Casey Anthony Confessed To Killing Caylee!

Monster mom Casey Anthony actually confessed to killing daughter Caylee, then used her sexual wiles on the lawyer who helped her beat the murder rap!

Those are the explosive charges leveled by her own private eye, Dominic Casey, in a shocking sworn affidavit that shatters the “not guilty” verdict returned by a Florida jury after a scandal-scarred 2011 murder trial. 

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Hillary Clinton Hooked On Pills!

Hillary Clinton’s mental and physical health are hanging by a thread — and her prescription pill-popping has made her gain a dangerous 43 pounds, say medical experts!

In a bombshell world exclusive, GLOBE can reveal the Democratic presidential candidate is prone to strokes, is battling depression and alcohol abuse and is in the early stages of multiple sclerosis.

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Morley Safer’s Dying Regret!

Beloved “60 Minutes” legend Morley Safer died without ever realizing his secret dream of becoming an actor!
Safer, 84, died on May 19 — less than a week after announcing his retirement after 52 years at CBS, which he joined in 1964. Signing on to “60 Minutes” in 1970, he became one of the most widely respected TV journalists in history and collected 12 Emmy Awards for his work.