Kate Saves DI's Legacy!

Furious Queen Kate saved the monarchy - and the legacy of her hubby's beloved mother - after a shocking feud with Princess Diana's brother!

Kate declared war on William's uncle, Earl Charles Spencer, and his third wife, former Canadian hotel receptionist Karen Gordon, when they announced plans to turn Di's final resting place on the family estate into a cash-cow tourist attraction!

To add insult to injury, sources say sexy brunette Karen was cozying up to Kate's husband!

1960's Teen Idols - Where Are They Now?

Pat Boone and Bobby Vinton were among the heartthrobs who made millions of teen girls swoon in the '50s and '60s, while the boys wished songbirds like Connie Francis would be their steadies.

But What's happened to them and where are they now? In an exclusive, GLOBE reveals the singer whose mother robbed him blind, the star who cheated death three times, the hunk slashed in a domestic battery, the star who's battling Alzheimer's - and more.

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Nasty Nick Nolte Just Weeks To Live!

Wandering the streets dazes and in filthy clothes like a homeless wretch, former movie hunk Nick Nolte has turned into a tragic shell of himself and alarmed pals fear he's won't live out the month!

"He's in horrible shape," says a source. "I don't know what's keeping him up. His friends are worried he could easily be gone in four weeks or maybe less."

Nolte is suffering from cardiac palpatations, severe intestinal problems and clogged sinuses, which could spell the end at any moment, says a spy.