Bush Suicide Drama

JUST weeks after leaving the White House, depressed and paranoid George Bush is suicidal, insiders fear. In a blockbuster world exclusive, sources tell GLOBE the ex-President is boozing up a storm - and reveal why he is terrified of Barack Obama and his own wife Laura. Don't miss a single word!

February 17, 2009

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j brown on Feb 18, 2009

Our former president did absoultely nothing for eight years! He destroyed the U.S. OF America !! Him and dick cheney

Anonymous on Feb 18, 2009

He should be . Man of evil

C. Bubba on Feb 19, 2009

Bush is depressed because his legacy project is a failure. People won't remember W like he wants us to.

Anonymous on Feb 19, 2009

Don't worry about him. He's just going through torture withdrawal. He'll get a new hobby, hopefully.

Shinny on Feb 19, 2009

He had us all scared to death for 8 years. Now it's his turn. Hee hee

DeanMI on Feb 20, 2009

I wish the man no ill will. He did ruin our countries standing around the world, started a unnecessary war, etc. but he was over matched by the people he surrounded himself with - neocon's all. A sad figure, a sad 8 years. Not being a religious person myself, I hope he does find some absolution from his God. A bit of contriteness wouldn't hurt.

sue on Feb 20, 2009

maybe he is thinking of the shape the country is in, caused by him. hope he doesnt sleep of a night

tinman on Feb 21, 2009

A legacy of 8 solid years of total devastation unrelieved by a single significant accomplishment.

Mission Accomplished. Go to bed.

Bond on Feb 21, 2009

Shakespeare said: The evil that men do lives after them. Their good is interred with their bones. So shall it be with Bush and all of us.

busher on Feb 21, 2009

this jerk deserves to go to jail, for what he did to this great country, my home is gone cuz of this idiot and his party,anyone that re-elected him in office should be ashamed of what they did, they also are responsible for what happen in 08.

democrat on Feb 21, 2009

oh boohooooo
no no no he has to live and reap what he has sown.
live with the fact the whole world thinks he ruined this planet

obama lover on Feb 21, 2009

he messed the u.s for 8 years it is time for him to go !!!!

Anonymous on Feb 21, 2009

wow doesnt surpise me

anonoymus on Feb 21, 2009

bush was a DISASTER AS PRESIDENT! and he lied about why we went to Iraq. so i hope he BOOZES IT UP!! Let him wreck himself like he WRECKED THE COUNTRY !!!!

va. on Feb 22, 2009

Bush did a great job, put the blame on the democrat Congress
our country has been safe for our kids and grandkids

RiverRose on Feb 22, 2009

He should be investigated for all of the illegal things he and his administration did during the last 8 years. American taxpayers are now having to foot the bill for his greed..I just hope Obama can straighten out some of the mess he made...Obama has my support.

anonymous on Feb 22, 2009

He is a mess after eight years in office. I have no sympathy for him.

anonymous on Feb 22, 2009

He a disgrace! He no good president! He ugly!

GINA on Feb 23, 2009


GINA on Feb 23, 2009


l davis on Feb 23, 2009

well you live by the sword then you die by the sword! what goes around comes around in tin foil! well think of all the lives he destroyed

vivian on Feb 23, 2009

I don't think he did't do good jobs, he always do all the best he can. I he does't why he stay in 8 years his term. We should not claim on him, if we put us to his position we do the same

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2009

ha! he has a concious all of a sudden! i don't buy it.... and god forbid i'm wrong, which i do hope i am, and he actually feels remorseful and guilty about the 8 years of chaos he was affliated with then i hope he as well as the enitre nation prays for his forgivness.

Gary on Feb 23, 2009

I don't like Bush but at least he's not two-face like Obama. Of course he's afraid of Obama. Obama can release whatever secret docs he wants. Bush was so nice to Obama before the transfer of power. Obama says one thing and does the opposite. You guys need to open your ears and remember what the man says and does.

