BREAKING NEWS! The Shocking Secrets That Could Destroy Obama's Presidency!

It's the story every American needs to read! Barack Obama is hiding eight shocking secrets that could destroy his presidency before it even gets off the ground, political insiders say. In a blockbuster Special Report, insiders rip the lid off the scandals about where Obama was REALLY born, his sex life, drug abuse and the mysterious past he's hiding from the world. The new President has artfully dodged some of the most serious questions ever posed to a Commander-in-Chief. But top political leaders are demanding answers NOW - and the mounting pressure could trigger a firestorm that will bring down his administration. Don't miss a single word - only in GLOBE!

January 20, 2009

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Anonymous on Jan 20, 2009

Will never be my president!

george on Jan 20, 2009

Barack's own grandmother says that she was attendant at his birth in Kenya!

Beverly on Jan 20, 2009

He's hiding but plently of people are looking. It won't be long before the cat's out of the bag..

Mike on Jan 20, 2009

The Faster They Rise, The HARDER They Fall. Just Wait.

connie on Jan 20, 2009

He may be the PRESIDENT of the USA,BUT!!!!he will never be my president. WHY?? because so many AMERICANS believe that he is not natural born and has pulled off the biggest HOAX in HISTORY. He is just another corrupt politician from CHICAGO. We hope & pray that the TRUTH shall PREVAIL soon. we fear for this country now.

Patriot X on Jan 20, 2009

. There's the matter that Obama traveled to Indonesia, Pakistan, Southern India and Kenya in 1981. He said he went to Indonesia to see his mother. This seemed plausible, except for the fact that his mother returned to Hawaii in August of 1980 to file for a divorce from her second husband, Lolo Soetoro. Unless she went back to pal around with the man she divorced, she wasn't there at the time of Obama's visit. There's another problem. No record of Obama holding an American passport prior to the one he received once becoming a U.S. senator has been found. If he traveled to Pakistan with an American passport, he wouldn't have been allowed in – since Pakistan was in turmoil in 1981 and under martial law. It was also on the State Department's travel ban list for U.S. citizens. If he couldn't get into Pakistan with a U.S. passport, perhaps he went there with an Indonesian passport. But the only way you can get one of those is if you are an Indonesian citizen.

RS on Jan 20, 2009

I could not watch any of the inaug only the swearing in of barry just to see him lie to the american people by swearing under oath that he will uphold the const, that he is stomping on.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2009

He is NOT a Natural Born Citizen and therefore NOT the president of the United States. He is not eligible

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2009

"Hope" means "I hope noboby finds out".

gregg on Jan 20, 2009

Congratulations GLOBE! Great Obama usurper issue!

Nancy Razik on Jan 20, 2009




SacredOaths on Jan 20, 2009

America has become a nation of self-indulgent mush-heads. That a suspect individual like Barack Obama could rise to power and become President is evidence of the calamitous decline of the Great Power America. Thanks be that the Obama matter is finally being pushed to action. Thanks to the true patriots who would not be stilled or hoodwinked. Thanks to Globe magazine. Let him be removed by edict ASAP. Let us all repent, reform and start anew. Emulate our precious forefathers and mothers.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2009

The Enquirer exposed John Edwards and I hope the Globe exposes Obama.
This great! Thank you, Globe!!!

kaks on Jan 20, 2009

Until all of this information comes out in a legal way and made more public, people are going to remain in the dark.

Many of us are grateful that the Globe is following the truth and publishing what is necessary.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2009

Kenyan Ambassador said they were putting a monument at his birth place in Kenya. How sweet a Kenyan President of the USA.

gabby on Jan 20, 2009

He isn't American

ANON on Jan 20, 2009

Can't believe that our own government is letting this going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean on Jan 20, 2009

I agree - will NEVER be MY president. I can't stand to watch him or his arrogant wife. American Liberals - you voted him in now you're in for a rude surprise - we are no longer the America we once were.

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2009

Why? What's wrong with you americans? Past is past. You are making history as it happens. Stop the "mud slinging" and "grave digging". Shape-up and move ahead!

Tomahawkghost on Jan 21, 2009

American citizens are entitled to ensure their President meets the Constitutional requirements set forth in Article 2, Section 1.

Kevan Corkill on Jan 21, 2009

God Bless YOU, Globe! :) Keep hitting hard on the hidden is getting out! :) You have a loyal support system! :) As the only media giving the subjects out for all to see...blessings have come your way! :) Continue the good work! :) week after week until the TRUTH works it's way to all who need to know! :)

joy on Jan 21, 2009

I just cancelled 22 subscriptions to other MSM magazines who have failed to do their jobs on this issue. I just took out a subscription to this magazine. Everyone should support this magazine! Thanks Globe.

WhyWillItBe on Jan 21, 2009

When will we see the Birth Certificate signed by his Mother?

fenway on Jan 21, 2009

Thank you for continuing to report on this Constitutionally vital issue. In addition to his Kenyan father and birth, Obama was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather and traveled to Pakistan in 1981 on an Indonesian passport...enough said...not U.S. natural born citizen. He's a usurper and fraud.

Robert Laity on Jan 21, 2009

I won't give up on my efforts to expose this person for the fraud he is!

Diane on Jan 21, 2009

Waiting for all the Pro Obama bloggers to find this site and slam any comments that do not make "The One" look perfect. I love to watch the left fall all over themselves with hypocrisy. The Bash Bush Good, Bash Obama Bad folks. LOL

Maria on Jan 21, 2009

He is a usurper.

O no on Jan 21, 2009

What a disgrace that this usurper is in the White House.

He is not eligible and no body of authority is willing to address the issue.

Local Boy on Jan 21, 2009

I'm sure someone has or has access to a verifiable copy of the usurper's birth certificate kept under doublesecret security in a Honolulu vault. It'll leak some time and there will be fireworks if it shows he was born in Kenya. Why else would the empty suited one not have produced it?

s from texas on Jan 21, 2009

given that he has yet to prove is constitutional eligibility to be POTUSA, he is merely a tyrant as of yesterday.

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2009

Please keep the truth out there..expose this liar!

Stephen on Jan 21, 2009

Thank God for Globe trying to get the truth out to the American public.
Mainstream media are nothing but traitors paid by the Elite to fill your head full of lies.

Donnie on Jan 21, 2009

Soetoro is illegal today, illegal tomorrow, and illegal forever.

You can't make a "natural" born citizen from an illegal alien, EVER.

He shows his criminal character by raping our Constitution.

Don W. on Jan 21, 2009

His father was Kenyan.HE was born with dual citizenship.Fails the natural born requirement.

jay on Jan 21, 2009

Blogger sites have been running all of this information AND more, for months. All of a sudden, it is on the cover of a tabloid! Well, at least it is out where a lot more Americans will see it...
The lawsuits out there; old and the new, are about 30 now!!
How many folks know about them?
1 was reported on - when it was dismissed. Why wasn't it (or the others) reported on prior to that??

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2009

He is fake as they come. He cheated and lied his way into the White House. He will not send the whole four years in there. His stuff is going to chumble.

Chester Thrash on Jan 21, 2009

I hope everything will come out and that Obama will be exposed!

Cary Heller on Jan 21, 2009

Thank you so much and God bless the Globe. All US citizens should read the Globe, I plan to purchase multiple copies to give my friends!

Thank you,

Cary Prescott AZ

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2009

4 court cases are coming like a freight train against Obama.

Keyes v. Bowen
Lightfoot v. Bowen
Broe v. Reed
Hollister v. Soetoro

Good luck Mr. Soetoro. Every one of these cases has standing and you've been tied to the railroad tracks.

