Dr. Phil Divorce Blow-up!

TV shrink Dr. Phil makes a living dishing out advice to others - but now, he may be in need of some himself to save his own marriage - as insiders reveal he's flying into jealous rages over his wife Robin. GLOBE's sources bare the shocking details of Dr. Phil's marriage crisis.

November 1, 2007

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Akira on Nov 02, 2007

Once again, a good scoop on it...
The situation is heartbreaking!

Anonymous on Nov 08, 2007

Globe cracks another story

marlies on Nov 10, 2007

i saw the magazine in the store- it was a big shocker for me

j-rock on Nov 10, 2007

fix this one phil

Angel Davinci on Nov 12, 2007

As if, Dr. Phil and Robin can't get divorced. It will ruin America's ideas of how valueable marriage is... And if they do does that make Dr. Phil a fruad, is someone else behind the scenes telling him what to say, is the "reality show" a BIG FAKE?!?

dnova on Nov 13, 2007

He's always been a fake and phony ... why is this a surprise? If it wasn't for Oprah's huge naivete, he would never have become a public figure in the first place.

Georganna on Nov 20, 2007

I think Dr. Phil IS ONLY A MAN ANYWAY,He isn't perfect...he caan give advice but on Jesus is the real doctor you put your trust in.

Miss Bubbles on Nov 20, 2007

If they do divorce, I will laugh. He thinks he knows all this stuff about marriage and relationships (sure there have been weird people on the show, but the answers were always obvious, even to everyday people) but no one can know everything, especially when it happens to them.

Chuck on Nov 22, 2007

Oprah's creation is so phony. When I am channel surfing and come across him, I tend to gag. How could any intelligent person waste any time watching this jerk?

ideepet on Nov 22, 2007

Hello, he's only human, no one is perfect,it's like saying that Doctors don't make mistakes.

He's going by what he has studied. People need not to put their trust on people that have titles.

Anonymous on Nov 26, 2007

I'm lost for words but I'll say this I always felt that he was a controller in his marriage and of course no marriage is perfect their human too. Its life move on.

Shelly on Nov 27, 2007

Hasn't the good Dr. Phil already been divorced before? The ones who have NEVER divorced should be the ones to give marriage advice.

susie Q on Dec 01, 2007

I do not get this man's popularity at all. He comes off as a whiny, insecure baby-Ihave to be first with Robin, evefn after kids- geesh, who even thinks of that??!!-I dont know if this is true, but he is very irritating!

Anonymous on Dec 04, 2007

she is so frign fake-get out and get real-time to take out the trash Doc.

saphire on Dec 05, 2007

people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...

ML on Dec 06, 2007

This is the first i've heard of the divorce crsis! i agree with Shelly, how come nothing is ever said about his previous marriage? If a child had been born..he would not have become this bigtime "Therapist"

mike on Dec 14, 2007

Doctor Phil : Isn't even a real medical doctor. "Doctor" is a name used for tv and books. during his show he says what makes the audience happy not what should be said most of the time.

Anonymous on Dec 30, 2007

Dr. Phil. You can fix this, move your focus, you have a good wife who stood by you in bad times and good times now it is your turn to understand. Percy Sledge said..Understanding is the best thing in the world. You are great, you owe this to your grandchildren, you always say extended family is important.

Yvonne van Zyl

gene harper on Jan 22, 2008

Dr.Phil used opra to get where he is today. And that's as real and truthful as it gets.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2008

Dr. Phil a fruad. I could get better advise from my hair dresser. He needs to look in the mirror before he tells everyone else what they need to change. Anyone that takes him seriously is an idiot. Come on people he doesnt care about you he cares about how much money he can make off you.

ed on Jan 27, 2008

can this quack counsel his own self??

j on Feb 08, 2008

wouldnt be surprised. he always acts like he is the king of relationships...blah blah blah. Loser!

dave on Feb 08, 2008

Dr Phil needs to just shut the fuck up. Obviously taking his own advice doesn't work, get this ass off tv.

debbiehobbs on Feb 17, 2008

I won't to know all about getting a divorces. Because I am going thrue one.My husband just walk wright out on me. I just getting a divorce.It hurt me so bad. Everybody asked me if I was going to take him back.I told the no.See I had breast cancer.Everybody thing he left me because of that.

ozzie on Feb 27, 2008

he's not even a doctor he's a life coach!! its a three month course. what a joke.

Dr. Wong on Apr 10, 2008

I think Dr. Phil needs help. How can he give out advice to others when he can't even save his own marriage. This is embrassing. Is like he's slapping his own face.

Anonymous on Apr 11, 2008

I could not put up with him for an hour. I don't blame her.

charlie on Apr 12, 2008

Sorry Phil, let the chips fall where they may and move on. Its not easy you know? Things happen and so you've gotta "Believe in what you preach and preach in what you believe in"! If it was not meant to be, its water down the drain, move on. Take advice/ council from your preachings and decide what's best for your relationship. Good Luck

Mick Jagger on Apr 12, 2008

I guesse Robin will not be waling off stage with her loving husband at the end of each show!!

sky on Apr 12, 2008


Bunkyboo on Apr 12, 2008

He is a big Hippocrates he writes books about weight loss, but yet he is over weight, he talks about divorce and yet he is getting on. Practice what you preach please!

