PRESIDENT Donald Trump is right!

Barack Obama really WAS born in Kenya and his own brother is providing the proof — a damning hospital birth certificate issued in their African homeland!

An explosive document uncovered by Malik Obama reveals the former president lied about being born in Hawaii — and was actually delivered at Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, on Aug. 4, 1961!


Hopeless romantic Mark Harmon is so in love with wife Pam Dawber he’s married her twice! 

A close friend of the handsome, gray-haired NCIS star tells GLOBE, “Mark and Pam celebrated 30 years of marriage on March 21.  

“They’re as much in love today as they were back then — so they retied the knot!  

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Natalie Wood Murder Charges!

Sly and secretive Robert Wagner MUST be indicted for murdering his superstar wife Natalie Wood, homicide investigators say!

Damning new forensic evidence and chilling photos “implicating” the actor in the West Side Story beauty’s 1981 death off California’s Catalina Island have finally surfaced, says a source close to the cold-case probe. 

Now a Los Angeles County grand jury will be asked to examine “the strong case file” against the 87-year-old actor, who had a vicious, booze-fueled fight with Natalie just hours before her death!