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2009

What does it matter about someone's past. We are all humans and its who we are today that counts. Everyone has skeletons

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2009

george and the Anonymous individual needs to be look at their own lives. What was their past?

California gal on Jan 21, 2009

Thank you for printing the truth about Obama . If only the media and the Supreme Court would let American's know that Obama is a fraud.

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2009

you folks should really give President Obama the chance the libs never gave President Bush...we're bigger than they!

Ken Layton on Jan 21, 2009

Obama's a phony and is hiding a very dark past.

missa on Jan 21, 2009

This shouldn't be a surprise... this man is friends with terrorists and comes from the most corrupt city in the country... so much for change we can believe in. Everyone who bought that line is a fool.

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2009

Thank you Globe. You are one newspaper that WON'T go down!

Carol on Jan 21, 2009

Only time will tell the truth. People dislike the Globe and Inquirer, but they have often got it right.

YES! on Jan 21, 2009

Thanks. The MSM media is too smitten with him to tell the truth. Thank you for exposing this fraud.

Bill on Jan 21, 2009

Obama needs to produce the ORIGINAL birth certificate so we can move on. He has sworn to uphold the constitution with his presidential oath. Will he do it if these allegations prove true?

Kim on Jan 21, 2009

Get a life! Leave Obama alone; help him with all that's going on in this world. Let's stop bringing each other down and get some class about ourselves. What's next, he's doing this, he did that, he said what! Ok, why don't you take charge, let's see you make a difference. Raise your hand if you're perfect!

thesameol' on Jan 22, 2009

give it up people. hes the president and nothing you do will change that. it sad and pathetic to let one person affect you that much.

bob on Jan 22, 2009

He is a fraud and an imposter. He is not a U.S. born citizen and if we knew the truth he is probably an illegal immigrant. The courts need to show his true birth certificate.....

Conservalicious on Jan 22, 2009

The enemy is within.

We want the truth on Jan 22, 2009

Thank you for telling the truth globe!It's unbelievable that our own media won't!Natural born=POTUS-born on US soil,Both parents=born on US soil!

Anonymous on Jan 22, 2009

None of this matters. He wasn't elected...he was chosen by the "elite under-government" that actually rules this country and many others. The truth about this man will never come out. It's not part of the plan.

sandra on Jan 22, 2009

Why haven't the leaders of this country pressed for more answers about his real birth place? He should not have been elected and he is a complete phony who is out to destroy our great USA.

Jenny Hatch on Jan 22, 2009

Thanks Globe Magazine. I have never purchased your publication before, but I did today when I was shopping. Thank you for being true journalists, not even talk radio would touch some of those questions before the election although I know they were exposed to Larry Sinclair's claims at his press conference. Joe Biden and his son also need to be held accountable for arresting Larry.

Bob on Jan 22, 2009

Globe (and National Enquirer) would forever go down in history as more credible than the mainstream media if they can prove Obama (Soetoro) is ineligible to serve as President. We know he isn't eligible because he is not a "natural born citizen" due to his father being Kenyan - a requirement of the Constitution, which Obama could care less about. We now have an usurper as President. What a pathetic shame the mainstream media refuses to vet this fraud. Do it Globe! I'm behind you 100% as is millions of other Americans.

me on Jan 22, 2009

Why did this not come out before the election? This criminal is now the commander-in-chief? I did not vote for him and don't support him. The 52% (if you believe that information) will pay the price for this along with the rest of us. You should have to take a test before being allowed to vote.

SacredOaths on Jan 22, 2009

What is so galling about this matter is that the people in charge who should be looking out for America and our Constitution are so unconcerned. They must have knowledge of Obama's treachery and are part of the deception! Bill Clinton deliberately lied to the People(and a Grand Jury) as did his successor. What has happened to America? Lunatics have taken over the asylum! America, you made huge mistakes in the last 30 years by electing glamour boys and rejecting the pure gold. Jimmy Carter, Albert Gore, Ron Paul...all decent men, and patriots.

maryjane on Jan 22, 2009

I never bought the globe before....but today, I will go out and buy ten of them. And all the folks at my church and civic association will each buy support finally, THE TRUTH....stay strong Globe. America is behind you !!!!

Tymann on Jan 22, 2009

I firmly believe that he is NOT a "natural born citizen" as required by The Constitution and should immediately step down. I hope he has fun "playing president" as the courts will eventually force him to leave and I'm counting the days!

met on Jan 22, 2009

Lying under oath that you are qualified to be President--Isn't that treason??

chuck on Jan 22, 2009

for people to say he pulled off the biggest hoax in history.... a man that put so much hope in the hearts of americans in her darkest hours. the title should be "what bush was hiding and gaining from america the whole 8 years".

NurseUSA on Jan 22, 2009

Barack, What more can we say that you don't already know about yourself? I wish that I could support you. I don't care if you are a dem, black, or white. I do care, however, that you hang with trouble makers and that you have no respect for the constitution. Do you think we are idiots? "AH..DA..hmmm..should I pay lawfirms hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep people from seeing my BC or should I pay $12 for a copy and be transparent as I had promised?", says Barack Hussein Obama. Oh, that's right you are the "Messiah", you don't have to answer to anyone. WRONG! You will answer to the people...maybe not today, but we're not going away. We are watching...count on it!!!

Jessie on Jan 22, 2009

Thank You Globe, This imposter will be found out. He is all lies, his whole life. The sooner we get him out the better this country will be. Barry Soetoro is a Kenyan not a Natural Born US Citizen......As per OUR CONSTITUTION ALL THAT LIVE HERE NEED TO READ IT.......

BA on Jan 22, 2009

Your a Kenyan or Indonesian,a con man, a liar to all Americans, a socialist and Marxist. Tell us who you really are!

ex-Democrat on Jan 22, 2009

We're left with the Globe and the Enquirer (Edwards' baby story) to get out the truth.

The mainstream "news"papers are a JOKE.

If you haven't canceled yours yet, well, it's a great feeling to call them up and do it.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2009

This man that so many have on a pedesal IS NOT my President. Wolf in sheeps clothing is what he is. I feel sad that there are so many idiots in our country!! Globe keep up the good work~keep digging & reporting.

CHUCK on Jan 23, 2009


56Bob on Jan 23, 2009

You will find out he is not only not a naturalized citizen but just an illegal immigrant. His birth place, KENYA....

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2009

The Truth will surface---the Truth shall set us free! --Doe

WishUponAStar on Jan 23, 2009

Well, its about time that the media took this story on and asked the tough questions that the conventional or mainstream media refuses to ask. For why would they?..afterall they created their Messiah and they arent about to question him even when having an ineligible person as POTUS could be a national security risk - ever heard of blackmail?