Holmes on Apr 12, 2008

I never could stand Dr. Phil. I do believe that he is just a puppet and has many people working behind the scenes telling him what to say. People become brainwashed because they think he's God. His wife walking off holding his hand on every show seems real fake and tacky like she's a bimbo. I bet she gets paid for that. I hope she leaves him.

Sandra on Apr 12, 2008

Way to go, Dr. Phil. I always wondered what beautiful Mrs. saw in you. How could she live, uh, SLEEP with Mr. Perfect? It's about time she stepped out from under your shadow - your BIG shadow.

Anonymous on Apr 12, 2008

Let Dr. Phil see me for marriage therapy. I wrote the book The Narcissist/Borderline Couple and How to Talk to a Narcissist.

Joan Lachkar, Ph.D. jlachkar@aol.com

Christine on Apr 12, 2008

I cant believe this is happening when he teaches other people how to save his marriage and he cant even save his own with Robbin......what a loser he is becoming!!!

Anonymous on Apr 12, 2008

I always saw thru him and Oprah, both phonies!!Once a loser always a loser! This goes to show you that Psychology is NOT such an exact science after all! Its better to have some common sense than know psychology, because psychology does not always work, all it does is lead many innocent people into taking drugs and their life when they get messed up by following the advcie of them. These so called Perfectionist are nto so eprfect afetr all!! Man I love it when I see such Fools fall off their high horses! May theya ll fall down! What I ahet it that they got so amny lives emssed up before they mesed up their own lives. Why couldnt they mess up their own lives first? Many end up in a worst state than they were before they went to see "shrinks" May G*D judge all these fools that rely on man for such advice!!!

anonymous on Apr 12, 2008

Dr. Phil- you can fix this.(=

imperfect on Apr 12, 2008

wow! so many dr. phil haters- had no idea. anyway, putting all your ill feelings toward him aside, he does make strong points. though his helping people may not necessarily come from his heart, and he's out there to make money, he does say things that make sense. besides that, do you honestly think 100% of doctors out there are there as philanthropists? no, they're there to make tons of money, they just happen to be helping people in the process. also, how many doctors out there are overweight and unhealthy? just because they're in that business doesn't mean they automatically fit the mold. so, if dr. phil's marriage is in trouble, it's only because he is human after all. life can be one big contradiction. i mean, we tell our kids not to lie or fight, but parents do it all the time. so, dr. phil may be out giving advice on life, it doesn't mean he is not prone to human faults himself. he is as big a fraud as unhealthy doctors who always stand for being healthy, or cops who commit illegal acts, or priests who sin, or parents who do the lying and fighting. don't be so hard on him.

taylor on Apr 12, 2008

no way! you better have som good advice for yourself.

Joe on Apr 12, 2008

It appears Dr. Phil is very jealous of Robin succeeding in her own right. He also appears to be a know it all, a controller, and a its all about me type of individual. After all, no one, and I mean no one, can have answers for every possible situation that occurs in people's lives. If this is true and a divorce takes place, it will most likely be the end of this "whatever" type of television show.

Just-me on Apr 12, 2008

Dr. "PHONY" PHIL. One of the biggest FAKES to come down the Pike in years, he doesn't have a license to practice anything but BS.

Anonymous on Apr 12, 2008

To Shelly who made the comment.....Hasn't the good Dr. Phil already been divorced before? The ones who have NEVER divorced should be the ones to give marriage advice.
So what does that statement mean? Some people are victims of abuse or feel they have no other recourse, nowhere to go, no education to get a decent job.
You are saying that because they are not divorced, they are more equipped to give advice. WRONG!
People who have learned because of life's experience are the one's from which we should learn. If we can just have a trial run and learn from our mistakes, life would be grand!So, no...just because you stay married does not merit giving advice!

big daddy on Apr 12, 2008

Who really cares? This guy is a giant douche anyways!

Anonymous on Apr 12, 2008

Georganna on Nov 20, 2007

I think Dr. Phil IS ONLY A MAN ANYWAY,He isn't perfect...he caan give advice but on Jesus is the real doctor you put your trust in.

chicky on Apr 12, 2008

I agree with dnova. He is who he is BECAUSE of Ophrah..

Mal on Apr 12, 2008

Dr. Phil

See if you can fix this one.

Joe on Apr 12, 2008

Dr. Phil's 'perfect' marriage is about as flawed as Robin's facelift.

Me on Apr 12, 2008

Maybe Robin can get Rosie to endorse her for a talk show and lets see who gets the better ratings! Lets face it, on TV, anyone can be a doctor!

Victoria on Apr 12, 2008

oh no...

Lisa Younis on Apr 12, 2008

Well..."How's that workin' for ya?"

Suzanne on Apr 12, 2008

Even a good marriage is tough. In today's world with all the stress, especially in Hollywood, keeping on the right path and holding the family intact is so difficult. We should be rooting for this family to make it, not attacking them. Throw some love out, folks!!!

