Charles & Camilla $250 Million Divorce

FED-UP Camilla is demanding a $250 million divorce deal after she and Prince Charles exposed their bitter marital split with a shocking public showdown that left onlookers stunned in disbelief. GLOBE has the photos that show the furious couple's private war got so out of hand, it boiled onto the streets of London, with a livid Charles angrily wagging his finger in his wife's face. Now she is vowing to spill the royal family's dirty secrets if the prince doesn't pay up.

November 8, 2007

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Lenore on Nov 09, 2007

Well Chuck, you lay down with dogs and you end up with fleas.

Angel Davinci on Nov 12, 2007

Well, the queen should just kick out of the palace and be done with it, honestly the women is the wicked witch of the west in disguise...Poor Diana must be spinning in her grave at the thought of her husband even touching something like that... Its an insult to her, the royal family, and all of the citizens for Camilla to even be allowed in their country!!!

CeeCee on Nov 13, 2007

The old adage: what goes around, comes around is evident. Camilla broke up the fairytale marriage of Dianna and Charles only to find herself still without him

rennie on Nov 13, 2007

we all knew it was a matter of time.

Anonymous on Nov 13, 2007

Charles you once had a beautiful wonderful future queen but you were in love with an ugly dog only out for the royal crown and money. All you needed to do is show some love and understanding to Diana and you needed to grow up and think of your duty to the people of England

Mae on Nov 13, 2007

Isn't this just like Charlie.
Too much money and spare time.

Ruth of York PA on Nov 14, 2007

Good for her! He couldn't treat Diana right, and it seems he can't treat Camilla right either! He's got his two heirs to the throne, he should retire to the countryside and stay away from the ladies. If he doesn't pay up, personally, I would sing like a canary!!!

Dyane on Nov 15, 2007

What's Love Got To Do With It - Remember they were SOOOOOOOO in love

Chuck on Nov 21, 2007

Is anyone really surprised? Just look the woman in the face. She is "horsey" and masculine and is, no doubt, the "husband" in their sex life.

Lou Kilgore on Nov 23, 2007

I think they should have to stay together...Two of a kind...They deserve each other.

Diana on Dec 06, 2007

Okay.... To all Diana's Lovers, first of alll Diana married a wrong guy! he was in love with someone else "Camilla"! Diana was not that great! She married her sister's ex-lover!! So stop it. Charles & Camilla are togather becuase they have been in love for ever and you guys need to get over Diana! Thank you

Angie on Dec 06, 2007

For this piece of garbage Charles made the beautiful Diana so unhappy and indirectly caused her death.
What an idiot Charles is.

jaded 51 year old on Dec 11, 2007

I've enjoyed reading stories about Camilla written by the hired help, in particular that she smokes like a train and has breath like a sewer pipeline.

KATHLEEN on Dec 14, 2007


Anonymous on Dec 14, 2007

I liked Diana, but ultimately she was a girl. Camilla is a woman. I like her too. I am surprized it didn't last, really. i believe they will reconcile.

Jean on Dec 15, 2007

They deserve one another...
May Dianna rest in peace.

MISS SANDY on Jan 05, 2008




flocadon on Jan 09, 2008

so, princess diana suffered and died 4 nothing afterall. camilla is finally showing her true colours. i wish diana is alive 2 witness this. hahahahahahaha!

Christine on Jan 12, 2008

He's getting what he deserves.

sharon on Jan 22, 2008

Whats the matter Charles, Creepy Camilla not what she pretended

Tonie Prose USA on Mar 19, 2008

First off, It has always looked like Charles was forced to marry and produce heirs. (Pressure from the Queen?) So the man does what his Mum the Queen ask of him. 2nd look at the age difference in Diana and Charles, they were bound to grow apart with different intrest...3rd Camilla and Charles may have been friends for a long time, but when your married and live together thats when you really get to know each other and learn to either love each other in spite of each other's faults or divorce. No one is a fly on the wall so we really don't know anyone can have a fight in public. Don't any of you who are married have fights.

pigiulina on Mar 22, 2008

they trashed a lifetime for nothing, he should be ashamed of his self, it is useless to say that they're normal... they're not! He's almost 60 or more years still licking his mother's feet not even trying to do something good for his people, and Camilla please what do you pretend from England...?? they should kick you and your ex husband out as you did for Diana... just shut up!

Barb on Mar 24, 2008

About time, what goes around---comes around.