Curly from Tx on Jan 23, 2009

Notice,when reciting the oath, BHMO purposly omitted the part about defending the Constitution against ALL ememies foriegn Or domestic! Guess he knows he have to go to war with himself!

bella on Jan 23, 2009

Obama is an Indonesian citizen whether or not he was born in Kenya to a Kenyan father. He was adopted by his Indonesian step-father and traveled to Pakistan in 1981 with an Indonesian passport...U.S. State Dept. would not allow U.S. citizens into Pakistan in 1981. He is nothing but a fraud and usurper!!

infidelgranny on Jan 23, 2009

USURPER! Father Kenyan/British citizen. Never attained US citizenship. He was in US to go to college. Went back to Kenya and stayed there except to visit the states a couple of times.
Senate Resolution 2008 states John McCain was A NBC because both his parents were US citizens.
So I ask you, does BHO fit the criteria the senate decided on? NO!
So why did they let BHO go on?
Because they have no respect for the US Constitution.

jay on Jan 23, 2009

BO over one million dinner plates went empty last month with the money you have spent on attorney fees to hide your birth place. SHOW THE VA LT COPY BIRTH CERTIFICATE or go back kenya

Lori on Jan 23, 2009

Thank you Globe... Can you guys start reporting on this in your "other" magazines and papers too? Only coming from one outlet ('cause we know MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and even FOX are pandering to Obama) seems a little strange. This man is the biggest liar ever; and for those of you who keep telling us to get over it -- if you want a dictator so bad there are plenty of other countries that you can move. WE LIKE OUR CONSTITUION!!!

Linda on Jan 23, 2009

Kim on Jan 21, 2009

"Get a life! Leave Obama alone; help him with all that's going on in this world. Let's stop bringing each other down and get some class about ourselves. What's next, he's doing this, he did that, he said what! Ok, why don't you take charge, let's see you make a difference. Raise your hand if you're perfect!"
Kim, He is in office illegally. Everything he does will have to be undone. We are in great jeapordy from other countries because they know more than the American people due to the lack of reporting by the MSM. Thank goodness the Globe is trying to get the news out there. Now the people need do something and get involved so we can take our country back.

Thank you Globe for being brave enough to stand up and do what is right. I am subscribing to your newspaper because no other media outlet will report anything except propoganda.

AZByrdie on Jan 23, 2009

Thank you Globe! BO wants a transparent government, as long as it doesn't apply to himself. I refuse to bow down to him, and won't consider him a 'real' president unless he releases his documentation that all other presidential hopefuls have released. 'Real' Birth Cert., University records, passport information etc. Thanks again - keep up the good work!

Fxmed on Jan 23, 2009

Thank you Globe for reporting the truth. The MSM is too biased and liberal to uphold the constitution.
I hope you continue to do the right thing and expose this guy for who he really is.

twe on Jan 23, 2009

"Nothing is hidden that will not be disclosed, nor is anything secret that will not become known and come to light." Luke 8:17

Mercy on Jan 23, 2009

Thank you Globe Magazine!!!! Obama tries to intimidate, manipulate, and deceive anyone who challenges him.

I pray everyday the truth will come out. I am equally disgusted with all of our elected officials who stood by and let an unqualified candidate become President. American citizens demand the truth and eventually we will have it.

Obama is the biggest fraud in our history. He is dangerous and I hope he will be stopped soon. I want Congress and others to be held accountable for helping to perpetrate this fraud. Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Clinton need to be held accountable as well.

Donna C on Jan 23, 2009

Keep telling us the truth, you are right on, Obama is not a citizen of the United States. He has only one goal--to destroy America's freedoms. We must ALL stand up and fight to keep what our founding fathers gave to us...

Concerned natural born citizen on Jan 23, 2009

Thank you Globe for daring to print the truth! Shame on MSM for closing their eyes and refusing to even broach the subject honestly.
Keep up the good work!

Sharon on Jan 23, 2009

What about the foreign money that got him elected, know one questions that. He even got to keep his blackberry, no other president has been able to have any communications. It is like he does as he wants and no one stops him. Someone has to get the truth about him..

Judy Stanley on Jan 23, 2009

Thank you are reporting the truth!!!!!No other MSM, TV, Newspaper, magazines has the nerve to even say one thing about these importmant issues.

mari on Jan 23, 2009

thank you globe. Finally some one has finally picked up on this

william odom on Jan 23, 2009

The country of kenya had a massive celebration..They refer to obama as "native born son"...The state of hawaii (where obama says he was born) has had no celebrations, no one has said a word or made a sound..Wouldnt u think if obama had been born there, hawaii would be having a heyday??...Wake up america!!!...this is ridiculous..obama is a liar, thief, fraud, imposter and a usurper of the U. S. Constitution..

Marie on Jan 24, 2009

Over the last year, I've made a complete reversal in my confidence in tabloids vs mainstream media. I now see the incredible bias and liberal spin that pervades everything the MSM does and I realize that the tabloids, over the years, probably got a lot of things right but the MSM simply won't cover it if it harms their Liberal buddies. Thank you, Globe, for finally doing the investigative journalism that is now a dying art for the MSM!

Mr. J on Jan 24, 2009

Way to go. About time someone brings out the truth about this. To think he just signed new ethics rules on transpariency in government. Who's this guy trying to kid.

RH on Jan 24, 2009

why want BO release his birth records and his medical records. Have we not the right to know as American citizens?

Amy on Jan 24, 2009

When Hussein is known what a fraud he is, who has jeopardized our constitution he should be impeached immediately and all the senators who stole all of our tax dollars and used it for their self interest and backed all the financial companys that got our country in a crisis!!

KARLYN on Jan 24, 2009


Anonymous on Jan 24, 2009

His agenda is to bring America to it's knees.

Chrissie on Jan 24, 2009

Never ever will I call Obama President, he will never be my President.

"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country." Theodore Roosevelt

Anonymous on Jan 24, 2009

Mysterious past he's hiding from the world. The new President has artfully dodged some of the most serious questions ever posed to a Commander-in-Chief.

Carol on Jan 24, 2009

It's about time some one is investigating these things. Odinga, Obama's cousin from Kenya. Obama campaigned for him and raised 1 million dollars for his campaign while he was a US Senator in 2007. Odinga is a radical Muslim who insights violence and genocide against the Christians, burned down their churches, villages because they voted against him.

California Girl on Jan 24, 2009

Thank you for lelling the truth.
You are becoming the peoples Magazine.

sally on Jan 24, 2009

okay people so he isnt american boo freakin whoo okay as long as he's got what it takes to pick this world and economy back up. thats all we need it's not like he's gonna kill us all or somethingg

Shestheone on Jan 25, 2009

Why would he spend so much time and money having papers sealed or hidden when it would be so easy to just show them and answer all the unanswered questions he's been repeated asked if he isn't hiding something big?

karen on Jan 25, 2009

He is not our President!!He doesn't follow the Constitution and He is the biggest Hoax in our history. He is so ambicious that he does whatever it takes to be the President even if it's to lie to the americans, God and the Bible.

tom aznar on Jan 25, 2009

If you need additional by Atty Philip Berg, thanks.

anonymous on Jan 25, 2009

Obama will never be my President because he doesn't believe the ideals, beliefs, that I do. I hope America wakes up and finds out the truth about Barry Soetero (Barack Obama) because I fear for our country! He is not an natural born citizen and the judges through out the case which was pending at the Supreme Court. Wake up America because its all a hoax and lies!

Kbentleyis on Jan 25, 2009

For all of you BHO supporters who believe that it's unimportant to have a natural born citizen as president--think of this. BHO's campaign spent 847 million on his election, which was the last dollar count not including the anauguration. What if a rich Arab has a son who has been in our country for years in school--and he wants his son to be president of the USA?

BHO bought the White House; why not anyone in the world? Geez, smarten up.

Also, since the United States Supreme Court Justices seem to keep dismissing this issue, why are they being paid by the USA citizens? If they don't want to do their jobs--than get them out of office. In fact, why does Dodd and Frank still have a job in the Senate?

Get all these corrupt fools out of our government!

e230w on Jan 25, 2009

The biggest crime in history is being perpetrated by Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Frank and the 10 billionaires who are pulling the puppet stings. Obama is not a Unites States of America citizen, as a result all rule of law in the United States has ceased to be valid.

