New Obama Gay Outrage

PRESIDENT Barack Obama is embroiled in yet another gay sex scandal - this time accusers are making incredible charges involving his hunky personal aide Reggie Love! GLOBE uncovers the outrageous claims about the 28-year-old who is the Commander-in-Chief's "body man" - and the First Lady's fury. It's must reading for every American.

July 22, 2009

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Amanda on Jul 23, 2009

You can read about two of his previous affairs, one of which ended in death, in the new book "Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair, Drugs, Sex and Murder." Hooray to the Globe for being the only newspaper reporting the truth these days.

Robin Schmidt on Jul 23, 2009

Good for you for not being afraid to write something negative about this fraud.

Jersey Devil on Jul 24, 2009

Larry Sinclair talked about this about a year ago. I guess there is something to it

PPickle on Jul 24, 2009

I LOVE reading The Globe. You have the guts to tell it like it is. THANK YOU!

louis on Jul 24, 2009

Larry Sinclair broke this story before the election...Thanks Globe for covering it!...Michelle.... I guess you are not woman enough to take care of your man!

Fae on Jul 24, 2009

Thank goodness the truth is finally coming out. I read the Larry Sinclair book and the last chapter will just about make your toes curl. Go buy it!! Obama is not who people think he is.

Kim on Jul 24, 2009

This is hardly a shocker, my gaydar goes off every time I look at Obama!

PattyNJ on Jul 24, 2009

This isnt a surprise!! Larry Sinclair said this a year ago!! Larry broke this story and everyone should read Larrys book
"Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair, Drugs, Sex and Murder....I did!

Linda on Jul 25, 2009

Yep, he has been involved in this before.

Hillary Clintoon on Jul 27, 2009

Afte seeing him throw the baseball now I know he's on the down low.

Sorry America on Jul 28, 2009

he said there would be change.

Al on Jul 28, 2009

Its about time some group in the media did an investigation its just too bad its only the Globe, come on all you so called investigative reporters in the main stream do your job.

Destiny on Jul 28, 2009

I was really disappointed that President Barack Obama changed his thoughts after making the comment about the policeman who aressted the professor. I want to see him start to being a stronger thinker and stand up for what he believes. He needs to address the horrible truth about the policeman. Here in Montgomery County Maryland the policeman harassed, stalked commit crimes against the african american women

Jan on Aug 07, 2009

You can watch the press conference where Larry Sinclair answered questions from the media on youtube. They talked about Bush's "swagger", but it's nothing, compared to Obama's prissy swag! He is the prissiest fella, and Michelle is the manliest gal I've ever seen in the Whitehouse, that's for sure. ICK!