After a three-day booze-fueled, naked romp in Las Vegas, rebel Prince Harry is headed to rehab, say sources. The wild 27-year-old was finally convinced he needs help during an intervention staged by his alarmed brother Prince William and his wife Kate. In the new GLOBE's FIVE-page Special Report, you'll learn the shocking details of Harry's binge, what was said -- and see exclusive photos of his wild partying.

August 30, 2012

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Sue Ohio on Sep 03, 2012

Good luck Harry!

Patricia on Sep 06, 2012

Let him live his life he has pretty much messed up life and nobody cared then. Why should the royals have anything to say look at
how everyone in the family has turned out. William and Katie seem to be the only ones who try to have a normal life. And who would want Charles and Camille to rule them . The Queen needs to look at where she failed as a mother grandmother and Charles needs to kick Camille to the curve and e a father.