Obama Marriage Crisis

BARACK Obama and his wife Michelle have been trapped in an unhappy marriage! In a blockbuster GLOBE exclusive, friends rip the lid off the couple's bitter fights and predict the pressures of the White House could push the relationship to the breaking point. And in another stunning report, GLOBE exposes the bombshell secrets revealed in the divorce papers filed by Obama's mom when she dumped his abusive father.

January 13, 2009

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Kevan Corkill on Jan 14, 2009

Thank you Globe for your continued solid reporting on the facts that have been so furiously covered up. :) Prayers, praying that the TRUTH will come into the light for all to see...Amen. :) The news is getting out because I could not find any issues in the supermarket last night! :) Carry on wonderful patriots...the word is getting out and you are being rewarded. :)

Stella on Jan 15, 2009

No marriage is perfect and I think they represent a healthy and realistic portrait of a nuclear family.

jan on Jan 16, 2009

The Globe magazine should take the place of ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,MSMBC and FOX News. Good Job

Gladys on Jan 16, 2009

I new something was going on. Everytime Michelle appeared on tv, she seem like she did not want to be there by the expression on her face

Kevan Corkill on Jan 16, 2009

Amen and Amen. :) Prayers, praying for the TRUTH to come into the light for all to see...Amen. :) I am thankful for all those who have worked so very hard to bring this "secrecy" out. :) God Bless YOU, Globe!...all the staff! :) You are a wonderful patriots! Prayers for strength for each you! and keep running those stories...the word is getting out. :) Every store I go into...the rack is empty! :)

infidelgranny on Jan 16, 2009

Obama is a usurper to the office of POTUS.

hummingbird on Jan 17, 2009

So happy to see the truth finally coming out! Thank you Globe!

California Girl on Jan 17, 2009

We need to let American's know who the Obama's really are. The National Media have made "the Fary Tail" and it will distroy our Constition.... Thank you for your reporting!!!!

joe blow on Jan 18, 2009

I'd be miserable, if my wife and mother in law were competing for my set!!!

Robert on Jan 18, 2009

How about getting back to the eligibility issue. I couldn't care less about Hussein's marital problems.

rl on Jan 19, 2009

they both have very big egos and I don't care what everyone else says she is anything but a goodlooking woman. She just comes across as a nasty person.

Kindra Taylor on Jan 20, 2009

Thank you for exposing Obama.. Your one of the very few if any but your magazines that have questioned Obama and the truth.

AmPatriot on Jan 20, 2009

They've had their celebration, but the party will soon be over. I pray for our country when he is removed from office.

PASSPORT? on Jan 21, 2009

I hope your story includes a copy of his Indonesian passport!! He did not have an American passport until he became Senator, yet as we all know and he himself said, he "traveled to Pakistan in 1981". SHOW ME THE PASSPORT!!

Francis on Jan 21, 2009

Hey... People! slow down there is no marriage in this world which is problems free. We know Obama is at the center of world news and journalist would rather make sensational headlines out of him.

Show Us the Documents! on Jan 23, 2009

The usurper is NOT transparent. His support system scrubs people's blogs, deletes the truth inserted in Wikipedia, has people doing his dirty work while he walks tall. He hates America and is working at destroying us from within while he sells America out to his friends in foreign soil. Globe millions of us appreciate your staff's grassroots work. Maybe you think you're entering gossip - but it is not. This man is a snake in the grass. Thank you for delivering the goods when everyone else defaulted on America.

Bobbie on Jan 23, 2009

I hope you all fine a life and stop
alway talking about our president.I
one day you will fine you alife.
may god bless you so you can fine
a life

DHF on Jan 24, 2009

Wow! I should not be surprised at the negative statements. Whether true or not many including myself knew that what was seen by the world, i.e. unity, respect, love and functionality with an American Family could not be left alone for too long by the media. Regardless of the magazine or other mediums of press this campaign and family was marveled and some just PLAIN could not stand the positive image of the Obama's. As some one else stated No family or marriage is perfect and it is a sad thing that someone felt it their business to uncover someone's past that has nothing to do with the qualifications of the United States President.

Jones on Jan 24, 2009

Who relationship is perfect?
People need to mind there own dang on bussiness!

nigerian on Jan 26, 2009

how does this got to do with his new responsibity.just want you to know that Obama is nt there by mistake. I wish him good luck

katydid on Jan 27, 2009

THANK YOU , it is SO GOOD to finally see the TRUTH come out!!

Bill on Feb 09, 2009

You sure are exposing Michelle and
Obama. Keep up the good work,
Globe . your articles
should be in every news paper and
radio in the U.S.A.

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2009

whether he has a perfect home life or not isn't what I'm concerned about. What's worrisome is the fact that he may have lied about his citizenship.
Good family life or not, is our president a con-man ? I think that's the question that needs more focus.

saint on Apr 25, 2010

God bless the Obama family.