Marie Osmond Gay Bombshell

MARIE Osmond is protecting a shocking gay secret, say pals who unmask the young beauty accused of breaking the superstar singer's heart. In a blockbuster GLOBE exclusive, friends detail a stunning romance - and explain why Marie doesn't want anyone to know.

April 29, 2009

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WordUpToes on May 01, 2009

You have to love Marie. All those divorces, a lesbian daughter, a drug addicted son........lovely Mormon family really.

Utah Gay on May 01, 2009

Someone should tell her that it's okay.

leon d berg on May 04, 2009

back in the day (1980s)at BYU the rumor was that Marie's first husband Steve(they had a quicky marriage and guicky divorce) was a closted gay man

Doe E. Tennessee on May 05, 2009

I think Marie has to get over herself and thank the Lord that her daughter is alive, happy and healthy; with ALIVE & HAPPY

Anonymous on Aug 24, 2009

The Osmonds *always* came across as a bit pompous and condescending and that they "thought" they were better then everyone else. It's one thing to broadcast that you have morals, values, and a faith in GOD ~ it's another to try and portray yourself as 'super-human' and PERFECT!

Anonymous on Nov 11, 2009

Whaaaat? I knew she was a LIPSTICK LESBIAN!