Hillary Gets Trashed!

Junk food junkie Hillary Clinton is hiding a shocking secret from America - she's eating herself to death and could die at any moment!

That is the chilling discovery made by two GLOBE reporters who collected the Democratic presidential candidate's trash - right under the nose of her secret service detail - to uncover the unvarnished truth about her health and personal life!

An examination of the massive, near-bursting trash bag taken from the sidewalk directly outside Clinton's Washington D.C. digs.

Find out in this latest issue of GLOBE Magazine !

Carol's Medical Crisis!

Brave Carol Burnett is saying a final farewell to fans as she battles an agonizing bone condition that's left her hurt and struggling to walk on a deformed foot!

Now in the middle of a nationawide tour that ends next year, the plucky 83-year-old TV legend is facing the last days of her storied career while coping with extremely painful hallux valgus, which warped her foot and forces her to swap shoes for slippers.

Tanya Tucker Fighting For Every Breath!

Party-hearty Tanya Tucker has just three months to live, pals fear!

Struggling to breathe before a scheduled Watertown, S.D., performance, the fiery 58-year-old Texas Tornado was airlifted to a Nashville Hospital!

Now her reps are saying Tanya suffers from an "upper respiratory infection," not deadly pnuemonia -- but sources insist she's barely clinging to life!

Read more about Tanya's uphill battle in this week's GLOBE Magazine!