Dying Regis' Desperate Fight For Life!

LOOKING feeble and shaky, Regis Philbin’s health appears to be plummeting — and pals fear the beloved talk show legend will be gone before May!

“Word around Hollywood is he has five weeks to live,” says a showbiz insider.

Known for his million-watt grin and pep when he hosted Live, TV’s hit morning show, the 85-year-old recently exited West Hollywood’s Villa Blanca eatery, where he’d celebrated his wife Joy’s birthday, looking like a frail, rail-thin, doddering oldster.


As Meryl Streep, now 67, was on the cusp of success, she was rocked by personal heartbreak — her fiancé, John Cazale, died of lung cancer in 1978. 

He was just 42. 

John — Fredo Corleone in the first two Godfather flicks — was ravaged by the disease while filming 1978’s The Deer Hunter with Meryl. Sadly, he died in her arms before the flick’s release.  

Sources say Meryl “went to pieces” but was pulled through the tragedy by sculptor Don Gummer. The couple, who is still together, wed six months later — and she won the first of her three Oscars in 1980!

NCIS' Star Harmon's Bitter Family Feud!

TV lawman Mark ­Harmon is locked in a bitter feud with his drug-troubled sister Kristin — triggered by their vicious custody battle over her son Sam more than 30 years ago!

“Mark and Kristin have tried to let bygones be bygones,” says a source close to the family. “But there’s just too much bad blood for either of them to completely forgive and forget.”