Kim on Mar 25, 2008

Marriage should be forever. Charles treated Diana badly and deserves everything he gets from the Cow.

Justine on Apr 15, 2008

Charles and Diana had an arranged marriage, they were both in love with other people.

The fact that Camilla was not chosen by the royal family as a marriage partner for Charles probably puts alot of strain on their marriage.

I feel bad for anyone who has to marry someone they didn't pick themselves, life of a royal i guess.

laughing on Apr 22, 2008

I see Camilla as a dog exactly as how Diana sees it. I have no sympathy for him or her.

Rudy on Apr 24, 2008

Charley - Tired of using a blindfold everytime you slept with that pig - Kick her out.

neutral corner on Apr 28, 2008

Marriage is work, both parties understood that. We are not dealing with children here; these are adults. Whether or not either is getting what one deserves is not important. What is important is that another institution by God has once again been broken.

Tinkerbelle on May 25, 2008

If Charles was so in love with Camilla in the first place, then he should have married her and not Diana.

Rhonda on May 26, 2008

Hey Charles, you cheated on your wife, the mother of your children, for this woman. The former wife ended up dead and you married the "other woman". How do you feel now that you have gotten exactly what you wanted? Not so good? Too bad!I think you and Camilla should be confined to a small cottage together 'til death do you part.

Pat Hall on Jun 19, 2008

Charles was stupid to have married, much less have an affair with Camilla.. What a slut!!
The sooner he gets rid of her, the better for the Monarchy. It appears that she has made life miserable for Princes William & Harry. She is a jealous, vindictive witch.

liana on Jun 24, 2008

this man doesnt want to be a husband he wants to be a kotex,she is trash already-an ugly woman with an uglier soul

Joan on Jul 09, 2008

It's time that Charles reconized the fact that he is pulling the monarchy down. He need to suceed and pass everything on to his son NOW!
The English people, I am sure are really tired of all this "*&$%@" and would like to be able to look up the the Monarchy once again. They seem to be trying to ease the burden of the English people as far as financing.
Charles be a 'MAN' and get out of the game NOW!!!

Jan on Jul 29, 2008

What goes around, comes around. Charles you had a beautiful wife whom really all she wantes was love from you, and you treated her babdly. Diana loved you and now you see Camilla foe what she really is, a gold digger.

Melissa on Aug 03, 2008

Well, Chuckie what did you think would happen? when a man marries his mistress he merely creates a vacant job! Until you are your own man and not a spoiled prat you'll never get it right!

Jan on Aug 04, 2008

Charles the grass is greener on the other side until you live with it everyday. Camilla and yourself now are together you should be happy.You threw away the love you could have had with Diana. Now you are seeing what you really have nothing. How sad.

dab on Aug 29, 2008

Wow. Men don't know what they really want.
Note your first wife is your only true love, any other woman after her is only after your money.

Mandymomofboys on Oct 03, 2008

i thought he was so in love with HORSE FACE that when he married diana, he had the cuff links with the doulbe c on them, now they can't be married 4 yrs but him and diana were married how long?? the funeral u could see he was in real pain.. he feel in love with horse face as a young man how many of us men/woman make that mistake and don't want to give up the notion of it only to find out latter sometimes to late that the one we really LOVED was there the whole time

with that said i hope horse face gets a mack truck to her sorry butt.. yes i hate her.. she made Diana's life miserable..

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2008


Jim on Nov 27, 2008

Diana once said the royal family were nothing but lizards and reptiles. Add a snake to the mix with Camilla.

lukebandit on Nov 29, 2008

when Prince William turned 21, he should of made the announcement that he was starting an investigation of the death of his mother, Diana and Dodi Fiad. that he and his brother Harry were going to find out who was really responsible for her death no matter who it turned out to be. we all know who is responsible for Diana's death. i believe that Prince Phillip and the British Monarchy did not want Diana to marry Dodi because he was Muslim, and i believe that she was pregnant by him. there was the white car that was involved with hitting the car that she was in and when the paramedics got there they did not quickly take her to the hospital they stayed on the scene for an hour or two? someone said they were actually not really doing anything and they were smoking. i believe that Prince Phillip was so against Diana and Dodi that he had it taken care of and what makes me wonder that is because of the flippant attitude they had when the people were wailing and bringing flowers by the ton. I believe that the Queen herself will not get a fraction of what Diana got. RIP Diana.

Misfit4Peace on Jan 13, 2009

An America here with Brit roots
Boot them all out..let them earn their keep..y'all pay to many taxes...