Anonymous on Jan 25, 2009

Oh we can only hope that the truth comes out and the usurper is removed from his throne.

Anonymous on Jan 25, 2009

Thank you for printing the truth about Obama.

Anonymous on Jan 25, 2009

It's a sad day in America when the Globe has to do the investigative reporting. Thanks Globe. I'll be picking up my copy at the supermarket from now on.

Margaret on Jan 25, 2009

The "powers that be" who put him into office are fully aware of all this smut on this usurper. They have done it by design as their plan is to remove BHO from office and then there will be mass riots in the U.S. which will then allow them to put us under martial law, which was the plan from the beginning. They put no one into power who they cannot control and Mr. O. has so much dirt in his background they have no problem controlling him. Just hope the American public will wise up before they pull the man from office. They've done an excellent job in dumbing down the people of this country. Since Mr. O.'s inauguration our whole government is illegal. How amazing is that? They have totally relegated our Constitution to the scrap heap.

Good thing God has His plan when this happens:

"It is time for thee, Lord, to work: for they have made void thy law." Psalms 119:126

"This is by the decree of the watchers and the demand by the word of the holy ones TO THE INTENT that the living may know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will, and setteth up over it the BASEST OF MEN." Daniel 4:17

Basest of men indeed! Great time to be alive.

bpower on Jan 25, 2009

He is a POSER. His first week was a JOKE. But, the bigger problem is this all has been known and HIDDEN by the likes of SOROS and others who slid BARRY/BARACK BY.

John on Jan 25, 2009

Barack was elected by the American people in a democratic election to become their next President.
What's done is done, people. Accept your new president and stop whining.

Jason on Jan 25, 2009

Look at all the people here getting all worked up over the issue of Obama's birthplace.
With these hard times upon us, I'd rather have a Kenyan born President who will try to make a difference, than another 'Dubya' run this country into the ground.

brandy on Jan 25, 2009


Chris on Jan 25, 2009

I think that America will realize what a mistake that they made when they elected Barrack Hussein Obama, Jr the "president" without really checking into everything really carefully

Ericka on Jan 25, 2009

I don't believe any word of it, this is bogus and whoever is behind this is full of shit.... leave Barrack alone and help him CHANGE the United States Of America!!!

hillaryclinton08or12 on Jan 25, 2009

Having to rely on the tabloids to write the truth is so insane! Well good for you Globe. CNN and MSNBC screwed the best candidate, Hillary Clinton as much as Dean, Pelosi, Brazile and Soros did...

Tom Blake on Jan 25, 2009

It's so refreshing to see the Globe with such great headlines in a sea of sugar coated magazine covers. He needs to step down. He was born in kenya, ask any kenyan here in the U.S.A! They will gladly tell you "yes, he was born in kenya" without even knowing the rules to be U.S. president!!

cherilc on Jan 25, 2009

Thank you for reporting these questions about Barack Obama's past and his lack of Natural Birth Standing to take over as President of the US. Keep the articles coming. I will purchase your magazine!

Rae on Jan 25, 2009

I just asked my roommate if he's seen my documentation proving my legal right to work in the U.S. He hasn't. Neither has my sister. My ex hasn't either. Guess I must not have that right. Either that or it's not their job to verify me.

Just because we haven't seen it and just because the media hasn't seen it doesn't mean it's not there. Even if he was born in Kenya, if he was born on American soil he's eligible to run for and be elected as president. Don't any of you think his eligibility was verified prior to his nomination?

You know what matters in all of this? Obama wants to see the best for this country. He wants us to rise as Americans and prove what we're made of. He has solid ideas and he's not afraid to take action.

You guys keep yourselves busy slandering, believing every negative thing you read (did you that know routine childhood vaccinations will lead to autism), the rest of us will rise to the call.

wayne on Jan 25, 2009

Will the media ever get the facts out that Barry Soetoro or whatever his real name is is nothing more than another illegal living in the United States?

Liz on Jan 26, 2009


truthbetold on Jan 26, 2009

Living in America, it bothers me that there is no paper trail on the life of Barack Obama!
No REAL and LEGAL birth certificate has surfaced, no school transcripts whatsoever (including any college entry test scores (SAT or ACT) from Kindergarten thru Harvard, no original selective service registration, no application for an apartment, no paper records of his service in the Illinois State Senate (conveniently destroyed because Obama "could not afford to have them archived", no medical history from birth to now except for a one page "physical" issued by a physician last year, etc., no passport records (rumoured to have 4)etc. It has all been sanitized like something out of a James Bond movie! There is absolutely nothing known about his mother-in-law and her family who will be living in the White House!!! It is very scary!

Annie on Jan 26, 2009

I am sadden by the lack of caring of laws and ethics by appointed leaders of our country. I am not so proud of our country as I used to be. Our ancesters came to this country to build a great world and so many of our leaders laugh at their dreams with their lies and games. A course in ethics need to be instituted in hopes it would remind them of how things should be.

Alex on Jan 26, 2009

Great job, Globe! Please find out who is behind Obama - he's not smart enough or rich enough to do this himself! You may be putting your lives in danger by reporting this, so be careful!

Billye on Jan 26, 2009

Don't you think that after Obama announced his candidacy that if there were skeltons in his closet, they would be out by now?

Rick on Jan 26, 2009

The truth about Nobama's birth certificate and eligibility to be President can easily be inferred from the facts that are publically known.

1. In 1961 Hawaii allowed Hawaiian residents to register the birth of non Hawaiian born children in Hawaii. This means that Obama could have been born outside the US or in another US State/Territory and still have a Certificate of Live Birth (the same type of document as the forged version showing he was born in Hawaii that he has posted on the internet).

2. Hawaii states there is a valid birth certificate on file with them but they don't say if it says he was born in Kenya or Hawaii or elsewhere.

3. Nobama says he was born in a hospital in Honolulu but has refused to allow any Hawaiian hospital to confirm or deny whether he was born there or not. If he was simply hiding the true name of his father he could allow the hospital he was born in to confirm the fact & date of his birth and nothing else. Since he refuses to do this we know with certainty that he was not born in a Hospital in Hawaii (or anywhere else in the US).

4. If Obama was not born in a Hawaiian hospital or any other US hospital then there are only two other possibilities. a) He was born at home in Hawaii (or at home elsewhere in the US) and b) he was born outside the US.

5. If Nobama was born outside the US he would not have been a US Citizen at Birth since his father was not a US Citizen and his US Citizen mother was too young to confer US Citizenship to Nobama at the time of his birth.

6. There is no evidence that Nobama was ever Naturalized as a US Citizen so the only other legal way he could be a citizen would be to be born in the USA.

7. All US Senators must be investigated and found to be US Citizens in order to obtain a Security Clearance. Hence, since we know Nobama was never Naturalized as a US Citizen and we know was a US Senator with Security Clearance then we also know that Nobama has records that show he was born in the US.

8. Since we know that Nobama has records that show he was born in the US and we also know that he was not born in a US (Honolulu) hospital as he claims then the only remaining legal option is that he was born at home in Honolulu. However, Nobama has stated repeatedly that he was born in a Honolulu hospital. Since he has refused to allow any hospital to confirm his birth we know he is lying about being born in a Honolulu hospital.

