O.J. Dying From Brain Tumor

O.J. SIMPSON is convinced he has a deadly brain tumor and could die at any moment after being hammered by terrible headaches and rocked by dizzy spells over the last year, sources tell GLOBE. The reviled former NFL star is facing up to life behind bars after being charged with robbing sports memorabilia collectors at gunpoint in Las Vegas. But sources reveal Simpson doesn't expect to live long enough to rot away in prison for decades - even if he's convicted.

September 27, 2007

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Anonymous on Sep 30, 2007

revenge is sweet. I suppose this is just another tactic to try and get out of being in trouble. Hopefully the jury can see right through it this time.

Anonymous on Oct 02, 2007

well, hopefully, he will die before the citizens have to spend millions on another trial!!

Anonymous on Oct 03, 2007

I hope that OJ will confess to the murders of Nicole and friend on his dying bed at least

Linda Love Jones on Oct 03, 2007

O.J. is a lying sack of $hit. He'll say anything to stay out of jail, but he keeps on breaking the law. It seems that since he got away with murder, he likes living a life of crime. What a thug!

Mississippi on Oct 03, 2007

I hope he gets what he deserves.He killed 2 people then tried to cash in on it by writing a book.OJ is a heartless man.This would not justify his punishment for murder.It not the Christian thing to say but I'm sure the good lord has his punishment waiting for him already anyway.I just feel sorry for his children who have live with knowing what their father did.How traumatizing it must be for them. I hope their mom's memory helps them to be outstanding people and helps them to be a loving people like their mom. All gods children deserve forgiveness but obviously OJ isn't repented yet or he wouldn't keep living like he is.