WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Croc Hunter Autopsy Shocker!

A shocking new autopsy on the body of TV's "Crocodile Hunter," Steve Irwin, will reveal the wildlife daredevil was STONED on a powerful hallucinogenic drug when he was fatally stabbed by the massive stingray - and DIDN'T HAVE TO DIE!

That's the exploisive claim by a source close to the Animal Planet hero, who charges the truth about the star's Sept. 4. 2006 death at age 44 while filming a documentary was COVERED UP a decade ago.

Diana's Blistering Showdown With Charles And Camilla!

Heartbroken Princess Diana finally exploded over her husband's blatant cheating - and forced a showdon with Prince Charles' blond mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles, at a private birthday bash!

Now as Diana's bodyguard, police inspector Ken Wharfe, reveals shocking details of the February 1989 confrontation, palace insiders say humiliated Charles NEVER forgave his wife - and it became his motive for murder!

Hillary Crippled By Multiple Sclerosis!

Desperate to win the White House, Hillary Clinton is keeping a shocking medical condition from voters - she's secretly battling deadly multiple sclerosis, sources reveal.

In a bombshell exclusive, GLOBE has learned the 68-year-old former first lady is in the early stages of the incurable nerve-savaging disease, which saps victims' energy, wrecks their balance, triggers falls and often causes vision problems.