9. Being born at home in Hawaii is not a crime and would not in any way jeopardize his reputation or his eligibility to be President. Therefore, we must ask why he would lie about being born in a hospital if he was actually born at home in Hawaii. The answer to this question is that if you are born in a hospital there are archival records available (such as the signature of the doctor/nurse/hospital administrator, records of the operating room where you were born, etc) and it is virtually impossible to forge hospital birth certifications. If you were born at home there are no records to prove your birth at home other than your mother or fathers signature swearing that you were born at home. This means that it is trivially easy for a parent to lie and say that a child was born at home when, in fact, the child was born in another country.

10. To recap, we know the following: a) we know Nobama was not born in a US hospital, b) we know he is considered to be a US Citizen since he has a Senatorial Security Clearance, c) we know that Nobama has never been naturalized, d) we know that Nobama has records that show he was born at home in Hawaii, e) we know that any records that show Nobama was born at home are false since he would not have needed to lie about being born in a hospital if he was truly born at home. If Nobama was truly born at home there would be no reason for him to cover up anything associated with his birth since he would legally be a US Citizen by birth. Innocent people do not try to cover up the truty.

11. This leaves us with only one option remaining. Nobama was born outside the US, most likely in Mombasa Kenya. Shortly after his birth his mother perjured herself in order to obtain a US Birth Certificate by falsely swearing that Nobama was born at home in Hawaii.

12. Since we have established that Nobama was born outside the US then he cannot be a “Natural Born Citizen” as required of the President under Article II of the Constitution. Since he is not a “Natural Born Citizen” he is not qualified to be President. Since he took the oath of office as President on January 20, 2009 we know that he has committed the crime of Usurping the Presidency of the US and that he is not legally the President.

13. No other conclusion is possible given the facts presently known to be true.

Anonymous on Jan 26, 2009

All americans should just ignore whatever documents he has signed into law because he is not legitimate president until he produce his birth certificate. Anonymous

Pat on Jan 26, 2009

I and others have been waiting for the Judges to actually do their jobs and court order Obo to produce the birth certificate. But so far not one of them have the guts to do what is right for america and its citizens. Hannity on fox tv has also been working on this without anyone caring that all of this entire election has been a fraud. It appears that nothing that has been done is legal and I just wonder who will be president of the United States. Obo would not have been the nominee so I wonder who would have won the election? Hillary or McCain. Huh maybe this will finally come to an end with Obo in prison as well as Michelle and her mother and the children will be forced out of the white house. Then they can go live in the Resko mansion...THIS IS GREAT GLOBE KEEP IT GOING

L. Bush on Jan 26, 2009

What a mess!! The United States is in a complete mess, left my the Bush camp, and you sit and try to bash the present president. What were you saying about old George, who we know was getting kick backs. You say Obama will never be your president, I know how you feel, I thought the same thing about Bush after he STOLE his first election.

Hillary Won on Jan 26, 2009

Don't forget that Barack Obama's Presidential Primary "win" came from the Democratic Party not counting the votes in Michigan and Florida, and by estimating the Caucus votes. In other words, Hillary Clinton won the Primary.

probably on Jan 26, 2009

Wonder if BHO sleeps well?

ama on Jan 26, 2009

You guys are very ignorant and judgemental. Why can't a non-natural born be a president? He has earned his citizenship in USA. The citizens of USA voted for him.

Anonymous on Jan 26, 2009

David on Jan 26, 2009

"Hope means, I hope nobody finds out" Love it!!!

Need to make a bumper sticker out of that phrase...

Anonymous on Jan 26, 2009

Thank you Globe... I'm going out tomorrow to pickup a copy.

The nation has questions on Jan 26, 2009

First of all I hope all of us are wrong and Obama turns out to be one of the finest POTUS. However, the simple fact is that all documentation that has been made available on Obama is fraudulent. All records (birth, school, etc) of Obama have been sealed. What does that mean? Simple, there is something he is hiding. The Democratic Party has been working on this coverup plan for years. They are very smart (and we Republicans) are the ones to blame for having someone like "W" and Dr.Strangelove (Cheney) running our country.
Someone, somewhere in this world (Kenya, Hawaii, Harvard,or Chicago) has the truth. It will only be a matter of time when the "honeymoon" is over and people will come forward with the facts (good or bad) about him.

56lady on Jan 26, 2009

no one wanted to hear the truth when it was out there Rush, Hannity, Levin PEOPLE WANTED CHANGE.


diehard conservative on Jan 27, 2009

All my friends kid me that he is my president now. I just reply, he may be yours but he will never be mine. The ladies on the view compared him and his family to the Kennedy's. Camelots they are not!

I wished I had a $1000.00 to send Phil Berg in support of his efforts in proving Obama is not qualified. Since I don't everyone can visit his sight at and donate $10.00

truthseeker on Jan 27, 2009

Obama is a liar. He is an illegal alien who has stolen the Presidency of the United States with the willing help from Democrats. This fraud must be exposed at the grassroots level. We need a honest intellectual revolution and kick the criminals out of Congress and the whitehouse!!!!!!

Larry Green on Jan 27, 2009

It is about time! We are headed down a dark road unless we get this guy to tell the truth or get out of the office. He is putting the families of our entire nation at risk!

vera on Jan 27, 2009

Thank you Globe for bringing this illegal Presidency to the front. Obama needs to be prosecuted, as with all others who lied to put him on his throne of arrogance and deceit. Thanks for your bravery and integrity. Your my kind of news

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2009

It is very disturbing to say the least, this country has been sold down the river on the biggest hoax ever. Thank you! It's about time!

Architect on Jan 27, 2009

I will buy a copy of the Globe for the first time! My only opinion on this subject is that Obama should live up to his words when he says that he wants his presidency to be very open. So far, his attempts to block the release of various citizenship documents doesn't seem open at all.

Oscar on Jan 27, 2009

I don't know what is worse, the fact that Barry would rather spend money on lawyers to fight releasing his birth certificate/school records rather than being transparent, or the fact that CNN, MSNBC, The NY Times, LA Times, ABC, NBC, & CBS, are for 2 years and counting, protecting "their" candidate. The SCOTUS also has to answer for refusing to hear any case simply asking Barry to prove he is a natural born citizen.

Concerned on Jan 27, 2009

Please, please, please uncover the Truth.

Teazer on Jan 27, 2009

It has never been a better time to get back to our Constitution then now!! Those politicians who helped to LET Obama in should also be held accountable. I hold nothing against a person such as race, creed, or color BUT I do strongly feel that if someone wants to run my country then they should be willing to be an open book & not hide their past history. Our politicians have hurt it's citizens enough & now most are corrupt & need to be replaced starting with people like Harry Reid, Nancy Polosi, Barney Frank... I sure the American people wake up... it is also time to put a STOP to the FED who been screwing us since they were allowed to control our money. Ron Paul should be our president as he is the ONLY one with common sense... I have an idea, ANY major decisions should be voted by the citizens... seems when 95% of the citizens say NO to their reps... they vote the other way anyhow. I thought they were put in office to do what the people want NOT a select group of fraudsters & power elite!! Just my 2 cents... Hats off to the GLOBE, shows they are NOT controlled.

bassman on Jan 27, 2009

Get over it. He's the president of the good old USA whether you like it or not.

JL on Jan 27, 2009

I am encouraging everyone I know to buy the Globe. I support your courage.

I was proud of the American people because race is not an issue in voting. This is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on such wondeful citizens.

The Truth will set us free!

California Girl on Jan 27, 2009

Thank You for bringing this story To the American people... Obama is a fraud!

Ora on Jan 27, 2009

I started to buy your magazine EVERY WEEK, since you started to publish the truth about OBAMA. You are the ONLY magazine that did what every journalist should do: Investigate and shed the light on the truth. Shame on all the other journalists!

