Obama Under Fire!

PRESIDENT-elect Barack Obama is being hit by shocking charges - it's against the law for him to take office because he isn't a "natural-born" U.S. citizen! A stunning lawsuit by a former government official claims the 47-year-old politician was actually born in Kenya, which would disqualify him from office. GLOBE's Special Report rips the lid off the simmering controversy. It's must reading for every American!

December 30, 2008

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Mauka on Dec 31, 2008

It's a sad state of affairs when the only paper willing to expose Obama iand speak up is a tabloid!

Al on Dec 31, 2008

Thanks for sharing that stunning
news about OB. Keep up the good

Chalice on Dec 31, 2008

This is true.

Call Ed Hale From www.plainsradio.com He is an informed source

Mike Graphone on Dec 31, 2008

Hard to believe this news item hasn't been discussed on CBS or NBC.

Larry on Dec 31, 2008

Someone in the newsmedia actually has the guts to investigate this. Good for the Globe.

chris on Dec 31, 2008

Even the ambassodor of Kenya says he was born there. Wake-up America this man is a hoax!

Katy on Dec 31, 2008

The Constitution must be upheld! Obama cannot be allowed to usurp the office of the Presidency! He is NOT a natural-born citizen because he was not born in the United States to TWO American citizen parents! Even if we believe he was born in Hawaii, he is still NOT eligible to be President because his father was from Kenya and was NOT a US citizen!

Anonymous on Dec 31, 2008

Obama's Kenyan Birth Evidence to be Revealed Friday, Online - Update http://investigatingobama.blogspot.com/

Debbie on Dec 31, 2008

Thank you so much for this story!

r on Dec 31, 2008

If OBAMA was born in another country to parents who do not meet the requirements to pass on US Citizenship to their child, by law he is not allowed to be a US President. There are an awful lot of illegal aliens who have obtained US birth certificates fraudulently, residing in the US.

We the People on Dec 31, 2008

If he would show his Birth Certificate (not a Certificate of Live Birth) this would be put to bed. Until he does - this will haunt him and us! Thank-you Globe for giving this matter the attention it deserves.

darin on Dec 31, 2008

really?-- thats cool

darin on Jan 01, 2009

this just happened?

Bob on Jan 01, 2009

Nothing will come of this. The supreme court will sit on their hands and allow the constitution's requirement for a person to be a natural born citizen to be trampled whether the citizens of America like it or not! The court doesn't want to risk doing what's right, i.e. no guts!!!

DIANEHIND on Jan 01, 2009


joe american on Jan 01, 2009

Boy this is really amazing the only paper telling the story. Who would have thought the Globe is the real media outlet of 2008 and 2009. I will certainly be buying a copy so when the truth comes out I will have a piece of history.

frank on Jan 01, 2009

Even if he was born in the US, he cannot be a "natural born" citizen because his father was not a US citizen. Both parents have the be US citizens. I can't believe he thought he could get away with this. This must go to the supreme court.

Ken Dunbar on Jan 01, 2009

Wherever he was born, his father was a British subject, and that British citizenry was granted to him at birth. The British born Obama is not a natural born citizen of the US.

The definition is in the book "Law of Nations", and is spoken by US Justices in various Supreme Court rulings.

Black Female Army Captain on Jan 01, 2009

Obama IS NOT a NATURAL BORN U.S. Citizen and if he is sworn in----our government will be neglecting the servicemen and women who will serve under this FRAUD!

karleigh on Jan 01, 2009

how did this happen

Sally on Jan 01, 2009

Regardless where he was born, his Father was Foreign. A Natural Born Citizen, consists of 2 American Parents.

Anonymous on Jan 01, 2009

Obama is NOT, Can not, nor ever be a "Natural Born" citizen. As per the US Constitution, "Natural Born is defined as those born in the country, of parents who are citizens."
Obama has a foreign father and he admitted to such, on his web-site.

When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom's dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.'s children:

British Nationality Act of 1948 (Part II, Section 5): Subject to the provisions of this section, a person born after the commencement of this Act shall be a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by descent if his father is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies at the time of the birth.

Natural Born, can NOT be attained through statute.
Obama is NOT qualified for President.

XfN8PFW9 on Jan 01, 2009

About time you media caught on to this!

