George Bush Alzheimer's Drama

GEORGE Bush has been suffering shocking memory lapses, say friends who fear the ex-President may be battling Alzheimer's Disease. Now his worried wife Laura has rushed to his side after months of living a separate life - and has ordered aides not to leave him alone, insiders say. This exclusive is MUST reading for every American.

July 7, 2009

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shirley on Jul 12, 2009

ALZHEIMERS what a joke. He is a drunk,has destroyed brain cells.He is a control freak, he wanted his wife with him once again
old BUSH gets his way. What a joke he has everyone worried about him?

Anonymous on Jul 13, 2009

the Bush family has plenty of money. why don't they take him to a Dr. to have him tested and see if he does have Alzheimer's disease.

me on Aug 02, 2009

who really cares. he caused so much termoil to all the families who are loosing there lives,jobs,and homes everyday.he is suffering from something, he did the intire 8 years he was president its called stupidy.

Anonymous on Aug 03, 2009

God Bless President Bush!

Proud Republican on Aug 04, 2009

Hey dough wads........back off...alzheimers is serious least he has an excuse to act like an ass unlike Barry Hussein Obama....

Ann Harrington on Aug 05, 2009

I want him to have a clear mind to realize what he has done to the USA.

yes! on Aug 22, 2009

He could have been treated with Stem Cells, but He limited the research during his presidency. This is really justice in alllll sense.

jean on Aug 23, 2009

there is nothing wrong with bush hes using that to keep his but out of jail