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2009

The supreme court needs to wake up and ask for a simple piece of paper(Birth certifcate).

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2009

Great Job Globe!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the Good work!

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2009

Hey Globe Magazine, if this comes to pass and you are correct, I vow to get a subscription to your magazine FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. You will be my new, RELIABLE media outlet!

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2009

Nice to see someone's finally reporting on this fraudulent president, but this should have been done months ago. Where were you before the election, Globe? Protecting Obama just like the rest.

Remember this, America, in 2010 and 2012. All three branches of govt have been complicit in perpetuating this fraud on our great nation. Even the Supreme Court refuses to give the matter a fair hearing.


Paul on Jan 27, 2009

I am extremely concerned that these issues are looming. I voted for Obama, and I feel he will make a great president. I'm hoping and praying that he will not be ousted from office. He certainly will do MUCH better than George W.! on Jan 27, 2009

Long Live The Globe!!

Mark on Jan 27, 2009

Every City should begin organizing a committiee to petition for his Birth Certificate

How long will it be before...... on Jan 27, 2009

How long will it be before the Globe gets shut down in an Obamanation?
The MSM is a DISGRACE! And the imbalance in the United States is mind boggling. Pelosi / Reid want a "fairness doctrine"??? Then FOX News should be expanded to many MORE CHANNELS to BALANCE OUT the Liberal slant in MSM news.
Visit a very funny unPC web site (before they got shut down)
I'm subscribing to the Globe to support their FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

Laine Fisher on Jan 27, 2009

No! The secrets are true but Obama will use force to stop all adverse controversy. Example: the birth certificate secret? Well Mr. Obama is the result of an Indonesian live-birth abortion. That's why he is not a citizen.

taino21 on Jan 27, 2009

He admits in his book that he lived in Indonesia. There are school records he attended public school there. In those days only Indonesian citizens could attend public schools. When the truth comes out you will see how many will try to make this a color issue. The Republican party should demand that every one involved in his campaing including his wife the vice pres., Nancy Pelosi and the DNC should be investigated under the RICO ACT and sent to jail. My father before me is a WW2 and Korean veteran, I am a Vietnam era veteran and a veteran of Desert Storm and retired w/20 1/2 yrs in svc., both of my sons are veterans of Iraqui Freedom, Bosnia and Afganistan and we had to show our birth certificates to join the military and put our lives on the line for this country yet, this man has not proven he is a U.S. citizen and no one in the media except the GLOBE is bringing this farce to the light.

Mike Bell on Jan 27, 2009

Good job! Obama needs to be exposed and thrown out office before he and his banksters finish off this country and lead us into a nuclear war with Russia.

Mell on Jan 27, 2009

Nearly everybody hated Bush, so when Obama came along and said nice things to woo people, everyone bought it and they didn't care about his underlying issues, plus, they just ate up the fact that he was black. Everyone was screaming, "Oh My God, our first black president! This is history int he making!" The fact is, he's not credible and we, as Americans, can't believe him. It's stupid. The people who voted him into office were star struck and voted quite ignorantly.

Dan on Jan 27, 2009

Keep the stories coming there should be plenty.

Nora Harrah on Jan 27, 2009



Forseti on Jan 27, 2009

It is rumored that Obama must have spent around $800,000 on legal fees so far to keep from having to produce his original birth certificate. At $8.00 a meal, Obama could have fed 100,000 starving children instead of feeding his lawyers.

The truth will set us free on Jan 27, 2009

Thank you Globe for investigating the truth. I will suggest friends buy subscriptions to your magazine. I hope that you prosper greatly. Keep it up. I will praying for your safety and protection!

HAPPY TODAY! on Jan 28, 2009

WE all need to buy the GLOBE and also to give donations to the GLOBE. I am afraid that Obama will use all his power to shut them down! RIGHT NOW , THE GLOBE is the ONLY VOICE we have!

Jack Harding on Jan 28, 2009

I believe the articles in the Globe Magazine and the story about Obama to be true I have no faith or trust in this man to be president of the United States of America. I believe he should be

Journalism's Dead on Jan 28, 2009

It's a shame to modern journalism that the Globe and the Enquirer, instead of Katie Couric and CNN, are the ones asking and answering the tough questions of elected officials.

Bob on Jan 28, 2009

I am constantly amazed by people who assume that these details about Citizenship status for elections are carried out. "They take of those things, right?" Nowhere is there actual viable proof that BHO is eligible.

Rex on Jan 28, 2009

I hear even Maureen Dowd called Obama a "usurper." Go Globe!

Joe on Jan 28, 2009

I want to thank The Globe For being THE only publication with the guts to publish the truth.

Joe on Jan 28, 2009

you have made me a Loyal customer for life, I will never spend a penny on the other papers that won't publish the truth. Thank You Globe!!!

KATHY on Jan 28, 2009

thank you Globe for having the guts to do what no other paper will.that is tell the truth!

ralph on Jan 28, 2009

it is amazing how stupid some people are to believe he is a natural born citizen when he isn't. He was born in Kenya went to hawaii with his mother, she divorced obama sr and married soetoro moved to indonesia and when jr got there he was already enrolled in school as Barry soetoro an indonesia citizen with muslim faith, his step-father had to recognize him or adopt him before he attend school there.he went to pakistan on an indonesian passport. He has never gone through imigration and swore alegiance to the US. Therefore he is not an never will be a natural born citizen of the US and therefore is not eligibile to be president and is nothing but a USURPER sitting in a chair he doesn't belong in, and yes the truth will be out sooner than you think.

mikeyavelli on Jan 28, 2009

these facts and more have been circulating for years on the blogs and boards but the globe is the first mainstream medium to expose loloboy. his silence is deafening. we need to get one to stick, and then they all will. biden ain't as bad, but biden knows all about this, his son arrested larry sinclair before larry could gain media attention. loloboy just got his first diss from the media.

tainler on Jan 28, 2009

The main stream media will not report the obama fraud. therefore it is up to us to tell our local newspapers, tv and radio about the issue, get them going on reporting it and eventually it will spread like wildfire and we wont need the MSM to report it.

Daniel on Jan 28, 2009

If you live in the past then you will never move forward . Choose to live in the present and Change the world. You have the power to change and forgive.

Vivian on Jan 28, 2009

Leave Obama alone. Bush ruined this country!

Don of FL on Jan 29, 2009

Look closely at the So called BO birth certificate It shows a revision date of 11/01 for the form (bottom left corner)Can't be a true copy!

Delia on Jan 29, 2009

He could easily quell and suspicions but won't because he can't. Sooner or later someone who is holding proof will dime him out. I am sure this is a cover-up on a massive scale from zog to the cia & fbi who know he is an illegal. This is the biggest shame our country has even seen. Our government is 100% corrupt and we can do nothing about it.

john on Jan 29, 2009

it sickens me that the liberal media has chosen to sweep this under the rug simply so the dems get into office.
should this all be true,he should be tried for treason and executed on public t.v.

now that would be historic !!

betzy on Jan 29, 2009

can someone tell me about this case i need an update

American forever on Jan 29, 2009

The usurper has taken over! The first rule of socialism is to kill free speech. The second is to disarm the people. He will never be my president either and I will fight anything that is put in place to undermine our great country. For my children and their children I hope this Usurper is exposed and jailed. If you really want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes look up the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Grandpa on Jan 29, 2009

How can you even suggest the man show his real birth certificate. He is the new messiah. Tip: even though he is not eligible nothing will be done about it. The courts will continue to refuse to hear the merits of any of the cases because if they review the evidence there can only be one conclusion. Their fear? Remember that other unpopular verdict concerning Rodney King?