Obama Sr Divorce Decree on Jan 01, 2009

A private investigator in Hawaii has uncovered the divorce decree for Barack Obama’s father and mother, which indicates they had “one child under the age of eighteen, born in Kenya.” That is the report of Ed Hale of PlainsRadio.com, an Internet radio site which has focused upon the natural born Citizen challenges to Obama’s presidential eligibility.

Hale announced this during his evening Internet broadcast on PlainsRadio.com, Tuesday, 12/30 and confirmed it with I.O. in an online interview, later that night. He reported that certified copies of this documentation have been sent from Hawaii by the investigator to himself and four others. Hale is to receive his copy Friday, 1/2 and plans to post it graphically on the site, during the day. He will also discuss this on a special Internet broadcast, between 6 pm and 10 pm Central Time, tonight. The site streams audio as soon as it is accessed via Web browser.

Bonecrusher on Jan 01, 2009

He was born abroad of a US parent. That makes him a natural born U.S. Citizen and eligible to serve as President of the United States. This tired argument is making the far right look like the leftist loons did when attacking Bush.

NewEnglandPatriot on Jan 01, 2009

Thank you for running this story. You are the only nationally-circulating paper that has the courage to do so. Every American needs to know about this, and I applaud you for getting it out there.

Mel Smith on Jan 01, 2009

Additional supporting information on Obama's concealment of his birth documentation is available at

Kenda Merrill on Jan 01, 2009

THANK YOU GLOBE for having the ----- to tell the the truth!!!! Thank you for having the integrety to stand by the American People~!!!! Thank you for standing up for our constitution!!! The National Media should be ashamed and should be replaced!!!! Thank you!

Daniel on Jan 01, 2009

Thank You Globe!
For showing what none of the Mainstream Media will! That there are major questions that were never asked
and were ignored. He is NOT a natural born citizen as the framers of the constitution intended, thus not eligible.
It takes 2 citizen parent'S to equal 1 Natural Born Citizen

Ernest Serano on Jan 02, 2009

Go, Globe!!! You are putting to shame the main journalistic news "reporters" who continue to avoid this monumental story. Please keep the coverage up until this is dealt with since this is a National Security issue. Thanks!!

Anonymous on Jan 02, 2009

This is a legal issue that the courts have time and time again thrown out. In addition, there were a couple of complaints filed against McCain because he was born in Panama. At this point, we all need to accept who the people voted for and move on. We as citizens need to focus on helping each other better our country because no one president can do it alone.

rhodora milano on Jan 02, 2009

Obama is a constitutional lawyer he knew very well that he is not qualified to run for President if he is not a natural born citizen of this country. If he will be inaugurated he can be impeach for culpable violation of the US constitution.

Philip J. Berg, Esq. on Jan 02, 2009

Obama's attempt to be President is the biggest "HOAX" in the history of our country, in over 230 years! Obama was born in Kenya and therefore, is only a "naturalized" citizen, maybe. Why do I say "maybe?" Because Obama was later adopted in Indonesia and when Obama returned to Hawaii at age ten [10], Obama either went through U.S. Immigration and if so, he would have been given a "Certification of Citizenship" indicating he was "naturalized" because he was a "natural" of Indonesia [because he was adopted and his name became "Barry Soetoro"]. However, if Obama did not go through U.S. Immigration, which I believe, then he would be an "illegal alien" and not only not qualified to be President, but a fraud being a U.S. Senator for the past three [3] years. See my web site: obamcrimes.com

rcNkc on Jan 02, 2009

Hussein Obama is not Prez-Elect until Senate counts electoral votes Jan. 8th. This newz is not "shocking", because its the 3rd or 4th time for issue to come to Supreme Ct. The whole issue started back in June of 2008, well ahead of the November elections. I first started following the story in August of 08. Large portion of US electorate is mostly in the dark about the story and issues due to suppression by US journalists (who are "totally in the tank for O"}.

rcNkc on Jan 02, 2009

Another misleading item people will repeat,repeat is that O has shown his Birth Certificate , this is NOT true. He has shown only a CertificatION of Live Birth which is an abstract of a cettificaTE of live birth.

