AMI apologizes to Michael J. Fox for an article about his health published in the April 4, 2016 issue of Globe. Mr. Fox continues to live a fulfilling, successful life and to be an optimistic beacon of unflagging hope and inspiration for people living with the challenges of Parkinson’s. AMI regrets any implication to the contrary.


Dr. Elsa Orlandini's comments about psychological conditions were taken out of context during an interview and directly applied to Hillary Clinton’s mental condition in GLOBE issue 17. Dr. Orlandini’s comments were meant to provide a general overview of behaviors, not a specific diagnosis of Hillary. We regret the confusion.

Queen Elizabeth: 90 Majestic Moments!

With nine amazing decades behind her, Queen Elizabeth is known to everyone in the world — but how much do we REALLY know about the woman who has endured so much triumph, tragedy and tears?

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