Mary Tyler Moore Has Brain Tumor

Brave Mary Tyler Moore is hiding a heartbreaking secret - she has a serious brain tumor! Doctors found a benign growth called meningioma about six weeks ago. Mary, 70, is telling friends she's been told she doesn't need surgery or radiation right now. But experts say unchecked meningiomas pose a number of potential risks including seizures, vision loss and strokes... and can be life threatening.

July 6, 2007

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Anonymous on Jul 07, 2007

I think that you guys have gone too far with this one. This could be your mother;you would't want anyone discussing her medical troube with the world.As a matter of fact we don't even know if this is true. Nobody use THE GLOBE and TRUTH in the same sentence.

Anonymous on Jul 13, 2007

I hope MTM contacts we need a star that can help research. I still have mine in my head

cathy on Jul 16, 2007

I has a meningioma removed in Sept 06 Yes it can be life threating. I belong to a web site support group calleddx Meningioma Mommas, Its a great szource of support and knowledge. I fyou would like to pass it on to let it out to the pucbic that it is a serious condition thaAT CAN GO UN NOTICED FOR A LONG TIME,




Anonymous on Mar 05, 2008

Meningioma's may be benign, but they are far from harmless. They cause major disabilities and sometimes death. The Meningioma Mommas is an online support organization that is trying to raised funds and awarness about this disease. Maybe Mary Tyler Moore would be interested in being a spokesmen for our organization and cause. These tumors have doubled in the last ten years and seem to be attacking much younger people these days. 20-30 year old people are falling victim to these miserable tumors. How about it Mary? Would you consider helping us get the word out and raise funds for YOUR cause and OURS? Carol