Raging O’Reilly’s Revenge!

Creepy sex fiend Bill O’Reilly is plotting brutal revenge against the cabal of “enemies” he claims did the “hit job” that triggered his humiliating ouster from FOX News.  The rampaging windbag is vowing to take down the conspirators behind his firing, which followed the bombshell revelation his employer paid nearly $13 million in hush money to gals who accused him of sexual harassment. The 67-year-old brute —once accused of choking his wife and dragging her down a flight of stairs in front of their children — has promised to take legal action against his enemies, insiders say. Bill O'Reilly

99-lb. Lisa Marie Presley Dying!

Pill-Popping maniac Lisa Marie Presley has wasted away to a ghoulish-looking 99 pounds, and terrified friends fear she’s killing herself with drugs — just like her tragic dad, Elvis! The 5-foot-3 heiress, who has blown through much of her dad’s billion-dollar fortune with a partying lifestyle, has shrunken to a bony wreck and her organs are failing, say sources. Now pals are sadly predicting she won’t make it to the 40th anniversary of her famous dad’s death on Aug. 16! Buy the newest issue of GLOBE Magazine today at your nearest newsstand, supermarket or Wal-Mart!

Rehab For Angie!

Bag of bones ­Angelina Jolie has suffered a terrifying anorexia relapse and her latest sudden weight plunge is so awful her horrified actor dad, Jon Voight, has joined pals to stage a life-saving intervention. The 5-foot-7 Maleficent beauty is now a skeletal 91 pounds, says a source, who adds, “She looks like she’s lost more than 10 pounds in just SEVEN days.” Even her father, who Angie has often shunned like the plague, is so fearful for her health he intervened despite years of estrangement, begging the emaciated actress to get help, friends say. Get the latest details on all your favorit