Scott Peterson Busted On Death Row

SCOTT Peterson, who murdered his wife Laci and unborn son, has been nailed for having gay sex and doing illegal drugs on Death Row, say well-placed sources. A blockbuster GLOBE investigation is ripping the lid off the bisexual beast's secret life as he awaits execution in California's San Quentin prison, including a look at his life behind bars and his bizarre friendship with another condemned murderer.

August 17, 2007

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Donna Caesar on Aug 19, 2007

I think he is a Sicko. I think they are keeping him too long on Death Row. He needs to die immediately.

joe on Aug 20, 2007

why would he go and kill laci and the unborn child for he should already should be died instead of him be in jail and having a gay relations i belive if you murder someone you should died right then

Nunavut Canada on Aug 23, 2007

What do you expect if a person is living behind bars life?
Aint that what they do inside prison? no way of getting out and no doubt that he is the type of person after all he did this to beautiful wife and precious unborn baby.

Pot_in_Prison on Aug 23, 2007

What a joke! We are funding the so-called war on drugs in this country and law enforcement can't keep drugs out of prisons? What a joke. Hey, thanks America for doing such a great job with that. Every prison who have drugs should have thier funding cut and gaurds and wardens fired. If public education is being labeled a failure because some students aren't "getting it" then we should REALLY take a serious look at this piss-poor penal system of America and label it for what it is...A f'kn joke.

elaine on Nov 03, 2007

i wonder what his parents think about this. They are in such denial about him being a murderer, imagine what they think when they here he bisexual!

Jessie on Dec 07, 2007

Ay dios mio Scott.. You are so cute

lacilover on Mar 04, 2008

he deserves to die a long, painful, disgusting death for what he did to his gorgeous wife and helpless, innocent baby boy.

MamaZzzz on Dec 02, 2008

How ironic it would be if he contracted AIDS and then that would be a death sentence of its own..... May you rot, Scott...