Dick Cheney Call Girl Scandal

A Washington insider gives new meaning to the term "vice" president by claiming Dick Cheney was a client of so-called D.C. Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey. National security expert Wayne Madsen says that while Cheney was the CEO and president of Halliburton in the 1990s, he used the escort service, where $300 bought a 90-minute-session of what Palfrey called "erotic fantasy."

June 1, 2007

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just old me on Jun 02, 2007

Clinton comes right after cheney in the alphabet. Maybe he got him a discount. Beter check at the names.

Mentifex on Jun 04, 2007

http://www.washblog.com/story/2007/5/31/141042/337 is a related story.

Sgt. Studenko on Jun 05, 2007

Well his name is "Dick"
isn't it?!

Kelly on Jun 05, 2007

Dick Cheney is such a looser!

bruce on Jun 07, 2007

"Kelly on Jun 05, 2007

Dick Cheney is such a looser!"

Hey Kelly, it's spelled l-o-s-e-r. Looser is the opposite of tighter.

Anonymous on Jun 09, 2007

He is creepy - who would want sex with him

Wes on Jun 27, 2007


The latest on the DC Madame

Anonymous on Jun 27, 2007

Umm, people pay for sex precisely because nobody wants to do it for free.

pzdoff on Jun 28, 2007

Jeff Gannon maybe!