Caitlyn Drowns In Sea Of Booze!

FORMER guy Caitlyn Jenner hasn’t found happiness as a doll — and pals say the Olympic decathlon champ turned sex-swapper is boozing the blues away as she struggles with self-esteem issues! “She’s drinking a bottle of wine by herself every night, often more, because she’s so unhappy,” says an insider. The 67-year-old has turned to booze as a crutch after a rough year that’s seen her TV series canceled and her Kardashian clan leaving her out in the cold — which has left her feeling insecure and depressed,  says the source.  Read more about it this week's GLOBE!

Clinton Clan's Indictment Shocker!

BILL, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are about to be indicted by a federal grand jury for fraud and bribery linked to the family’s charitable foundation, sources tell GLOBE in an explosive world exclusive! The shocking felony charges — presented to a U.S. grand jury sitting in Brooklyn, N.Y.

John Lennon's Killer Tells All

JOHN Lennon’s psycho killer Mark David Chapman insists he’s “possessed” by the former Beatle’s ghost — and has been forgiven for the music legend’s cold-blooded murder! On the eve of the 36th anniversary of Lennon’s Dec. 8, 1980, death, Chapman finally breaks his silence — in his first interview in 16 years — telling GLOBE his chilling murder motive and detailing his bizarre luxury life in New York’s maximum security Wende Correctional Facility.  “I’m possessed by John’s ghost,” the now-gaunt 61-year-old tells GLOBE.