IFin you dont believe me, go to various
newspaper sites that discuss issue and they will show you the green
CertificatION image and will use the words "Birth CertificaTE" in their article. (arguing he has released his BC.)LOOK CLOSELY AT THE GREEN IMAGE TITLE FOR YOURSELF. Ive seen this for many weeks now how the MSM has totally tanked for O.

mtngoat61 on Jan 02, 2009

Kudos for revealing that Barack Hussein Obama is ineligible to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief of our military. And, if he was not born in Hawaii, then he is doubly disqualified.

A 'natural born citizen' (NBC) is one who is born on the soil of a country to 2 citizens of the country. Obama's father was never a citizen of the USA. So Obama can never be considered a natural born citizen of the USA no matter where he was born. But if he was born in Kenya, and his mother lied about it, and 'registered' him as born in Hawaii by using a delayed 'CERTIFICATION of Live Birth' process when she returned to Hawaii, then Obama is doubly disqualified.

Please note though, there is a very important technical error in your report/coverage. The computer generated image Obama provided is NOT a 'Birth Certificate'. It is not even a 'Certificate'. Look closely at the document title at the top of the image in your article. It clearly says 'CERTIFICATION of Live Birth". It does not say 'Certificate' of Live Birth. Obama has refused to release the 'Certificate of Live Birth' which is in the vault of the Hawaiian authorities. A 'certificate' has the actual signatures of the mother, doctor, witnesses, and the name of the hospital, etc. It is that original 'Certificate' in the vault that the Hawaiian authorities have said is genuine, not the image Obama has posted online. They have not said the certification is genuine. In fact document experts say the image of the 'CERTIFICATION of Live Birth' has been altered/forged. Obama refuses to allow the release a certified copy of the original hand typed 'CERTIFICATE of Live Birth'. By this clever use of the word 'certificate' to describe a computer generated simple 'certification or registration' of birth, Obama has succeeded in fooling most people into thinking he has released to the public his Birth Certificate. He has NOT! He is hiding that from the public. Why? Because it either lends proof that he was not born in Hawaii but was born elsewhere (Kenya, etc.) and his mother simply registered him as born in HI when she returned to Hawaii, or it does not have any independently verifiable facts from 1961 on the original to support the mother's claim that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Here is a link to a webpage which shows one the difference between a registration of birth, i.e., a 'CERTIFICATION of Live Birth' and an actual 'CERTIFICATE of Live Birth'.

The image in your article is NOT a Birth Certificate as you labeled it in 'Yellow and Black'. It is only a 'Certification' generated by a computer. And some claim that doc & image Obama has provided is a forgery. They also claim his draft registration document is also a back dated forgery. What is Obama hiding? Globe should investigate that too.

But good job in at least bringing these issues to the front page of your magazine and attention of this to the general public. The main stream media (MSM) and press has completely abdicated their traditional role in our government of vetting questions like this for Obama by not forcing the candidate to reveal his original birth records in Hawaii and/or elsewhere. In fact the MSM has been in the tank for Obama helping him cover up this issue by participating in his obfuscations and misleading of the general public on this issue, instead of digging into the real facts. To be President, private information must be revealed. Obama refuses to release his original, real, long-form 'CERTIFICATE' with real signatures of his mother and doctor on it. Why? What is he hiding? We the people 'constitutionally' have a right to know. And we the people need to be informed further that he is NOT a natural born citizen .. since his father was never a citizen.

For more on the details about what natural born citizen is and is not, visit the web page URL below my signature.

Mountain Publius Goat

mtngoat61 on Jan 02, 2009

Here is a link to a simple chart defining the difference between various types of citizenship of the USA, i.e., natural born citizen, native born citizen, and an ordinary or regular citizen.

Obama may or may not even be a citizen of the USA depending on WHERE he was actually born. Your story explored that. But regardless of where he was born, he is certainly NOT a 'natural born citizen' (NBC) regardless, because to be an NBC it also matters TO WHOM he was born. To be a NBC both your parents must be citizens of the USA at your time of birth in the USA. And only his mother was a citizen regardless of where he was born. Obama's father was never a citizen of the USA of any type. Obama's father was a citizen of Kenya and the British Empire. Obama can never be a 'natural born citizen' of the USA. No law can retroactively change that either. It would require amendment of our Constitution. Thus he is ineligible to serve as the President and Commander-in-Chief of our military.

Mountain Publius Goat

connjdllm on Jan 02, 2009

The guy is a fraud and he should be prosecuted.