Penny on Apr 12, 2008

I'm hearing alot of jealousy here; cutting down Dr. Phil to make ourselves look better? He and Robin are just people, like each of us. They're not perfect. And remember, even Dr. Phil said that if it's irrepairable, we have to be strong enough to let it go.

Anonymous on Apr 12, 2008

Hey Dr. Phil,

How's that working for ya?

anna on Apr 12, 2008

i like very much dr phil and robin hope the divorce is just gossip
from people who don't like them

charlie on Apr 12, 2008

What Dr.Fake"phil" getting divorced.
I thought he could save anything?

Julia on Apr 12, 2008

NO! there sooo cute together!

Anonymous on Apr 13, 2008

It's about time, the too good to be true DR. gets a dose of his own medicine.

Nene on Apr 13, 2008

It's about time, the too good to be true DR. gets a dose of his own medicine. America's favorite TV shrink needs a shrink himself. Opra can take on job of being his shrink.

ej on Apr 13, 2008

come on, Phil. Put on your big boy pants and deal with it. Why shouldn't your wife get a chance to grow. She has been by your side all these years, why not share the spotlight instead of doing something to ruin your image ? I was a "trophy wife" and it was not fun at all. Good Luck.

spunkette on Apr 13, 2008

I used to watch his show and it became so outrageous that i quit watching it. He has this high opinion that he can cure all relationships. Doubtful. He has overstepped his bounds especially now when he posted bail for one of the girls seen on You-tube that were assaulting a girl along with 8 other teens. The things he has done lately are dispicable all for the mighty buck. I don't know who controls who, he or Robin, but in either case, no relationship can be controlled by one person, it doesn't work. Been there done that. He should be ashamed of himself. Robin, I don't know but she seems like a pretty nice person. Her book is pretty good. I say she should run from him. He literally makes me cringe.

Paula on Apr 13, 2008

I was in the store today and was standing in line and my husband of 38 yrs., looked at me and said look Dr. Phil and Robin are going to get a divorce. I can't believe that. I do not care what anyone say about him, but I think he is the best ever. Yes, he has the right to be jelous, he hjas a pretty wife. Dr. phil is not a fraud you are fake. I will still watch him and I will just have to pray for him. I will watch him before I will watch Oprah. Dr. Phil and Robin I hope you both can work it out. I will pray for you and your family. This really breaks my heart. God Bless you both.

pattycake on Apr 13, 2008

Is that why Robin sits with the audience so she can keep an eye on him or him on her. Just goes to show you divorce can happen to anyone even people that look like they are happy..I like the show but they seem like people that are snobs.

jan on Apr 13, 2008

Who cares if they get a divorce ~ Robin thinks she is perfect, well guess what? you are NOT

Dr Phil Rocks on Apr 13, 2008

Oprah's "naivete", get a grip, if it were not for Dr. Phil, Oprah's big mouth would have cost her millions or more in the lawsuit in Texas. Dr. Phil and his family have established an enoromous altruistic foundation, and clearly have a profit making enterprise in book sales, talk shows, and other ventures, which pay Ms. Winfrey far in excess of Dr. Phil. And, now that Dr.Phil has developed his own show, without the control of Oprah or her company, all these negative stories start to flood the internet and media, not to mention the fact that Oprah has quickly designed and prepared for launch a show that will look and be exactly like the show that Dr. Phil has already set for production.

Hollywood is a business, there are no good guys and bad girls, there are simply winners and losers. And, Dr. Phil is already a multi-millionaire with a well established practice, so if he loses the show (which was re-designed by Ms. Winfrey and her company), he will still have a great life, which he and his family deserve.

To all those who are posting nonsense about Dr. Phil, put down the JD, get off the internet, and actually read a newspaper with more writing than photographs of half-naked girls.

Go, Dr. Phil, get your marriage together, if it is indeed in trouble, and put these idiots out of their misery, get back to practice, and leave Oprah to have her head handed to her by Ellen.

pattycake on Apr 13, 2008

Is that why Robin sits with the audience so she can keep an eye on him or him on her. Just goes to show you divorce can happen to anyone even people that look like they are happy..I like the show but they seem like people that are snobs.

john on Apr 13, 2008

Who cares, they are all Hollywood loosers anyway!!!!

sher on Apr 14, 2008

I know Dr. Phil personally and actually met him on the Oprah show some time ago when I was a guest. Dr. Phil was promoting his book on her show. You would think that being a "guest" that day on Oprah, that Dr. Phil would speak to me after the show. He never said a word...He definitely isn't a real person and often uses people to get what he wants. He didn't care about what was going on in my life at that time. He just used me to sell his book. Of course back then...I wasn't really aware. I thought he really cared about people.

Yeah Right on Apr 14, 2008

Take my wife Dr. Phil, she loves you!

no sympathy.... on Apr 14, 2008


Anonymous on Apr 14, 2008

Wow! Another one of Oprah's creations failed, hard to beleive. We need to get rid of the phoney who created these messes. Oprah.

Anonymous on Apr 14, 2008

That is terrible i love the Dr. Phil show!!!

drew on Apr 14, 2008

dr phil must be whippeed!!


David on Apr 14, 2008

alot of the people i know and spoke to always though he was a fake

bigMOUTH on Apr 14, 2008

Dr. Phil is a fraud..............he needs to give up his show, and start fixing himself.idiot!

