Burt Reynolds’ Deathbed Tell-All!

In a blockbuster new memoir, Burt Reynolds reveals the darkest chapter in his 50-year career when some of his closest friends in Hollywood turned their backs on him amid fears he was dying from AIDS!

The Smokey and the Bandit superstar, now 79, is still bitter over the famous pals who betrayed him at his lowest point, according to a GLOBE source who has read the sensational book from cover to cover.

Wedding Bells For Clint Eastwood & Hot Blonde!

Movie legend Clint Eastwood is madly in love with his much younger blonde girlfriend — and friends predict they’ll elope before year’s end! 

GLOBE caught the smitten 85-year-old in New York City with 52-year-old hottie Christina Sandera, who is 33 years YOUNGER than the Oscar winner.

Clint and Christina, who worked as a hostess at his Carmel, Calif., Mission Ranch Hotel, are inseparable, say close friends.

Brain Surgery Destroyed Rosemary Kennedy

RUTHLESS Joseph Kennedy had doctors turn his beautiful daughter Rosemary into a vegetable because he feared her sexual antics would tarnish the family name!

Now, 70 years after Rosemary was subjected to a cruel lobotomy, GLOBE reveals the terrible truth about President John F. Kennedy’s hidden sister!