Hillary Uses Body Double To Cover Up Her Illness!

Desperate Hillary Clinton uses a secret body double to fool America about her health and ability to walk!

But the Democratic presidential candidate's cynical scam was exposed when she collapsed - on camera - at a 9/11 memorial service in New York, only to appear in semmingly fine form in front of her daughter Chelseas's apartment just five hours later.

Officially, Bill Clinton's 68-year-old wife insiists she was felled by pneumonia. But that's just ANOTHER lie!

Dying Valerie Harper's Tragic Suicide Ordeal!

TV icon Valerie Harper is tangled in a suicide shocker!

A family friend claims the star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the spinoff Rhoda discussed helping her 71-year-old mother Iva McConnell Harper, a longtime nurse, kill herself when the pain of her lung cancer got too great!

"Iva told me, 'My doctor tells me I have lymphocytic cancer, I'am going to go by inches and I'm going to suffer.'

"I asked her, what are you going to do about it, and Iva said,'Well, I'm just going to go to Valerie and I'm just going to have her do me in when it gets too bad.'"

Jack Nicholson: DIET OR DIE !

FATSO Jack Nicholson has boozed and gobbled his way to a whale-sized 357 pounds - and is in such dire medical straits, pals and docs fear he won't live to see his 80th birthday early next year!

A longtime friend said, "his weight has exploded! He's a heart attack waiting to happen.

"He has a long history of yo-yoing weight and very unhealthy habits! Jack was a cocaine abuser for many, many years and a heavy smoker.

Find out how Jack Nicholson's eating habits may lead to his last laugh in this week's GLOBE Magazine!