FRIGHT master Stephen King is under attack — by clowns!

But America’s goofy jesters say THEY are the ones at risk — because of King! World Clown Association President Pam Moody says It, a new horror flick based on King’s 1986 novel of the same name, has soured the nation on her laugh-loving members!

The movie stars Bill Skarsgard as It/Pennywise the Dancing Clown, who terrorizes kids in Maine — and real-life clowns say the flick is creating a PR nightmare and nobody is hiring them!

Is Stephen King Responsible for death of the clown industry? Read this story and more in this week's issue of GLOBE Magazine!


AFTER 16 years the brutal murder of pretty congressional intern Chandra Levy has been solved!

In a bombshell world exclusive, Joe McCann, the private investigator hired by the slain 24-year-old brunette beauty’s family, tells GLOBE: “I’m satisfied I know what happened.

“I know who killed Chandra Levy!” But the former Washington, D.C., cop says he won’t publicly reveal the killer’s identity until the fiend is under arrest and safely behind bars.

Secret Heir Steals Throne!

PRINCE CHARLES fathered a son with a longtime secret mistress — and the shocking scandal has cost him the throne!

“The royals are in crisis over this,” says a palace insider. “Queen Elizabeth recently decided Charles, not his son William, should succeed her — but this changes everything!

“Her Majesty has now changed her mind — once again — and is passing the crown to William and his wife Kate, who’s expecting their third child sometime in March.