Cypress on Jan 02, 2009

Thanks for picking up this story. Finally someone is taking this serious. Our news media here in the United States won't touch the story even with all the smoke surrounding our new President Elect. They tend to be liberally skewed and don't want to do any investigative reporting on the issue. So, my hats off to you again. Maybe if you report and investigate you can help the main stream liberal based news media in the United States to wake up and do their job. THANKS!!!!

Ralph C. Whitley, Sr. A Veteran on Jan 02, 2009

The DUTY to conduct background investigations of anyone obtaining a Security Clearance remains under the Executive Branch PLUS Congress should demand instantly all running for even City, County, State or Federal Office have complete background investigations to prevent the exact same thing happening in the future. Any Attorney knows WHERE he was born and this fraud must be punished while protecting the innocent children of the Obama family. Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. A Decorated American Veteran, backflow.prevention@verizon.net

Edward Callahan on Jan 02, 2009

This should not surprise anyone, The man has been lying to the American people all along. The press has been giving him a pass on all of his shady dealings and associations. He will not come clean under any circumstances.

Colorblind Justice on Jan 02, 2009

Investigative journalism for the win. I might have to subscribe to The Globe. Keep up the good work.

Nell on Jan 02, 2009

What happened to the Constitutiion? What happened to the responsibility of the Supreme Court?????

Kenny on Jan 02, 2009

Never thought I would ever read something from Globe but it's about time someone wises up before it's too late. Its time the Supreme Court rules on this and get the guy to show all the records needed.

John on Jan 02, 2009

It's incredible how the media has not covered this story. Most people know nothing about it. Anything that will expose this is welcome. BO has spent lots of money on attorneys for this. Just produce your Birth Certificate. Not a phony "certification of live birth" which only proves you were born.

JosephSHaas at hotmaildotcom on Jan 02, 2009

Now let's get him for perjury! Re: his signing those Declarations of Candidacy forms in each state KNOWing he is not Art. II, Sec. 1, Cl. 4 eligible, or will his excuse be that with 2 out of 3 he rounds up to the next whole number? (;-) I've sent e-mails to the prosecutors in 14 states with a Republican governor. [Alabama, Alaska, CAlif., Conn., Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Minn., Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, No. + So. Dakota + South Carolina]. To seek an Indictment by Grand Jury in ANY of these states for a governor's warrant to issue and have him arrested to $bond to face the music! Will he jump from the train ride? JosephSHaas at hotmail dot come here in New Hampshire. P.S. Yet to write to Texas; and Hawaii too, re: Peter the Prosecutor, an Independent from politics. Plus BTW for Vermont, R.I. + Florida also, but with Democrat prosecutors.

Marie McCormack on Jan 02, 2009

Yeah!!!! It's good to FINALLY see this in print. Now let's see the Supreme Court have the guts to do something about it !!!

Anonymous on Jan 02, 2009

The fraudulent listing in Hawaii birth certificate shows Obama's father is "African"..........a new term not used in 1961.

moosmate on Jan 02, 2009

Does the divorce papers give the name of the child born in KENYA? I ask because OBAMA also has a brother living now in KENYA. I think he is younger than BARACK

KansasGirl on Jan 02, 2009

The socialists in this country have allowed this to transpire. If Hussein is not sworn in-there will be chaos. Which is exactly what the libs want. God help us.

Patrick McKinnion on Jan 02, 2009

The Birthers have been keeping up this constant stream of lies for months.

Philip Berg is a 9/11 "Truther" who has been sanctioned before in the courts for professional misbehaviour, and his "lawsuit" is cut and pasted from a variety of internet sites. (It originally contained a "Canadian Birth Certificate" signed by Dudley DoRight.) He's misquoted the US Nationality Acts of 1940 and 1952, and his legal research has been shoddy at best. He originally filed his lawsuit because he was a Hillary Clinton supporter and wanted to force the DNC to ignore the primary voters and select Sen. Clinton instead.

The forgery claims are based off of two nameless, faceless internet "experts" (Polarik and TechDude) that have never given their real names or bona fides. Their work has been disproven by several REAL Computer Forensic Experts, including Dr. Neal Krawetz, and other experts like Chris Hanson and Steve Eddy

Dr. Orly Taitz, DDS, JD, is a Dentist/Lawyer from the former Soviet Union who got her law degree from an on-line school (California is the only state allowing graduates of on-line schools to take the bar exam). She's not a constitutional lawyer, but practiced real estate law before getting involved in this.

