Donald Trump’s rise was foreseen by Nostradamus!

HISTORY’S most accurate psychic — the acclaimed French seer Nostradamus — predicted the heart–wrenching devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the recent Mexican earthquake and the chilling rise of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un!

Now top scholars are telling GLOBE the soothsayer’s warnings for the future are even more dire!

Nostradamus, who foresaw the rise of Adolf Hitler and the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, had bloody visions of disasters next year — and the beginning of World War III!


FORMER Baywatch hunk David Hasselhoff is 65 — but his face is tight and looks years younger —thanks to a new mug he bought himself for his birthday.

Now he doesn’t look like the father of his 37-year-old fiancée, Hayley Roberts.

“He decided to get some work done as a 65th birthday present to himself, and really went all out,” snitches a spy. “He’s always been a big fan of Botox, but he was worried his face was starting to sag despite the injections.

“Everyone’s buzzing that he also got facial fillers, as well as eyelid surgery to remove excess skin.”


The violent son of Bloodsport actor Jean-Claude Van Damme is in serious trouble with the law — and experts say he needs psychiatric help immediately!

Lawmen say Nicholas Van Varenberg — the martial arts star’s youngest son — punched an elevator in his Tempe, Ariz., building and was busted after cops followed a gory trail of blood to Van Varenberg’s apartment!

They found the 21-year-old with an injured hand, but left after a brief investigation.

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