The Man on Apr 14, 2008

Dr. Phil is just a guy trying to make as much money as he can. If this is true it will be great for him. He can pay off Robin and still be rich. He can now marry a hot younger which he will be much more happy with and attracted to. This is great for him, it is what all men wish they could do if they just had the money or the courage.

Anonymus fish on Apr 14, 2008

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! dr phil deserves to deal with something that he gives advice for.

Anonymous on Apr 14, 2008

Too many temptations for both of them living the Hollywood life--glamour, fame, power, and money derailed their marriage, not to mention her coming into her own and getting her own fame. Their "marriage contract" had always been that she would be an adoring supporter of him, and she now wants to grow up and change their contract. That's too scary for Dr. Phil! It has also upset the balance of their relationship.

ken lin on Apr 14, 2008

honestly , doctor phil deserves a better wife!

yumbo on Apr 14, 2008

dr phil is a dish it out but cant take it type --- when someone begins to make sense yet contradicts him on his show he just steamrolls over them --- he is a very poor listener who really does more harm then good since many morons will take him seriously

Garry on Apr 14, 2008

Who cares!!! He's a fraud! What has Dr. Phil ever said that was more than common sence? Nothing! He's a jerk on the show, so he's probly a jerk to his wife. It's no Shock to me

Anonymous on Apr 14, 2008

I need some advice on male pattern baldness. Can you help me Dr Phil?

Tim T on Apr 14, 2008

Dr. Phil = Frequently wrong but never in doubt!!!

Anonymous on Apr 14, 2008

Not suprised!!! He who giveth advice shall some day seek adavice!!!

Anonymous on Apr 14, 2008

Guess no marriage is safe, god only knows the situation of that marriage, you never know what happens between close doors of a couple.

Anyway I lost respective on Dr. Phil when he bailed that girl out of jail, he actually just wants more viewers guess hes loosing hes touch anyway by him doing that he lost mine and many others......I have no intention of watching hes show any longer he uses other people tragedy for hes own wealth that to me is not a human that cares to help others just hes pocket laughing to the bank.

JOHN on Apr 14, 2008

You may not like him, I may not like him. But he has a phd not like you said, some 3 monthes course. Do you know what that is mr G E D

judy Drap on Apr 14, 2008

No wonder she left a man like that. He sold his soul for the
Cheerleader story.

Wendella on Apr 14, 2008

My husband is a psychiatrist--not a phony "DR" like DR Phil. When he first laid eyes on Phil and Robin he remarked that there was
"something not right" about that pair and especially Phil--And that was years ago--guess Oprah should have promoted a REAL Doctor.

Sandra on Apr 14, 2008

We are all humans after all... I still like DR. Phil and take his advise.

Ms. M on Apr 14, 2008

I used to love this show, but as time went on his ego seemed to take over. To bad, if this is true, no one likes to see a divorce, but he has to get his feet back on the ground.

WORTMOON on Apr 14, 2008

I think Dr. Phil needs to cancel the show and get out of the celebreties lives and a lot of others and start spending his years left on earth with his wife. He has enough money. H has books etc. But he needs to mind his own affairs and leave brittiany and that beating incident out of his life!! Not his business!! HIS WIFE is his concern.......

Anonymous on Apr 14, 2008

Its amazing how the common person can put someone down for making something out of his live... What is wrong with you people JELOUSY!!!! So you don't agree with his methods I don't agree with them all either, but to attack his character as a person, public and/or private don't show much for any of the rude selfish comments.. GROW UP GET A LIFE, maybe you could be half the person Dr. Phil is..

Anonymous on Apr 14, 2008

pompous jerk deserves what he gets

shanti on Apr 14, 2008

well he helped a lots of people there is a positive side to it.He is not God he is human and has a right to make mistakes. we are so quick to judge and pass judgemets. I am not his fan.

doesn't matter wat mi name is on Apr 15, 2008

hahahha, i wanna see them divorce.

Rida on Apr 15, 2008

I saw the magazine
I was very suprised
It was definetly the most unexpected thing on my mind
I thing his wife can find someone else anyway, but as for him....ahh...so not...

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2008

This is crazy!!
Doesn't Dr. Phil help family problems cause if so, why divorce??

anomymous on Apr 16, 2008

know it all dr. phil will finally be forced to shut up if robin actually leaves him -- or will he? it will probably spawn another book.

Kendra on Apr 16, 2008

Dr. Phil is great, she is the fake one. Why does she have to be in every show? She should let him be the star. Can she work in something else? Maybe she is jelous! He is SO gorgeous, I would be jelous too!

Fedupwithhisbull on Apr 16, 2008

Serves the pompous ass right

Anonymous on Apr 16, 2008

i think its funny as hell that he always preaches to girls that are exotic dancers that they have no morals and so forth and his son jay is married to one of the dahm triplets and they have a fully nude video out..by the way dr. phil your daughter in-law and her sisters really look good..how funny

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2008

Go Robin-leave the phoney!!!

Adams on Apr 18, 2008

I have said for a long time Its all about the money. And he is just a milder version of Jerry Springer. I new this was coming. Its not over yet.