Z-Man Munchy on Feb 24, 2009

I think he feels guilty. He was so stupid he tricked the entire world into an illegal war. Obama is going to get us out of this mess. He actually is willing to donate his own time and money to help out the middle class. It is only a matter of time before we will all be equill.

Republican in mass on Feb 24, 2009

You people are absolutely rediculous. He was a great president. Lets not forget what he did for this country following 911, and that he had the highest approval rating of all time with 90 percent. And the war in afganastan- havnt had another terrorist attack. The war in iraq- should all people have the chance to have a democratic government like us. And lets not forget about what he has done for aids in Africa. Yes he had his lows like the economy but that is not totally his falt- what about congress- and his highs outweigh his lows.

Little Jeb on Feb 24, 2009

I would think he'd be thrilled to kick around the house in his underwear drinking beer and out of the view of the public.

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2009

Even tho I didn't support him politically, after reading this article at the supermarket I feel bad for him. Whatever he did is in the past and Obama wants to look to the future. Leave the man alone and lets focus on getting our country back on track.

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2009

Any man that can be the leader of the free world and not have a belt or two from time to time is a far better man than I am. Besides, now that he is out of the pilots seat, maybe he deserves it! He has been through the ringer over the Terror War and raked over the coals of the social democrats. In time I think that most of us will see him as an average man, in a difficult job during an impossible time, much like we see Carter now.

jvd-s on Feb 24, 2009

Come on; bush is too damn dumb to be suicidal. He would turn the barrel out instead of in and shoot the dog or use a rope that was too long and he would then claim that god did not want him dead.

D Mich on Feb 24, 2009

Easy to blame and create a scapegoat isn't it? Bush isn't to blame for all the world's problems. The real problem here is the people, and the fact that they have been brain dead consumers for the last 50 years and haven't cared about anything but their own comfort. Well now it's all coming down, and everyone is too arrogant to admit that they are the ones at fault. So all you Bush bashers need to take a look in the mirror. Obama is going to make this crisis worse.

C. Jordan on Feb 24, 2009

I'm supposed to feel for this guy? Like hell I will! After he destroyed this nation (a nation's economy is its very life) so that he could give everything of worth to his rich Wall St owners, he can drop & rot.

Believing that all poor/working people want to be no better off than they are, over the last 8 years he cared for no one but his rich owners,

As long as his fellow Republican thugs are in Congress at the numbers they are, then nothing will change for the better.

Let bush rot in hell!

Camilo on Feb 24, 2009

The Sarah Palin of his time. I don't wish anyone ill, though. I hope he gets treatment and is able to accept the profound failure of his time in office. Do I smell reality show?

Alex Six on Feb 24, 2009

One might almost feel sorry for Bush... a pathetic sock puppet of the global elite, until one recalls the millions of lives lost, bodies disfigured, and futures ruined as a result of this greed, vindictiveness, and inept bumbling.

Forget about tossing a shoe at this inbred meat-head; every US Citizen should consider it a civic duty to send Bush a one complimentary live round.

Or better yet. We label each bullet with the benefactor's ID, sort of like a lottery. Then, when the lucky round gets drawn, and god-willing used by the drunken and suicidal Bush, the winner of the lottery will gain the gratitude and respect of billions.

We can call it the Muntadar al-Zaidi (please don't duck this time) Memorial Award. We will reserve this lottery for only the most heinous of future leaders.

john on Feb 24, 2009

absolute power corrupts absolutely

Bruce on Feb 24, 2009

He's just a puppet of the bankers.
Abolish the Fed.

baker on Feb 24, 2009

Well I don't wish bad on anyone but there is such a thing as karma, or reap what you sow.

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2009

At least he feels some guilt for what he did. I guess at least something in that skull of his is human.

If he really wants to redeem himself he should get out there and renounce the rotten bunch who enabled him. Enabled him to reach a position he damn well knows he had no place of being.

Clyde on Feb 24, 2009

Oh come on, scared of an usurper?

herod on Feb 24, 2009

Judas Iscariot went and hanged himself on a tree. These people will all find out the hard way that satan quickly drags his servants down to hell!

