Top Gun superstar Tom Cruise is worshipped as a god with superpowers by Scientology’s true believers — and the space alien cult’s members even use sneaky tricks to insure the screen hunk’s flicks are a hit at the box office!

King of Queens star Leah Remini, a former Scientologist who has exposed the church’s intimidation and mind control tactics in two A&E series, insists Tom is worshipped as the “messiah” by followers of the religion, which teaches Earth is the site of a 75 million-year-old interstellar genocide orchestrated by the cruel dictator Xenu. Church dogma claims today’s humans are infected with the spirits of the slain aliens, which must be cleared from people’s consciousness.

Scientologists are convinced Cruise is now “single-handedly changing the planet because that is what the church is telling them,” Remini adds.

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