Anonymous on Apr 18, 2008

Good!!! I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners!!! I can't stand him sitting up there like is the almighty!! Good for you Robin.........Call me!! :)

Anonymous on Apr 18, 2008

Dr phil show is a prepaired program, but reality is Dr Phil is a regular man that needs help from time to time

Anonymous on Apr 18, 2008

Leave the arrogent husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sunshine on Apr 19, 2008

practice wehat he preaches

Marg on Apr 19, 2008

Do any of you who are attacking him remember the many many people
he has helped by referring them
to counseling, rehab,etc.
He gets people to open up...and
remember they came for his help.
If he were such a fraud, why don't they come forward and say so.
He has make mistakes in judgement (example Brit spears, and recently the bailing out of that young girl
who beat up another in Fla.) It amazes me how people could wish
unhappiness or get joy from a failure of another. I wish them both well, and hope they can work things out between them.
We have all had failures or bad
judgement in our lives, and imagine if others had wished us to

Best wishes to them both.

Bobo on Apr 20, 2008

Doctor Phil did give out some good advice and helped many people... I just didn't care fo his demeaner and big ego..let's hope he is able to taken his own advice!

Anonymous on Apr 21, 2008

he is only human. what human is incapable of feeling jealousy? No one, give him some slack!

Allen on Apr 21, 2008

Doctors are humans just like you and I. Practice what he preaches......Everyone has issues in life. He is no different. Money creates many evils in Hollyweird.

Charlee on Apr 21, 2008

This is a sad story. I hope they can work it out. Phil work your magic!

maria on Apr 21, 2008

woah i cant believe Dr. Phill of all people has a problem and it involves jealousy woah im just shocked

Michelle on Apr 22, 2008

Goes to show that nobody's perfect. Everyone has has their own problems and it's a shame that it had to happend to them. I hope that everything goes all in God's name and that it will work out for the both of them. Just remember, we are all human...

Anonymous on Apr 23, 2008

Dr.Phil is a very good man-and his wife is a very stupid woman.No offence...

Globe Reader on Apr 24, 2008

Poor Dr Phil. He could not help Britney and now what will he do with his own marriage?

Audrey on Apr 25, 2008

... It's not a perfect world in any way. Dear Robin has been his puppet for far too many years. It's been obvious of his controlling manner on a number of shows. .... Take your wings, Robin and fly. Be your own person. He thinks he has all the answers...

Anonymous on May 08, 2008

I think the show was one of the greatest and still do. Sad that there is a divorce here. It does take two. So who is it him or her? So easy to say him. Some of us work so hard on a marriage and some of us do not. I love the show. Because we all have become selfess and can easily walk out with children and they suffer. I did that and regret it.

Eleanor on May 27, 2008

wel, people i really do think there marrige is in trouble cause they seem to have such a perfect marrige an i think its all fony act for tv an i think robin loks a lil retarded or something is wrong with her she is a strange lady wearing those big boots there are bigger than her omg robin you need help try an be yourself not a fony

Joan on May 31, 2008

I always knew Dr. Phil was a big fake. He never looked like he was in love with Robin. he looks like he wants a Barbie doll, which is what his son married. He stayed married to make his show work. How's he going to tell all these other people to stay married, when he doesn't love his wife? He isn't a real doctor. He does all safe shows about alcoholics and always sides with women about relationships just to get ratings.

RUFUS JOHNSON on May 31, 2008


"J" on May 31, 2008

First of all, this is, if indeed it is true, another tragic example of how good things are going bad around us. For those of you who point the finger, be careful of the four pointing back at you for you will reap what you sow. For those capable of sympathy, I pray along with you for not only this couple but for every married couple suffering turmoil these days.

robin on May 31, 2008

the bigger the ego the harder they fall i hope its not true

Sabina on Jun 02, 2008

Though Dr Phil is a know-it-all irritant at times; at the beginning he did have some sound advice, and seemed to care. He was quickly sucked into showbiz hype for ratings, and at that point he went down the drain for me. As for his marrige, they have a lot worth saving; if his smart and takes his own advice, this shall pass too, and the Universe keeps us for ever entertained, with or without them...

Barbara on Jun 03, 2008

I always felt that Dr. phil was a great big Bald Headed Phoney. But Good Luck!!!

Barbara on Jun 03, 2008

Dr. Phil and Robin are serious goof Balls.

Kitty on Jun 03, 2008

Dr. Phil and his obnoxious wife wainting to hold his hand at the end of the show was always a major laugh. He is the one who gives "FAMILY FIRST" advise. I always knew he was a phoney. His son married a playboy bunny. What a joke!!!

Cedrick Wiehunt on Jun 03, 2008

This guy is one of the biggest ego-maniacs TV has ever known, it is no wonder his wife is dumping him.