Douglas on Jan 30, 2009

The Obama regime is a criminal organization from before the begining.

Qualifications of the President per the U.S. Constitution.


Section 1--The President and Vice President

No person except a natural-born citizen, [or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution,] shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.

Furthermore, nearly all of the actions of the Federal government exceed the power delegated to it and are illegal.

Section 8--Powers of Congress

(1-17. Enumerated powers.)

The Congress shall have power:

To lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts, and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

To borrow money on the credit of the United States;

To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes;

To establish an uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the United States;

To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures;

To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States;

To establish post offices and post roads;

To promote the progress of science and useful arts by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries;

To constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court;

To define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the law of nations;

To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water;

To raise and support armies, but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than two years;

To provide and maintain a navy;

To make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces;

To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions;

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States, reserving to the states respectively the appointment of the officers and the authority of training the militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

To exercise exclusive legislation, in all cases whatsoever, over such district (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings;-And

Implied powers.
To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.

Mark on Jan 30, 2009

I use to think the GLOBE was a hoax..but after the Edwards STORY and the willingness to take on O' maybe worth reading..Could you create a link and have a pay pal link so I could pay to download the globe? I can't find the Globe at the store!

Ernesto S. on Jan 31, 2009

Recently the Supreme Court had a major case about Obama's citizenship and qualification to be President before it for about two months and had two conferences on it!! That Court sent it to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals since it was technically bypassed. This indicates that the Supreme Court was seriously dealing with this case and will so if it comes back to them!!! Plus their are at least 10 other cases filed in various courts on this issue!! This matter is not only not going away but it is growing in seriousness every week. The main media will suffer a great backlash for keeping this story from the people by promoting their agenda rather than responsible journalism!!Nevertheless, half of the people know about this now!!

bama girl on Jan 31, 2009

This country hasn't been the same since Al Gore "supposedly" lost in the state of florida. Since a bush was the leader of florida(JEB)and the secretary of state Katherine Harris was a "VERY" "VERY" close friend and stopped the recount I'm just glad to get the republican party out of office. I am however interested in the comments of Obama.

kay on Jan 31, 2009

He is a fake president with the small letter p. Thank you Globe for saying what the rest of the media won't. They won't get my money for their papers or programs etc. It is sure an upside down country now. Go figure that the tabloids would be talking the truth and the drive by media wouldn't.

Anonymous on Jan 31, 2009

we need to protect our children from tyranny,so they can walk across that stage in 5 to 10 years we brought them into this world its time we stand up for all of us

Englewood Florida on Jan 31, 2009

Chief Justice Roberts was NOT MISTAKEN when he repeated twice the words OBAMA had to say, "that I will faithfully preserve, protect & uphold the Constitution of the US". It was to make sure he swore to this twice....I am sure this was very un-comfortable for Obama (as he wanted to get this over quickly). Obama taught "constitutional" law at Harvard. He is very arrogant. He knows what he perpetrated on the people of the United States. He doesn't really care. He wanted this POWER for a long time. He is from Chicago (a den of thieves & crooks)....the highest crime rate in US....he bought this ELECTION. He has the MONEY. He bought ABC,NBC,CBS, ALL OF THEM, HE was on EVERY INTERNET SITE AS A POP-UP,

911 was an inside job on Feb 01, 2009

go to
there are lawsuits he keeps ignoring.
this long legged macdaddy will be exposed.

Camachell on Feb 02, 2009


Anonymous on Feb 02, 2009

Obama does not have to prove anything to any of you. Whats done is done. He is OUR president for the next four years, and possible the four after that! leave it alone, As far as his wife is concerned. She is not arrogant; she is confident and believes in her husband, she is everything a wife should be. Well Obama 2008 and thats that!

drfort on Feb 03, 2009

Hope the truth comes out soon.

MinutemanCDC_SC on Feb 04, 2009

To the Globe:

For months, investigators have been trying to determine for certain WHY??? every media outlet blacks out this story. We don't think there is enough money to buy off every news outlet in the country. We don't think there are enough Chicago thugs or Is|amist terrorists to threaten and intimidate every MSM publisher and broadcaster in the U.S.. We don't think that cries of racism could completely stop the truth from getting out to the non-blogging public.

Money, threats, accusations, all of the above, or what?

Globe managing editor and owners, you alone can tell us what kinds of "persuasion" you suffered, and from whom, and how you persevered to get out the truth! You really have courage, to tell the truth when no one else dared!

Angie on Feb 04, 2009

This man is a phony faith-healer, a snake oil salesman. He is a fraud and he WILL go down.

Anonymous on Feb 04, 2009

Read Webster Griffin Tarpley

el richmond on Feb 06, 2009

thank you and please, keep us informed on the story.
and i have a lot of questions -
- what does his 1979/80 passport list as citizenship
- did he apply and receive funds from columbia or any school
- will we the people be given the truth?
much more...

Tony X on Feb 07, 2009

It's good to see that there are other people out there that understand that Obama is a fraud, but how do we make it known to the rest of the country if Rush and Hannity won't even talk about it?

sallie on Feb 09, 2009

obama wasnt born in american shouldnt be ppresident

Anonymous on Feb 09, 2009

it is only a matter of time before some americans...the smart ones realize he is an absolute fraud! america is in peril with this scoundral in charge

Saucey on Feb 16, 2009

If this is true and powerful elected officials KNEW this and kept it secret or participated in some kind of cover-up, I want heads to roll...Our constitution does mean SOMETHING, even if some people want to ignore it. We need to fight for truth.
Keep investigating and please, investigate the people who are covering the story up.
OUT he must go, if this is true.

Rick on Feb 17, 2009

It is clear that Nobama is not a Natural Born Citizen and not eligible to be President. There is no other possible explanation for the fact that he has hidden the true records of his birth and upbringing. He must be impeached and removed from office immediately.

Anonymous on Feb 18, 2009

He could never be my president because he' a fraud.

llabesab on Feb 22, 2009

He may not be your President but be careful what you wish for: Obama goes, and you have Biden; worse yet, Biden goes and you have Pelosi. If Obama scares you, what's the word for Pelosi?

brigitte 2 on Feb 24, 2009

All anyone ever had to do was look behind those lying eyes. His and the rest of his family--except the kids. They are just innocent little pawns in this evil situation!

Bernie on Feb 25, 2009

Tune in to plains radio networth because they talk a lot about BO's COlB. He always have special pleople on the web and radio discussing this issue.

not obama on Feb 25, 2009

i trust the globe

PeppersPaw on Feb 26, 2009

Obama rocks!!! He will do just fine and we are blessed to have a fine, young man of intellect and integrity. He is a far cry from what hellishness we have had for the passed 8 years under the blood-soaked thumb of the Naziesque Bush.

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2009

Obama isn't the first man in government to have a shaddy past, nor will he be the last!

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2009

If Obama goes, so does Biden, because Obama choose Biden and it was all based on fraud. So looks like it would go to McCain and Palin!

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2009

If he can do a better job than the Idiot we had for the past 8 years I don't care if he's from MARS!

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2009

The enemy has infested it's self in our system,the Justice,Military,Congress,Senate,Media,,you name it, they are in control,,THAT"is why he is getting away with it,THAT" is why Bushes got away with it,THAT" is why Clinton's continue to get away with it.
Time for AMERICA to wake up, and TAKE AMERICA BACK.