JB Campbell on Feb 24, 2009

Well, that would avoid a war crimes tribunal and having to hang him.

Bob on Feb 24, 2009

Yay!!!!!!! Let him do it!!!!! Good ridance!!!!

BDK on Feb 24, 2009

Take Chaney,Rice,with you !

Quantum leap on Feb 24, 2009

Bush who?

RealityCheck on Feb 24, 2009

Wait for the camps Obama has waiting for those on public assistance. They are real nice everyone gets a house and 3 meals a day free internet etc..Why not sign up j brown & Anonymous

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2009

maybe the many tens of thousands whose blood he his on his hands are beginning to weigh on his consciense. He shouls have difficulty slleping if their is a shred of sanity in him

edisonoside on Feb 24, 2009

Out of office and STILL doing funny things!! I miss the Bush Comedian...Comedy central and Fox Snooze will never be the same without him..If he does try to commit suicide you know he will fail miserably...

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2009

Good how can anybody do what he did and still live a normal life..

What a loser

too much on Feb 24, 2009

where is Dr. Kevorkian when you need him?I hope they televise it live!Gotta be the highest ratings ever!

KMD on Feb 24, 2009

It is a bit early to make judgement calls, but I feel by the end of the year we may well wish he was back in office.

Tyler on Feb 24, 2009

He did the best he could. He has nothing to be suicidal about...

Victoria on Feb 24, 2009

KARMA is going to kick in, he did it to himself. He deserves exactly what he did to the country.

Kindle on Feb 24, 2009

Send him some anti depressant pills, some Scotch and everyone of Alex Jones Films. That should help.

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2009

May Bush, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld and especially Rove burn in hell. They made the country where I was born and I am from not exist anymore. I was born into the land of the free, now we are about to be the home of the slave. May he not rest in peace.

DJ Redbone on Feb 24, 2009

I would be too!

Skip Baker on Feb 25, 2009

You can't fight an illegal war and kill one million people based on a lie, and expect to stay sane. The man was insane in the first place, so what am I saying? He was and still is pure evil, the "Man of sin" predicted in the bible.

Anonymous on Feb 25, 2009

I believe the intelligence agencies of this country are sending out a message that Bush is suicidal so that when he ends up dead it will look like he done it himself

Northwest beekeeper on Feb 25, 2009

Doing good results in peace of mind. Bush does not have peace of mind. His evil deeds will haunt him the rest of his days.

Amerikagulag on Feb 25, 2009

Well, let's hope he's successful and soon.

He's a crater in the landscape of American history.

anonymous on Feb 25, 2009

could this bastard have a conscience? Doubtful.

Vee on Feb 25, 2009

Ha!Maybe Cheney can shoot him and then shoot himself. They both are turds. At least he can't push the button anymore. Nothing good to say about either one. I heard on the radio they were flipping off the helicopter he was leaving in at the inauguration. Good riddance. My sentiments exactly. Cheney lived under a rock the whole time. Most would spit on both of them if they ever went out in public. I hope both think long and hard about what they have done to us all for the rest of their lives. Both are pathetic human beings, if you can call them human.

Mike on Feb 25, 2009

Is there an online version?

Yeah I thought of Bush as having the opposite of the Midas touch, everything he touched got worse. I think he actually believed in what he was doing, to that extent I feel sorry for him, but I still think he should be in prison for several reasons.

Yup on Feb 25, 2009

J. Brown, absolutely right. He destroyed this country. Him and Alan Greenspan and Dick Cheney. He screwed us all royally.

Mable on Feb 25, 2009

I guess his sins are finally starting to take a toll now on his mental health? he deserves it!!!

arthunglo on Feb 25, 2009

he must know something we dont :) in the end we all have a conscience !

Andy on Feb 25, 2009

Evil always eats it's own tail, just look at the symbols of evil. It always eats it's own tail then itself!!
Bush maybe suffering from the same fate that awaits when the damage is done!!
Good gives of itself, sometimes too much but it does till there is nothing left to give.

Always strike to find BALANCE!! There is the answer.

God Bless the Constitution!!

Don't tread on me!!