Angel2017 on Jul 03, 2009

Charles was never a very smart one. I'm sure he had to learn all his lessons the hard way. Karma sucks doesn't it?

Anonymous on Jul 07, 2009

The Queen should pass over Charles for William as king.

Marlene on Jul 10, 2009

They both should die in a mysteriouse car crash in the middle of Paris. The real queen was murdered. Now we have the Jesters. An old hag and an idiot that thinks with his lower reagion. England, you got what you deserved.

Anon E. Mouse on Jul 10, 2009

I think it's possible that the third time's the charm.

Anonymous on Jul 11, 2009

I guess this is how it ends up when you throw one women away the mother of you children for that everyone should have seen this coming. Princess Diana was so much better all the way around.

Anonymous on Jul 11, 2009

if it is true, it looks good on both of them.
What goes around comes around. I wonder what young thang he.ll for next time or a guy

shirley on Jul 15, 2009

They each deserve each other.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2009

chaz and cammie get what they deserve. miserhy loves company. Give william the throne. Chuck is to childish.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2009

even an old kentucky derby nag looks better than camilla

Sharon of U.S.A. on Jul 16, 2009

I think William should get the throne. Let horse-face and Charley get the #$%@ out. I agree with Joan Collins who is in her 70s, horse-face doesn't know how to dress. RIP Diana. You were beautiful.

George White/Britsh expat on Jul 21, 2009

Marrying her was a mistake I always felt.

Marietta on Sep 15, 2009

I think now Diana can rest,she was right all along.And I agree with Lenore

Fay D on Dec 31, 2009

What goes around,does come around. Diana gave that family real class, she was the best thing that ever happened to that country. Can you imagine what the heirs would look like if they had been produced by Charles and Camilla? Queen mum knew what she was doing.

Skip on Feb 03, 2010

Diana's not looking too bad after all Charles! You got what you deserve!!!!!!!

Elleen on Feb 12, 2010

Rest well Diana, the last laugh is yours.

Joy on Feb 13, 2010

Stupid Charles is getting EXACTLY what he deserves!! There are a couple of American country songs that fit his trashed up life perfectly; "he held the world on the tips of his fingers, but he let it slip right through his hands' (Dianna) AND "nothing stands between them... but there is nothing between them." (Camillia) He had the best woman on the planet and he cheated on her with dog faced he is stuck with her and they cannot stand each other. He is the winner of the worlds prize for biggest jerk and fool. And his head looks like a kool-aid pitcher...those ears that stick out and that goofy smile.

Anonymous on Mar 03, 2010

charles you have a chunk of your head missing to marry camilla,, you had it all with Diana,, Diana is Queen material and camilla,,,, well I don't talk that way,,, what goes around comes around now you see what everyone has always seen in that ugly old camilla

Anonymous on Mar 15, 2010

Never should of married her to begin with.

Anonymous on Mar 20, 2010

Charles, you threw away the most beautiful girl in the world for old HORSE FACE. Diana was gorgeous.

Anonymous on Mar 20, 2010

These two should be forced to spend the rest of their lives together. They truly deserve one another for the hell they put Princess Diana through.

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2010

She's a pig and never had any class ....
Neither did he for ever being with her..
To think he preferred her to Diana is totally disgusting!!!!
Amazing that these royals are such low class...

Kat on Apr 05, 2010

I always thought she was a goldminer and truly living in a world where she established 2 sets of rules, 1) Other people's feelings do not matter and 2) She must have her way.

rita daigneault on Apr 16, 2010

I believe that both camilla and prince charles are so greedy for the money they have and they will never ever take this piece of paper to their graves. Money is thier god and one day they will suffer for the pain they have caused on the people they have used and abused. Money never brings happines only what you carry in your heart which is love and is stronger than anything.These 2 people are very selfish.

Diana for ever on Apr 19, 2010

sweet and beloved Diana,we will never forget you u are still the queen of heart for ever,so sleep in peace and we are enjoying here watching charles and his wicked camilla biting each other .

Derrick USA on Apr 23, 2010

Yes Charles got what he deserved the Rottweiler! To think he chose her over Diana wow this guy is clearly blind! But then again Charles is way below less than average looking so yes they deserve each other. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! LOL

Cinnamon on Apr 25, 2010

Isn't she one of the dirty "secrets" come home to roost? She, like Diana, is a victim of the royal family, though one who elicits less empathy than the late Princess.