None of the people involved in these "Birther" cases are reliable, experts, or authorities. Take extreme care before you buy into any of their claims.


DREMB on Jan 02, 2009

Who has nothing better to do in life? At what time was any other president elect subject to this type of slander? Get real!! Let the man do his job. He won, it's over, let America heal from the last eight Bushy years!!

twe on Jan 02, 2009

Thank you for staying on this story. There must be a Pulitzer prize in this somewhere. Truth will triumph in the end. God bless you.

Lori on Jan 02, 2009

The authorities in Hawaii have validated that there is a vault copy of his certificate. Seems funny that he spends thousands and thousands of dollars trying to defend not releasing this simple document. Something's there that he's scared to show!!!

Annie on Jan 03, 2009

He's the best thing that ever happened to this country Get the hell out of his life!

Loyal American on Jan 03, 2009

Obama has defrauded the American People. Obama taught Constitutional Law. He knew the loopholes. He knows that he is NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN AND THUS IS NOT ELIGIBLE for POTUS (President of the United States) under Art. II of our Constitution. To be a Natural Born Citizen, one must be born on U.S. soil by parents who are BOTH U.S. Citizens! Obama knows this. Obama was born with British/Kenyan citizenship at birth - thus he is not a Natural Born Citizen of the U.S. and is thus ineligible to be President. Its a matter of allegiance and loyalty to one's country. Read the works of our Founding Fathers who drafted the Constitution. Stand Up for Your Country! Obama campaigned in Kenya for his cousin Raila Odinga in 2007. Odinga agreed to institute Sharia Law. When Odinga lost the election, his followers burned Churches and killed Christians. Obama has DIVIDED loyalty confirmed by his actions of campaigning in Kenya for his cousin Odinga. Obama also raised a million dollars for Odinga's campaign. Our Founding Fathers insisted that only a Natural Born Citizen (born on U.S. soil by 2 U.S. citizen parents) could be POTUS for that very reason! They wanted to ensure COMPLETE LOYALTY TO AMERICA.

Loyal American Citizen on Jan 03, 2009

Obama has sealed all of his records. He has not provided his birth certificate; college records (for fear of showing his "foreign" status); medical records; etc.. This guy has kept everything hidden from the American People.

To top it all off, he removed the American Flag painted on the airplane and replaced it with his "O" (obama) logo. The guy is not a proud and loyal American. He is the smoothest fraud America has ever seen.

Thank you GLOBE for lifting the Veil Of Secrecy to inform the American People.

Emery on Jan 03, 2009

Well - the Globe is the only paper in America that is printing the truth about Obama's lies. The rest is the propaganda is under the control of the same rich people that got Obama elected. Obama's gambit is that once he is in office he will use that to intimidate any opposition. People ought to be asking why he illegally had Odinga installed in power in Kenya. I can tell you why - so he could stop any investigation into his real birth place. He is a fraud and a liar. End of story.

just one of we the people on Jan 03, 2009

Good Job Globe. This information needs to get out to the public and no other National Publication, will do their job. Thank you.
For more information and a good discussion on this and other related topics pleas join us at
join us to learn the facts.

Manfred Neal on Jan 03, 2009

I was also born outside the USA, in fact about the same distance as Obama and I am an american citizen.
Even if he wasn't born in the USA he"s more American then some people I know that were born Americans, don't want to mention any names but one of them was one of our presidents.

Bob on Jan 03, 2009

Let's be truthful about everything this man claims that we do not know: Is he eligible?, Is he even a citizen? Did he ever do anything in the Ill. government? Was he really a lawyer? Did he ever teach Constitutional Law? Did he ever graduate from Harvard with honors or graduate at all? Did he ever graduate from Occidental? When did his grandmother really pass away? When did his mother really pass away? Did he really sign up for the draft? Did he ever have a US pasport? Was he really a foreign student in college? Did he really go to high school? Did he ever really play high school basketball? None of these questions can be answered with certainty because all documentation has been sealed, if it ever really existed! Surely there must be students who remember him from school, teachers who remember him, and neighbors who know some of the answers! Why is everyone who can shed some light so quiet? How can he expect any of us to trust someone who we know nothing about and therefore have no ability to judge whether we are for or against him? This is a sad state of affairs that I have seen nothing comparable to in my lifetime. I am disappointed with our courts, the DNC, all states who readily accepted him as the qualified nominee, the most worthless MSM in the world, and all the Democrats who support him! I am not surprised that this great nation is in the trouble we currently face with this kind of management!