Miamijan on Feb 25, 2009

That's too bad, wow, we need him around so every once in-a-while we can trot him out to make fun of him as the perfect example of a bubbling republican.

J LaMott on Feb 25, 2009

He should live in fear - Hand him & his cronies over to an international court & prove to the world that we are a nation of laws - Oboma & the Dems don't have the fur -

JC on Feb 25, 2009

May Bush burn in hell for being a war mongering and mass murdering zionist ass-licker. He bankrupted the US. Unfortunately Obama is another groveling zionist ass licker. His speech was empty words.

Anonymous on Feb 25, 2009

You people think he was bad! Just wait until obama is done. America will be no more. God be with those who are Christian, because He will not be with America much longer if obama allows all the evil he would like to approve.

Jake on Feb 25, 2009

Suicide would be fitting for a lying war criminal that mass murdered a million Iraqis.
Good Riddance although i would rather see him rot in cage for the rest of his life.

DO YOURSELF CHIMP on Feb 25, 2009


bliss on Feb 25, 2009

There is a special place in hell for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Betty on Feb 25, 2009

George Bush is an aspartame victim. It causes confusion, brain fog, memory loss and other horrors. The FDA report lists 92. Running the free world on an addictive excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug that interacts with virtually all drugs and vaccines. The phenylalanine not only lowers the seizure threshold but depletes serotonin causing psychiatric and behavioral problems including bipolar and suicidal tendencies. www.mpwhi.com and www.dorway.com

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2009

You have no idea what it must have been like to have been president on a time like this. He made decisions that all the other presidents were scared to.
I guarantee that if you went back and change your votes and tried to ride that out things would be a lot worse.

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2009


margie on Feb 26, 2009

He has every right to fear Obama, like a majority of America.

Michthekid on Feb 26, 2009

The mass murderer is having his "Britney Spears" breakdown. Off to Dr. Drew, and voila, his conscience will be cleansed. "I AM A HUMAN BEING", no we don't feel sorry for you. The Frat Rat has ADD. Anyone with an ounce of humanity would have been suicidal a long time ago. He can no longer run rampant on the Constitution and it makes him mad. The man-child is throwing a tantrum.

Pamela on Feb 27, 2009

President Bush kept our nation safe for 7 years from terrorists who are out to destroy us. Some people hate him, not because of the war, but because of his PRO LIFE stance. If he'd sanctioned the murder of millions of innocent babies like Obama has, then he'd be a hero to most of you.

bushbacker on Feb 27, 2009

I think that its a shame how the people of this country have lost respect for the position of the president. You all should be ashamed of yourselves! By the way, he was elected BY THE PEOPLE of this country for two terms!!!!! You are all a bunch of turncoats. I pray that President Obama can help this country. May God be with him.

Jamie on Feb 27, 2009

You guys are idiots and ingrates. He protected your butt and kept the terrorists from hitting us again. He went through hell for 8 years. He freed Iraq from a murdering dictator. Obama is paying back the people that got him hired, and is making us pay for us, and your children's children will be repaying it. He is also going to ration health care, meaning if your illness is not deemed important enough, you won't get health care. Look it up. Health care rationing. That's why the Canadians come HERE for help.

C'man on Feb 27, 2009

Bummer, dude......wanna shot of Cuervo? Maybe he'll leave his empty skull to the Skull & Bones crew to fill the void when Geronimo's is returned to the family. Of course, Dubya's will still provide a void.

Reagan on Feb 27, 2009

"I'm from the government and I'm here to help." -Ronald Reagan

80% of Americans don't miss Bush on Feb 28, 2009

I wish he would just DO IT .. and save us all from ever having to see, or hear about this miserable human being again.

Rot in hell GW!

cosenbaugh on Feb 28, 2009

If there was no Bush disaster, there would have been no Obama now. For that, we should be grateful to GW.

Supermarket news tabloid or not, The Globe is only speaking of what many have suspected. "W." has very likely returned to alcohol abuse. George shows what recovered alcoholics call "dry drunk" behavior; he can not accept responsibility for his own actions, nor admit mistakes. The man still thinks his biggest mistake of his life was trading off Sammy Sosa.