Ray on Jun 03, 2008

It was ovious for such a hypocrite, These type of people can preac for others only. This is a common problem with therapist.

sam on Jun 03, 2008

wow, when i heard the news i said,
WHAT YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, YOU MUST HAVE HEARD IT WRONG, NOT DR. PHIL.... well, it just goes to show we are all human, and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. this is a huge let down for married couples, as 31 yrs., has a meaning of going on FOREVER, never say never, and i guess forever isn't forever....it really saddens me

Ray on Jun 03, 2008

It was ovious for such a hypocrite, These type of people can preac for others only. This is a common problem with therapist.

patricia on Jun 04, 2008

I knew I would see this one day. Anybody who his high and mighty attitude is sure to be cut down to size. It's a joke that a person who cheated on his first wife passes judgement on others doing the same thing. Once a cheater always a cheater - isn't that right Dr Phil? I used to watch his show but now it's boring. They should cancel it.

Janet Williams on Jun 04, 2008

Poor Doc Can you take your own advice about Marriage.I don't think SO ! My advice to you is get a cheaper wife the nexts time .paying her to love you shoot pay me Ha!Ha!

zeak on Jun 04, 2008

kinda ironic dontchya think? it made me laugh when i saw it. dr.phil is always implying how much better his life is than everyone else's. i wanna see him fix this one.

Jojo on Jun 04, 2008

I am very saddened by the possibility of a divorce. I enjoy the show immensely and have always felt Dr. Phil to be the real deal. I think Robin loves him very much & let's hope I am seeing this correctly.

Mr.Know It All on Jun 04, 2008

It's about time.Dr.Phil is a *!#@

Daphni on Jun 05, 2008

He's always come across a little rough, but the last year, he seemed like he was losing control, like Bill Clinton. I think it's a chemical imbalance in both. They have to have people see things their way or they explode.

Suzy on Jun 05, 2008

I was absolutely shocked when I heard this, as much as he gets on TV and preaches to people about divorce and what they are doing wrong....Dr. Phil I'm here if u need someone!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on Jun 07, 2008

Letterman was right the first time in describing this loser, "What a load".

Ludmila on Jun 08, 2008

Each of us has two faces, one for outside world, one for inside and none of us really knows what is "cooking " behind the door. there are two people responsible for the situation.Maybe it is Robin that got into her head the glory of her husband. Question is, if that is true, is Dr. Phil going to be still on the show? I have learned from him quite a bit.

Anonymous on Jun 09, 2008

Good, I hope they get divorced.
Robin isn't a good companion.
Phillip needs a better wife.

clayton bond on Jun 09, 2008

i luv dr phil i hope he does not get sepearted

i hate marrige on Jun 15, 2008

two people are not meant to be together for their whole lives!! theres too many other people to be with out there, but it looks like Dr.Phill needs to listen to himself and buy the marrige counsiling book that he wrote!! looks like the man can't even take his own advice!!!!

Anonymous on Jun 16, 2008

Dr. Phil bases basically all his statements on his personal marriage, now that its falling apart, what happens to all those poeple that have been on the show or taken his advice rom watching at home?

patty on Jun 19, 2008

Dr. phil tells it like he sees it!!! it will be a sad thing if they break up!! Either way i think Dr.phil is a awsome guy.

Smart Person on Jun 21, 2008

just because he has a problem with his own marriage doesnt mean that hes a phony you can give good advice to others people easily cause you can easily see others flaws but its harder to see your own so i still dont think hes a fake

Karen Workman on Jun 27, 2008

I thought that they were the perfect couple. I like them so much

roger on Jun 27, 2008

is it possible to know if it is truth or not. If it is he should get help fast from one of his old shows

Mrs. Q. on Jun 28, 2008

Psychology isn't going to fix people. Only salvation in Christ and obedience to the Scriptures gives peace in a home! So I don't put all my stock into Dr. Phil. If life in not lived to the glory of God, then I'm not shocked by a possible divorce in his life. I pray for his family and all the stress these rumors are having on his family.

Anonymous on Jul 02, 2008

He can save other people marrage,but now he can't save his own.

will on Jul 02, 2008

Is his wife creeping on him? dr phill need to stay at home more.

John on Jul 03, 2008

I have a Master's Degree in Emotional/Behavioral Disorders. Often times, I find myself ignoring my own family because I am so involved in trying to help others. Perhaps that's what happened to Dr. Phil. Much of his advice was good. But given the world we live in, it's not that unusual for someone inthe helping professions to put their job first, and their personal realtionships last

Holly on Jul 03, 2008

Who likes an egotistical person who thinks they know everything?
Stop preaching to others if you don't have it together yourself!

teabags on Jul 03, 2008

NO!!They were awsome and I think dr phil so clever and honest. People say that he used oprah and blah blah but really you have to think, heis only human and he cant always be good and honest and perfect as us public find celebrities to be

Anonymous on Jul 05, 2008

Huray, Phil is a fraud and con artist and his wife has had it. He has caused her terrible pain.
Cancel his show. I hope she takes him for millions!

paul on Jul 11, 2008

you think well established man , they can make the women happy or no?

Donna on Jul 11, 2008

For all we know, Robin could have been waiting to divorce him for years. Timing is everything!!! Now, he's worth millions and she can take half.

Kiki on Jul 12, 2008

I think they r agood couple they shouldnt break

www.LaveralRogers.com on Aug 01, 2008

I always wondered why Robin had to be in the audience. I thought that she was the one that was jealous of him, evidently I was wrong. I had a suspicion that the McGraw family wasn't perfect, the first time that I saw their youngest son. He looked like a hood to me. The bottom line is, no human is perfect. Look at our singing and acting heros, most have vices of one thing or the other. If we knew most of them personally, we probably wouldn't like them. Just my thoughts!

