking he had a chest cold or minor infection,” a source says. 

So his friends and family were shocked when the 69-year-old collapsed while playing ice hockey with 19-year-old son Carter at a Burbank, Calif., rink and later died of a heart attack on Dec. 13.

Find out in this week’s GLOBE if it were possible to have prevented the iconic actor’s death!

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