Abandoned by 16-years younger Alex Da Kid!

UNLUCKY-in-love Halle Berry has been dumped by boyfriend Alex Da Kid. But friends say the heartbroken star’s problems are only beginning — because she’s pregnant!

“She’s been covering up her figure a lot. Pals can’t help but notice it looks like she has a baby bump,” dishes an insider. “She hasn’t announced it, but there are a lot of whispers she’s expecting her third child. It should be a time of great joy, but it’s devastating for Halle. She’s still trying to get her head around the split.”

The 51-year-old has swapped skintight dresses for baggy outfits that conceal her swollen belly, but the snitch says three-times-divorced Halle — who has son Maceo Martinez, four, and daughter, Nahla Aubry, nine — can’t hide from the sad reality of raising her kids alone.

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