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2009

don't you also think it's a bit of a psy-op on the American people? His name was Barry Seotoro.. and then changed to Barack (rhymes with Iraq) Hussein (well we all know THAT guy!) Obama (rhymes with Osama).

pretty damn interesting if you ask me!

Freezing-in-Michigan on Feb 28, 2009

The man has changed his name, legally how many times?

Concerned on Mar 01, 2009

This nation is ripe for the rise of a leader who will promise to return it to a constitutional Republic. And it almost certainly will not be anyone from inside the present government establishment. At almost seventy years of age I have never seen America as divided as it is now, and have never felt such an intense undercurrent of anger as that which exists now and seems to be growing. I'm very concerned.

citizen on Mar 03, 2009

If Obama is not An American this mean that McCain isn't either. if you all know he was born in Panamanian soil and not in the United State soil. the meaning Of a citizenship is where you born (Country)
Any way I did not vote for Obama . I think we should suck up and move on with our life the are better things to worry about.

Anonymous on Mar 03, 2009

he is not my president he is not a us citizen so get him out of our white house bigggg loser he is good bye i'm sure u will get the boot

Sanders on Mar 04, 2009

You can bet that Vladmir Putin has seen his birth certificate.

Cathy on Apr 01, 2009

He is not an American citizen.

annonymous on Apr 01, 2009

Coup de'tate...that's what we have here...without a single shot...

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2009

One picture is worth a thousand words: the President of the United States taking a submissive position to the top Muslim. That one treasonous act in and of itself in times past would have caused the people of this country to demand that man be impeached!

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2009

He is selling us down the river to anybody that strokes his hyper-inflated ego and lines his pockets. What else can you expect of an illegitimate son of a communist harlot. This is change we can believe in. He's been LOUDLY telling us 'who' and what he is and the embecilic masses refuse to see it!! If this recent act of treasonous submission doesn't get the message across, I don't know what will.

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2009

The picture of anyone who holds office and represents the United States of America in the submissive position of a full bow to any leader of any other nation, particularly one we know is Muslim by his very background and training bowing to a Muslim King, is the ultimate perversion and should engender nausea and anger in every American citizen!

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2009

Yes, indeed! Of course the half-Arab Muslim sympathizer from Kenya occupying the White House bows to his Master. Barry boy knows full well where the $300+ million came from in order for him to usurp the Presidency, and he shows his gratitude for the money.

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2009

Look for the Bamster to continue consolidating his Power to the point of outlawing further elections so he can remain Chairman of the United Socialist States of America, just as his Fascist heroes have done in Cuba and Venezuela. The U.S.A. as we have known it is finished.

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2009

The handlers around Obama are, for the most part, members of the Council on Foreign Relations. "The elite." "The globalists." They are essentially the same people who ran the Clinton administration and both Bush Administrations. There will be absolutely no change in either our domestic or foreign policy other than the addition of a police military state here at home.

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2009

The people who have looted this country will continue to loot this country until there is nothing left to loot. Obama will be another Hoover. He will follow orders and will take the fall for the economic calamity that is about to unfold. Obama is nothing more than another feckless, empty suit, who was selected, trained, groomed, packaged and sold to a gullible, naive and lazy American public.

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2009

Perhaps we should rename the US as the “Land formally known as Home of the Free.” Every time I see the POS marxist on my television, I have to turn the channel. May God Help Us All!

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2009

Where is the truth? Surely not the politically correct fluff and drivel on TV. Why you think they call it "programming"? Cuz your being "programmed" to think, say and do what they want!

An Awakened Citizen on Apr 17, 2009

The American people are supposed to control the government. We outnumber them by the millions. Why then, are we letting them control, manipulate and steal from us? By voting, you are contininuing to give them credibility and continuing to feed the Beast, which is why our nation is in the mess it's in.

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2009

They who sit on their blessed assurances and watch TV most of the time, while smugly criticising those of us who hunger for and search for the truth (because we have the ability to see that we are being lied to by the mass media), have no idea that they are being led around with hooks in their jaws and are "wise" in their own deception.

Anoymous on Apr 17, 2009

Someone or a number of people knew years ago that Barry Soetoro's citizenship would become an issue and began greasing the skids to pull off this fraud. In 2004, this out-of-nowhere impostor unlawfully ran for the U.S. Senate. Allegedly, with help from his pals at ACORN and the usual massive vote fraud we see every election, he won a seat in the U.S. Senate under a law that does not exist. When will the madness end?

Anonymous on Apr 17, 2009

Turn off ABCNBCBS and FIXed News.

Awake on Apr 17, 2009

As Tertullian once said....... "the first reaction to truth is hatred." Kinda of like when someone throws cold water on you to wake you up and save you from a deadly fire. The cold water makes you really mad.... until you begin to look around.........

Allen on Apr 17, 2009

When they say "the spin stops here" it really means you being conned. The truth is not that easy. You have to look for it. If you listen to the mainstream media on a regular basis, you have been carefully trained to look at truth seekers and those who love reason, logic, wisdom and true versions of history as consipiracy nuts. (Just ridicule those nuts and go back to sleep now little sheeple.......).

Awake on Apr 17, 2009

The art of mass manipulation has long been known and used and kept by those in power and if you refuse to see it, you are willingly allowing them to mislead you. Those in power know all too well that you don't share power, if so, you lose power. If you want to dominate others you always keep things secret and hidden.

WIDE AWAKE on Apr 17, 2009

Incredibly, most Americans – including many of it's elected officials are like deers in the headlight: oblivious of the dangers in the communist socialist agenda. Slowly, the noose is tightening around American liberty, independence and sovereignty. The Illuminati formalizes its tyranny by, for example, using the phony "war on terror" as a pretext to suspend civil liberties and build a police state. Notice, no one has asked Barack Obama to withdraw the "Patriot Act." WHY NOT?

Dan on Apr 17, 2009

It is universally understood that special interest money runs the American political system and thus defines what the choices will be. So we are left to choose between candidates who are financed by special interest money, which any fool can see, is no choice at all!

Dan on Apr 17, 2009

Regardless where you look, the rich elite are represented and the great majority is excluded. Corporate money so owns the political process that voters are left to choose only between the finer nuances of the capital system, and between degrees of corruption. Good never springs from evil, so we are all witnessing the steady moral decline of a nation mired in corruption and confusion.

Ron on Apr 17, 2009

The role of politicians, media and education is to keep the sheep deluded and distracted while the elite stealthily advances its goal of world tyranny. Western society today is a massive fraud. It is tragic that brave young American soldiers have been brainwashed to believe they are advancing freedom when the opposite is the case. Is it patriotic to obey traitors? Americans are spoiled, self centered and complacent.

anonymouus on May 28, 2009

I can't beleive the American people ever elected him as president. If he can't run his own life how do we expect him to command the U.S.A

Bible man on Aug 07, 2009

Yes for sure he was not born in the USA he applied and got from the Fulbright Fund a scholarship to go to college and university they gave this only to non citizens
Thats proof he is a Fake. How much more proof . Take away his I-pod and he stutters

JW on Aug 12, 2009

The only ones with more ignorance than this web site its readers' comments are the Town Hall fools that believe Grandma will be put down by her health plan. It's so much fun to watch the GOP and the extreme right wing self-destruct.

Joe on Apr 30, 2010

How about getting some type of evidence before you print a story? Just rumor-mongering to sell magazines. Pathetic really. All the unpatriotic comments here from Right WIng racist Tea-Party types is truly shameful.