Barb on Aug 01, 2008

Well I have an ax to grind. I was married, happily I thought, for 27 years when my husband one days said "Dr. Phil say's if you are thinking about a divorce, just do it." He left me the next day. Two weeks later he said it was the biggest mistake of his life. It's been 3 years now since the split and we live in different states but are close friends.

B.C. on Aug 01, 2008

Dr. Phil, Please don't let this beautiful woman suffer because of pride. Love and protect her. Life is too short.

MIke on Aug 02, 2008

Dr. Phil is just another Phony who believed he was an expert in everything. Did anyone ever believe he was genuine???

eric on Aug 03, 2008

i feel they need some help save their marriage

Anonymous on Aug 04, 2008

Please try to work out...

susan on Aug 05, 2008

it saddens me to see yet another marriage break up

Anonymous on Aug 05, 2008

why is robin on all his shows?

Anonymous on Aug 05, 2008

dr phil needs to go to jerry springer show

richard from texas on Aug 05, 2008

hey phil act this one out like your show

C on Aug 06, 2008

That's what happens when you want to keep your wife looking like a trophy. Let's face it, because of some of the ways he's acted with men on his show re: them being disrepectful to their wives about them gaining weight I figured he might be the same way. He tells them to be positive towards their wives and that will motivate them to be they way they want them to be. I saw through that. Instead of helping the wives to be ok about themselves he figures he'll show their husbands how to get them skinny. You're not that good at being munipulative Phil!

Anonymous on Aug 06, 2008

It's sad people are so embroiled about famous people when there is no connection with their own lives.

Anonymous on Aug 06, 2008

haha, wow thats irony for you.

Pattycakes on Aug 06, 2008

I personally like Dr. Phill. He is funny, witty, tells it like it is, and seems very genuine. I also like Robin. They seem like the perfect coulple! Maybe they just need a long vacation from each other! They might be going through burnout. Bring in the limelight might take a real toll on everyday life. I personally wouldn't want to trade places. I've been married 36 years and it just keeps getting better! Maybe I can help them-lol!

Shadow on Aug 07, 2008

The Dr Phil Show is just a toned down version of the Jerry Springer show, a bunch of jerks thinking they will get a free ride with their mental problems air their dirty laundry on live TV, get a life.

Lynn on Aug 07, 2008

I was watching Dr Phil and he mouths the words Robin is saying. Look close, you'll see it too. When I saw that I thought he didn't trust her to speak. Poor Robin. If I felt that, what does she feel?

Dave on Aug 08, 2008

Look, if a fat slob like Dr. Phil can be a diet guru, I believe he can survive anythig.

Ashly on Aug 09, 2008

I think dr. Phil is a good man.. And that he gives very good advice.. He has saved many of marraige and has help lots of people.. I hope he and robin arent getn a divorce.. I wld like to give them best wishes.. And if worst comes 2 worst things always happen 4 a reason.. Good luck..

Mama on Aug 10, 2008

Dr Phill you've done it all you have fixed couple's broken relationships and that does'nt mean you have all it takes to fix yours, I personally think it's been real,your Dr Phil show has been a great asset and help to those who needed it.Keep up the good work don't get discouraged yu are only human and yes bad things do happen to good people too. I pray you guys sort out your differences and make it happen-shame the devil Robin and do the right thing guys, you can do it.

Big Jake on Aug 11, 2008

You all know that Russa has a new subarine. It can go deeper then any Sub.ever built. They tried it out this month ands it was able to go down to depths of two miles. Amazing, but once down there guess The what they seen? The Dr.Phil Show. No Robbin. AMEN

Anaira on Aug 14, 2008

Come on people. Dr.Phil may be a shrink but it comes to show that everyone has problems. Problems that no matter how many degrees u have, u cant fix the issue. There are things that are out of peoples fixing. So lets not be ignorant. I'm sure at one point or another someone has told us to put our good advice to work on ourselves. Just because we can help others and give good advice doesnt mean we will never encounter a few big bumps on the road.

Cindy on Aug 16, 2008

I was/am an avid Dr. Phil watcher. I did notice as time passed, that the shows and people seemed, hummm.. guided or that they were actors, like it was set up. It no longer seemed "real". That's Hollywood for ya. If it weren;t for Oprah, he would not be where he is, or was today.?? I bet she is embarrassed. I never understood Robin being in the audience and them walking off hand in hand. I can read lips and she would build his ego, with words like, "that was awesome", "you did great again". Is he insecure?? I didn't know his son's wife was a Playboy bunny.. she looks fake and all.. typical Hollywood plastic, but geez.. I thought Dr. Phil was a Church goer. He wouldn't even toast with champagne on the show.. had water.. c'mon. Well, maybe they should go stasy in the Dr. Phil House for a few weeks with cameras all around for us to see if they "can work this out". Wouldn't that be a riot? LOL. In closing, his favorite saying, " Either you get it, or you don't".I don't thing he got it.. if he did ,it weas brief and he LOST it. Robin seems fake, dresses horrible. Have you guys seen pics of her when they were young? She was not attractive at all. Anyway.. that's my 2 cents worth. Let the cards fall where they may. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Madia on Aug 20, 2008

He is a total loser -- were it not for Oprah no one would know him... he doesn't even have a degree!! What a loser.