George W. Tush on Feb 28, 2009

If he had a decent bone in his body, he would be suicidal. I hope Laura does the right thing and rats the bastard out with everything she knows when the prosecutors come knockin' at the door.

yupsikip on Mar 01, 2009

after white house ,it is time to put him in jail house for the crime he commited. he did nothing but lies and crimes.

Anonymous on Mar 02, 2009

He should be tried for war crimes along with his entire cabinet.

Anonymous on Mar 04, 2009

suicidal....hope he doesn't try and blow his brains out, he would surely fail...you can't blow away what's not there. A shot into the heart wouldn't work either...hanging? nope, that only works to cut off blood flow and signals to and from the brain, and we covered that already. Guess he's practically immortal!

Mister Sandman on Mar 05, 2009

Bush wasn't the worst president. People say this country is a great country but were not. We have so much power that we have to police the world and Obama, people always says that Obama is amazing but how is he so amazing huh?? Thats right Obama did noting for this country and i don't think he has enough skills to be a good president. Point is that Bush tried to be a good president. In a way bush was just a little kid who broke something and America is an abusive mother who would yell and smack him. I blame you America because your the reason he is suicidal. Thats right for all the ones who think Bush should die, you are the real assholes.

jesse on Mar 13, 2009

its time 2 send bush to spend 4 years in iraq

Anonymous on Mar 14, 2009

I see a few of you have it right. The elite control this world whether you believe it or not. All of our Presidents have been puppets on a strings pulled by the money people. And if you obots think Obozo is gonna make things better, then I have some land to sell ya. He will do what the elite want him to do. He is f-ing up this country big time right now. Spending more money than what has been spent since the beginning of this Nation. You will believe when you are standing in food lines trying to feed your families. All the handouts make people dependent on the government for their every need. Stalin was in office 4 months before he killed 60 million people, the clock is ticking folks, no where to run and no where to hide.

Aria on Mar 17, 2009

This guy is WACKO !!! He terrified and paranoid is because he just havent got any nookie from Laura lately . All she needs to do it put it down on him one good time and the next time yall see him in a magazine , he'll be smilin from ear to ear .Like Barack Obama . Lol

ralph on Apr 01, 2009

Unfortunately, this is what happens with untreated alcoholism. This guy "white knuckled" his drinking problem and hasn't really dealt with his issues. No surprises here.

aser on Apr 03, 2009

people forget about blaming congress what happens in the US is also the responsiblity of Congress. Give Bush a break. We elected him.

anonymous on Apr 04, 2009

Oh the hell he ain't going to kill himself! We're going to bring him and his whole cabal to trial for war crimes!!! Then hopefully we'll hang him!! As history goes to show you, every villian pays for his crimes eventually!!!
Support the Truth Commission!!!!

Anonymous on Apr 07, 2009

Answer me this. Were you, or were you not, safe in your beds for the last 8 years? If you answer yes, then Bush did something right. He rallied the country after 9/11 (yes, even you wanted to attack those responsible). Granted he saw a window for a war in Iraq (one which most of the country supported), but quite simply WE WON. Iraq is now a stable democracy, and a strong ally in a region which is slowly turning away from America.

123 on Apr 08, 2009

gw is the 1 who got us in this bad economy!!!

Lauren on Apr 08, 2009

He is the best. he is a heart felt man. He kept this country safe! don't ever forget that!

Anonymous on Apr 08, 2009

Maybe we will get lucky and he will actually commit suicide and take the idiot Laura Bush and their stupid daughters Jenna and Barbara with him. Good ridance to them all!

Anonymous on Apr 09, 2009

It really upsets me of how disrespectful you people are. This man was our president, and even though some don't agree with his policies, he deserves respect.

Anonymous on Apr 09, 2009

this is the democrats fault, and you didn't see Bush blaming it on them even though they were the ones who screwed our country. not to mention the president who is screwing our country now

Anonymous on Apr 09, 2009

We chose him and dick cheney for the 2nd term.

