Prince William Rejects Throne For Love!

PRINCE William has thrown the palace into a panic by announcing he doesn't want to be king - and is refusing the throne for love! Now, while the rocked royal family desperately fights to keep William's plans under wraps in hopes he will change his mind, the love-struck 25-year-old prince is telling friends he's definitely giving up his birthright for his stunning fiancee Kate Middleton. William's decision has shattered the Queen's plans for her nation. Just weeks ago, she told her son Prince Charles she was bypassing him in the line of succession and giving the crown to William!

October 11, 2007

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mcole28215 on Oct 12, 2007

Does the UK really NEED a Queen or a King? Kings and Queens are stuff of fairy tales - modify your governing techniques.

wendy on Oct 12, 2007

if they really love each other than the cameras shouldn't matter wether their on them or not. if you go out to night clubs and other places the way you are. you are going to be noticed like some of the royals like to do but don't want the cameras hello! have some common sense! but if you go in under the radar not as your self as sombody else or find differnt ways of doing what your gonna and not be so noticable like dressing and looking like a tourist or how about a normal everday middle to low class citizen. if your good then they won't think its worth the click of a camera or a note scratch worthy and continue on to another.

billy on Oct 12, 2007

i think that he should change his mind and end it with kate. first she will only take him back if he plans to marry her, if she loved him like she says she does time of marriage should be not a problem if he did then he would have asked her already but she wants to marry him why dosen't she just ask him to marry her, plus she likes the paparzzi then she hates it i think she just wants to the attention to be in the lime light so to speak like a celebrity with some power

Lily on Oct 12, 2007

why not let him have kate

Mr. Bordeaux on Oct 15, 2007

That tells you something Prince William, which kinda rare these days. A unique individual, whom isn't power hungry willing to give it all up for love.That says alot.

C on Oct 16, 2007

Mcole28215 - And who are you to speak? Need I remind you of Bush?

hinata on Oct 17, 2007

Why does it matter if William chooses to marry a commoner or not?!! The Kings and Queens in England are just symbols. They serve no federal executive role.The Prime Minister is the governing executive of England. England will not fall into shambles if he chooses to reject the throne. He should marry whomever he wishes and live his life as he pleases.

shirley on Oct 18, 2007

He should be king and have Kate. Why not?

carmen on Oct 18, 2007

This is just more proof that william is as brave and as his mother was. I think he is a ery smart man and his ultimate choice will be the right one.