Anonymous on Aug 21, 2008

I do not think this makes Dr.phils work any less valuable. as a helping professional myself, my job is to help people by being open minded about the situation, however when it comes to my own family and emotions it is impossible to use my profession to better the situation. Dr.Phil is amazing and he has guiding many people through hard times and no matter what happens in his personally life that cannot be discredited! and I would also like to add that many people divorce and it is always a tragedy and dr.phil deserves to have his fans support him as he has supported many others!!

James on Sep 02, 2008

you get a divors come on

Anonymous on Sep 08, 2008

dr phill relax yourself and stop the stupidness because you counsel people about marriage and what to do and you divorcing thats sad

Ann on Sep 09, 2008

Dr. Phil is arrogant, pompous,and self-aggrandizing. He is so in love with himself that I'm sure it would be difficult for him to love anyone else. If, indeed, he and Robin are headed for a divorce, I just hope she gets a generous settlement. She deserves it!

Pat Garcia on Sep 14, 2008

Robin would never allow a divorce. She likes to be the star of Dr. Phil's show...frankly I am sick of her

jaco on Sep 18, 2008

Dr.Phil is a fraud ,,,and a he is a dumb ass if he cant fix his own marrage ....on another note it could be his wife is scammer too (birds of a feather flock together)trying to pump him for a big pay check..and run off with a younger stud.and not have to deal with his advice anymore ...he seems a bit overbearing ???just a thought yea she's a beioch too

pyrofly on Sep 22, 2008

If psychology worked then how come Dr.Phil can't analize the problems right out of existence altogether. You mean to say psychology can't stop conflicts, wars, racial hatred, inhumanity, avarice, prejudice etc.
I feel sorry and sincerely bad about his crumbling marriage but this should be a testimony even to him that psychology is just a huge tempofix on things.

sarah on Sep 24, 2008

i can see why she might want a divorce. she is a very foxy lady. she could do better.

Kody on Sep 25, 2008

Maybe 'ol Phil could get some advice from Hulk Hogan, they have the same hairdresser you know. And Robin could get his wifes lawyer. Then the girls could go 'clubin and 'cougering together!

Caroline on Sep 25, 2008

He often mentions that sometimes it is better for two people to walk away and divorce. I do not know why this would be such a blow to American values?

spazmo on Sep 28, 2008

Even shrinks need shrinks!

STEPH on Oct 02, 2008


andrea lena ryan on Oct 02, 2008

I hate Dr phil show it should be cancelled and serie finale

Anonymous on Oct 06, 2008

all i have i 2 say is..haha! Karmas a b***h!!! HAHA!!

kodilicious on Oct 15, 2008

maybe this is a good thing!!!?
there kids are grown...they'll understand.
my parents split apart and they talk better now then they did before!!!

Anonymous on Nov 07, 2008

I heard Dr Phil was an a hole in person. I haven't been watching him for months. Now I probably will never watch again. Wasn't for Oprah election would have been different too I believe. Just my thoughts !

Sean on Jan 24, 2009

Robin is a naive hick now in the big city. This is not a new story but it is sad nontheless. Phil has, over his marraige, come to expect that their respecive roles will remain unchanged; after all, it got them to where they are now. But Robin is going to screw it up. Sad.

Denise on Mar 17, 2009

So is something going on with the DR. and octo-mom??? I'm a huge fan of Dr. Phil and i just heard abt him cheating on Robin and i cant seem to get a straight answers...

Madonna on Mar 31, 2009

Be strong Dr. Phil....people got there mouth to run so let them run it.

Anonymous on May 24, 2009

mercy is just waitng for a call,pick up , repent , dust the dirt off and move on, another choice is you can call on Jesus , all things are possible .

Anonymous on May 24, 2009

ah Hello ! it's not all about you . Can we talk about something worth living for lol. life is short and I don't want it to be about phil and all these money making monkey's that don't care wheather we live or die . so move one .

Anonymous on Aug 01, 2009

He was sued and lost his license 'cause he sexually harassed a client and/or employee

henry on Aug 01, 2009

He's a sexual predator !!! Lost his license because of this....
Google it !!!

bibine on Sep 30, 2009

Eventhought, Dr. phil is counseling people about their dilemmas that's not mean he is able to control his own problems. He is a human like every body else. However, God gives him a opportunity to have knowledge to help others. As a human services student I think it's time for some people to stop making fun about a situation like this, specially when you dont even know how that's affected his family and him. this is not a joke, being Dr Phil, possition it a big essue because he knows what he should do but for some reasons he can rescue himself. I have been in some situatons where i can help my family and friends with thier problem; but when I'm confronting the same problem I can not even help myself too. I think it's time for friend, family and those people that he helped so hard to help them ovecame their problems. They have to start to return him some favors by giving him some advises that he can use to belp him fix his problem.