Anon on Apr 10, 2009

Bush's legacy project will do just fine. His Presidential library is kicking away. Specifically, though it resides on the Campus of SMU (Southern Methodist U. in Dallas), they have papers that no academic will see in 30 years. They've got time to turn him into Reagan.

Reagan = saviour of our nation.

Reagan and W. had very similar presidencies but W. chose (or conspired) to hold off the collapse of the financial system until the sunset of his days. (The first stimulus was supposed to last 2 more months. Turns out just giving away money doesn't work.)

Just think, if the financial collapse hadn't happened, John McCain would almost certainly be the President.

W. will one day get his face on Mount Rushmore.


jenn on Apr 14, 2009

shut up Bush.. we r terrified of u... if u stayed any longer god knos what woulds happen.

me n my big mouth on Apr 16, 2009

that's magnificent!!!!! i'm filled with joy, he should be terrified cause we were for a whole 8 years. we been through hell with bush. f#@k him.

living in pgh on Apr 19, 2009

he's just jealous. He boozing it up because he's a shame and embarraced that he left the economy the mess it's i. Boozing it up is his past time its just no one ever seen him drink as president but who do u think his daughters take after.

Annon on Apr 20, 2009

I love how everyone is bashing him. He may not of been the best president, but look at the current. How well is Obama actually doin. Huh? Not too damn well, Obama will actually be the demise of this country. Bush might have messed us up pretty bad, but obama is just finishing it. We need a president here with a backbone not one that will just be pushed around.

Laura B. on Jun 04, 2009

Someone - quick - hand him a bag of pretzels!

skjbhvgfkvbfjdlb on Jun 08, 2009

well i hope that he is okay even though i never realy liked him but 2 wrongs does not make a write and i think people should just leave him alone about everything. people make mistakes.

America is finally out of rehabb on Jun 21, 2009

As a Canadian, I still believe in America as all Canadians should who have faith in their own country's economy bouncing out of the recession. I feel very bad for Americans in spite of George Bush the second who had the most luxuries anyone could ever want to become anything that shouldn't have affected the world this baddly. A true big shot is who proclaims the American Dream; not who kills it. Serves Bush right to feel this distraught for living a bad legacy that we Americans and Canadians have to deal with to help save ourselves and the world.

heather on Aug 12, 2009

well, noone complained when Carter started this war in the first place and noone complained when reagan took over, do you like to have the freedom to walk out of your house at anytime of the day or night, these people didn't, they were being killed off one tribe at a time. i remember not so long ago that we did the same thing to the american indians, no they live on reservations and in sqrander with no hope of getting an education or anything, now lets look at the blacks in our country the say that they have it so bad, they can go to college and have it paid for because they are considered an minority which is bs. most of the time they are hired and kept on a job because the whites are afraid that they will pull the card of being discriamanted against, and i still dont buy this crap of african american your no more african than obama can say he's a natural born citizian, so if you want your freedom to choose who you want to run our country and have trust in the people in office then get off you lazy a** and support the one that you choose. the president has two houses the makes the rulings why doesnt anyone ever accuss the houses that are the ones that approve these decisions for the president he can't just make this happen without the approval of the sente and the house, so there is something for you people that know so little about the way our country is ran.

olga on Aug 18, 2009

He is scared of all the young guys that died in Iraq thanks to him

Anonymous on Sep 18, 2009

He was surely boozing up a storm while in the White House. Nothing new here.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2009

Good bye loser. Thanks for ruining America, jerk.

Matt on Sep 19, 2009

This makes my day.

I only hope he does kill himself. I'll throw a party .

Susan on Oct 09, 2009

When you read thru the comments of the Left Wingers in here - its frightening to think their "fearless" leader in in charge of our nation!

I felt safe knowing Bush was making sure another 911 did not happen - Obama is clueless and I fear for my safety and the safety of my family and friends.

The meaness in the various posts - hoping Bush dies and takes his family with him is certainly an indication of who their leader is and what his philosphy is - now thats scarey!