SEXPOT songbird Katy Perry turns her romances into hit tunes — and now reveals who’s No. 1 on her bedroom charts — ladies’ man John Mayer!

Despite torrid flings with nine hotties, Katy coyly suggests only three measure up — John, notoriously well-endowed Orlando Bloom and record-spinner DJ Diplo.

“They’re all amazing lovers,” the I Kissed a Girl cutie told late night TV host James Corden. “I would have sex with all of them when I get out of this place.”


EVIL D.C. Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo, who killed 10 people in cold blood from the trunk of a car, is poised to be released this summer — sparking fears he’ll turn America’s roads into Highways to Hell.

Chillingly, legal expert Peter Gleason warns Malvo may revert back to hismurderous ways once he’s out by means of a legal loophole.

“He’s a classic example of somebody who spent his entire adult life in prison and that’s all he knows,” says Gleason. “He may go out and commit another crime so that he could go back to the only lifestyle that he knows.” 

Batman Unmasked !

ACTOR Adam West played a cool-headed, strait-laced Caped Crusader on TV’s ’60s cult-hit Batman, but off camera and on the set, he was a sex-crazed Romeo, romping in booze-fueled orgies — with up to EIGHT gals at a time!

Adam, who passed away at age 88 on June 9 following  a battle with leukemia, took a slew of his sizzling sex secrets to the grave.

But GLOBE has ripped the lid off the handsome hunk’s outrageous bedroom antics that included “quickies” on the set and wild orgies.