PANIC-stricken Cher is so desperate to cure the vicious virus that is eating her alive, she resorted to bizarre electroshock treatments and total-body blood transfusions, stunned insiders tell GLOBE. “It was all part of a last-ditch effort to stay alive,” says a source close to the Turn Back Time diva.


PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s beautiful wife, Melania, has shut down terrible trolls who branded her a reluctant first lady and claimed divorce was imminent! After she and Donald lived separate lives for months, Melania proved hurtful gossip wrong by leaving her luxury New York apartment and joining him in the White House. Then she got revenge on critics by accompanying her husband on official overseas trips — and becoming a stunning star on the world stage! Get the inside scoop on the President's marriage in this week's issue of GLOBE Magazine.

NCIS Mark Harmon : TV Hero Is Big Zero

Mark Harmon plays a good guy on his hit NCIS crime drama, but in real life the TV investigator is a coldhearted jerk with a history of chasing skirts, insiders say! 

The 65-year-old former UCLA quarterback, who plays Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the world’s most-watched drama, is far from the “fair-minded hero he plays on TV,” says a source.

“Mark can be a total jerk!”