Patti on May 02, 2010

After his horrid and disgusting treatment of Diana, Charles deserves all the grief and pain that can be heaped upon him. Diana was far too good for the likes of him!

lena on May 02, 2010

I heard "royals" have seperate bedrooms. after seeing camilla, I can understand why. Just imagine waking up to that horseface every morning, and thats before makeup.and he gave up Diana for THAT

mel on May 19, 2010

Prince Charles should have remembered "be careful what you wish for, it might just turn and bite you in the rear"

phebe on May 22, 2010

I think I am happy for the divorce, because she was a cheater from time in memorial.

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2010

Charles deserves what he gets. He used Diana to get what he needed heirs. I hope she does air the dirt on all the royal family. The good book says you reap what you sow.

JACKIE on Jun 30, 2010

Camilla thought someday she would be the Queen, guess the found out living with Chuck wasn't worth it.$250 mill for 3 years ain't bad! They are both dogs.

HELEN BILLIA on Jul 03, 2010


Sarge on Jul 07, 2010

I think that Charles & Camilla
have lived a balancing act relationship right under Princess Di's nose as well as a disgrace to the Monarchy.
I feel Charles should step aside & let William be King. That would be best for England if her Royal Heiness retires.

amelia on Jul 14, 2010

what goes around comes around, the royals ie the queen, the duke and prince charles are a bunch of snobs. they had the beautiful diana and used her to get heirs to the throne.. those 2 precious young men are without a mother because of charles and camillas love affair.. and yes I also believe the duke and queen were behind the death of diana.. may god have mercy on you on judgement day for what you did to diana

Tom Fox on Sep 16, 2010

Another messed-up marriage of Prince Charles. Will he ever learn? I guess that being a Prince and possibly the next King really showed us what kind of ego he has. Camilla is no saint either.

debbie savage seattle on Sep 21, 2010

im glad the two are divorcing ive always stayed true to our lady diana god rest her soul cammilla was like a ole worn shoe thats been left out in the rain

Anonymous on Oct 24, 2010

I think they should walk softly with this one. QEII is already said to be so mad that she's bypassing Charlie for William for the succession.

Miss Dee on Oct 25, 2010

CAMILLA will probally be the Next Accidental DEATH at the palace. Watch and see.

Anonymous on Dec 11, 2010

Poor he's sorry for what he wished for all those years: Camilla. And to think he had such a lovely wife he never appreciated: Princess Diana. Justice is a bitch!

rosey posey on Dec 11, 2010

What goes around comes around! Prince Charles is getting exactly what he deserves. He threw away the love of Princess Diana for this horse-face mistress, Camilla. He ruined Diana life and their marriage for his selfish desire for Camille. He got his be married to his long time whore.Now he can pay the price.You reap what you sew!

Anonymous on Dec 12, 2010

Looks good on you Charles. You traded beauty for the beast.

Anonymous on Apr 09, 2011

Princess Di ended up dead ! Will this happen to Camilla?

Clair on Apr 09, 2011

Do it, get her out!

Ruth on Apr 10, 2011

I wish Prince Charles divorced Camilla. She destroyed his boys life and Charlie'wife life too.

Anonymous on Apr 11, 2011

Maybe now Charles has some idea of what he put Diana through. If he's unhappy he certainly has it coming. I don't feel one bit sorry for him. For the sake of the monarchy I hope Queen Elizabeth figures out how to pass the crown to William.

JAN on Apr 24, 2011


Anonymous on Apr 26, 2011

she took women husband away from great lady she was a lady

Anonymous on Apr 27, 2011

Prince Charles should never have been allowed to DIVORCE DIANA. Once ROYALTY is married, they should have to remained married for life. The only exception is if there are no heirs produced. There should be no alimony given to Carmilla. She should have married with a contract. The nerve of Prince Charles. Diana might still be alive today if he had not been able to divorce. I agree Lenore if you lay down with dogs, then you end up with fleas. Jo

Maggie on May 14, 2011

Make him pay up or tell the public how he and his mother had princess dianna killed

SheilaB on May 16, 2011

I so hope it is true. Glad to see him pay through the teeth, but sorry she will profit from, their past disgraceful behaviors.

Lil on May 31, 2011

To Ruth of York: Camillia was already a trick, when Charles was married to Diana. I am sure she's full of hidden Dirt herself. Suprise! It's two side to every situation. Awake up! If anyone should sing like a canary. Go For It (Charles.

bg on Jun 06, 2011

Camilla & Charles . . . two of the most boring, self centered & egocentric people on the planet without question ! Diana . . . just the opposite . . . gave her heart & soul to the world . . . will never be forgotten.

