A TENNESSEE man with a sci-fi-loving dad is a living, breathing tribute to Star Wars!  Darth Vader Devon Williamson — yes, that’s his real birth name — works as a surgical assistant at a Memphis hospital, although some think he’s a real-life Jedi! “I’ve been asked for autographs. I’ve been asked to take pictures,” says the Texas-born guy. “I’ve had people say, ‘Hey, the opening for Star Wars is coming up, can you go with me?’ ” Perhaps, Darth Vader really did find the light side? 

Hillary & Huma Caught Plotting to Flee Country!

Crooked Hillary Clinton and her top aide, Huma Abedin, cooked up a twisted scheme to flee the country just days after FBI officials testified they broke laws by sending unsecured classified messages and a judge ordered the release of explosive new emails involving the terrorist attack on Benghazi, Libya, sources say. The close confidants hoped to flee to the tiny nation of Bahrain, where Hillary has powerful friends, sources say — including pals who previously donated $32 million to the Clinton Foundation. The two women were plotting to evade U.S.

Lennon’s $30,000 Buried Treasure

John Lennon’s New York City apartment is already worth millions ­— but it just got a bump in value! The spacious digs in the Dakota — the tony building where Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, still resides — has $30,000 hidden beneath the floorboards, according to real estate heirs Toby and Larry Milstein. The pair says a former owner of the ritzy digs stashed the cash — but the hoity-toity co-op board refuses to mangle the historic parquet to recover the rumored booty!  Find out more about this Rock Icon's secret fortune in this week's issue of GLOBE Magazine!