Anonymous on Jun 15, 2011

prince william, please keep your darling wife away from the bad egg, camilla.
put a rotten tomato beside a fresh one and you'll find out why kate must stay away from whore camilla.

Jessica on Jun 23, 2011

I think Camilla married to Prince Charles because she wants Queen position if Prince Charles becomes a British King.. what a shame!

Marion on Jun 25, 2011

If he wants to be King, he needs to divorce the ugly wife, we will not accept her as Queen or consort, both have no morals.
By the way her grandaugter ruined some of Royal wedding pictures, she looks like her uglyyyy.

marguerita alvis on Jun 29, 2011

She makes me sick

KG on Jun 30, 2011

Well, I'm glad they're divorced. I don't like Camila. She looks like a witch. I can't imagine why Charles put up with this woman and left Diana?

Anonymous on Jul 01, 2011

He could never be The King with her at his side.

Gerry on Jul 01, 2011

Who cares. I never understood what he saw in the old hag.

Gale Force on Jul 02, 2011

Well Carmilla shouldn't get anything she should go out of the marriage with what she came into it with because she is a low life not even worth mentioning and I don't know how those Boys of Diana's could even consider her their Step-Mother she is a spon of the DEVIL and they English people know that and have shown it over and over to her they don't like her and she should just go and stay with her own kind.

Carmilla makes me sick just looking at her

sharie on Jul 03, 2011

Yes, divorce camilla. She has been a sore in there side forever. Kick her to the curb, she's a pain in the butt. If anyone should become king and queen it should Will and Kate next, they need young blood in there now, to change it up.

PETER M. Arel on Jul 04, 2011

Diana's sister was the smart one by telling the media she wouldn't marry a man she wasn't
in love with.Considering how badly Charles later treated Diana,sis Sarah really WAS smarter.

Anonymous on Jul 04, 2011

Most everyone in this posting has it right!! Figuratively, I weep for Diana!! And that goes doubly, for I recently viewed Chris Everard's video, "Lady Die." What has become of the moral authority of the British Crown? I fear that its members today could not (as we say in North America) fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Pity!

PETER in NH on Jul 04, 2011

If you were Charles' intellectual inferior,you were
treated as inferior, period.Ladies everywhere, beware!

Anonymous on Jul 09, 2011

Well Camilla you wanted leftovers.

NANCY BELL on Jul 20, 2011


Helen on Jan 04, 2012

I think its justice if they end in divorce for what they did to Princess Diana. I also think that Charles should give up the throne because he married a divorce woman Why should he be King his son Prince William would make a excellent one.

Trish Eaton on Jan 14, 2012

Camilla is a prude and I agree with someone comment that they deserve whatever happens to them for what they did to Lady Di. Also, I agree that Princess Kate has more class in her pinkie toe then Camilla has or will ever have in a life time. Camilla deserve any and all the misery that karma has and will through her way, and it will come that's what happens when you are a horrible person. Horrible people in the end get what they deserve.

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2012

goooooooooooooooooodddddddddd i am so happy as i loved diana so much....

sonia on Mar 18, 2012

Yes ma'am!!! You deserve what u get Camilla. I loved Diana and what she stood for. If it wouldn't have been for you maybe she would still be married to Prince Charles (and maybe not). But at least things would have turned out differently and you would be right where you belong: away from the prince and the $250 million you think you deserve!!!

Brenda on Mar 20, 2012

She wants $250 Million!? She broke up a marriage. Pay her nothing. She's lived a "fairy tale" life on the Brits back, she doesn't deserve anything. Tell her to get a job. If she must have money, pay her 7 yrs x 35,000 pound for services rendered. Which comes to 245,000 pounds.

Mary on Apr 22, 2012

Diana was too good for Charles. I'd like to hear about all the royal's dirty little secets. Goes to show you their normal after all....go figure!

Sue on May 28, 2012

The truth is, she will never be Diana, and Prince Charles will never be happy with any one woman! Like his father, he's just got to have a extra woman on hand. Which doesn't sit well with his wives! The best thing he ever had was Diana.. which he threw away like a bag of trash. I have no respect for any of the royals.. except William.. I hope he doesn't turn out like his father!

Theresa Cloutier on Dec 09, 2012

Camilla leave the ROYAL alone.
Keep your mouth shut.Out of the palace.
Good afternoon.