Brenda Martin on Jan 03, 2009

Thank you for posting this story. The mainstream media has been trying their best to keep this from the public and I'm glad to see that the Globe has the nerve to expose the truth about Obama not being a natural born citizen. If these papers are correct, Obama may not even be a citizen of the US at all.

Beckie Metcalf on Jan 03, 2009

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Thanks GLOBE

Beckie Metcalf on Jan 03, 2009

He won't release his college records, we think he went to college as foreign student and got student aid as a foreigneeeerr. Probably Indonesian, as school records show him in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro. He also traveled to Pakistan in his 20s, when Pakistan was illegal to go there for US citizens, which passport did he use & name???? All records are sealed by Mr. Obama, he won't let YOU know anything about his transparent life. This is a big CHANGE from other politicans. He HOPEs he can fool everyone. Are you an honest person? Would you show me your birth certificate & college registration records???? He has spent over $100,000 to keep his birth certificate private. We might steal his identity.

Anonymous on Jan 03, 2009

We have 3 little monkeys who refuse to take action on behalf of the U.S.
The Executive, our President is the
Monkey who can't see!
The Legislative Branch (Congress) can't hear!
And the Judicial, Supreme Court
won't speak!
If we no longer honor our Constitution...we have lost our
country :(

Anonymous on Jan 03, 2009

Globe, you need to have a preview button so we posters can make certain that there are no formatting problems when we cut and paste from our word documents to your Comment box.

cjude on Jan 03, 2009

From all the evidence I have read Obama does not meet the United States qualifications to become President.

He cannot prove he has a valid certificate of live birth from Hawaii and no else here can show evidence to prove he has it. He will not release his education records which shows his history. He is a known friend of Hamas. His political career was started in the house of terrorist William Ayers.

His mother was a known Marxist that hated the United States. Obama said his beliefs came from his mother. Whatever citizenship he had, he lost it when he was adopted by an Indonesian. This is based upon United States and Indonesian law at that time.

If Berg was wrong, Obama would have brought a court case against Berg for defamation of his name. If someone filed a lawsuit against you to prove you are not a citizen. Would you hire the most prominent Muslim attorney and start a website with a fake certification or would you just show the judge your evidence that you are a citizen. It only takes about $15.00 and three days to get a copy to show the judge.

It cost more money to hire attorneys to have a case dismissed without showing any evidence and pay the news media to be quiet.

KD on Jan 03, 2009

I have believed this all along.He should be banded from taking office but, they will allow this to continue when he takes office we will hear the truth

Joe Black on Jan 03, 2009

Main Street Media too concerned about the coronation than to address this burning issue.

wrench on Jan 03, 2009

Thank you Globe, I am glad SOMEone other than Blogs are publishing the truth about BO.

We have been supporting and publishing the truth about this lying crap bag for a long time at GOPMom.com

Go Globe.


S. bentz on Jan 03, 2009

He is not a citizen & should NOT be able to become the president

Margaret A. Daniels on Jan 03, 2009

He must prove it and refuses to do so. It is a shame that our consitution is being stepped on.

Anonymous on Jan 03, 2009

This story was been brewing for some time now and the Major Media is so irresponsible! Whether Obama is actually legal or not can still be debated but at least ask the question. At least bring it up some that this issue can finally be put to rest. Thanks Globe for asking the question!

Ann on Jan 03, 2009

There appears to be ample evidence that Mr. Obama lied to the American people regarding the paperwork he filled out to become a Senator. He stated under “perjury of law” that he NEVER went by another name. Yet, there is proof that he used the name Barry Soetoro (adoption paperwork) and lived with his father in Indonesia. Mr. Obama has now been caught in MANY lies and he has committed "fraud" against the American people---knowingly. Mr. Obama has spent over 1 million plus to prevent the American people from seeing his “original” birth certificate. He has shown ONLY the Certification of Birth (many believe as a forgery). This document is giving out freely, over a year after birth, to any parent that files for it in Hawaii without any proof or checking. Many people want there children to be born in America and this WIDE loophole allows for fraud to take place. FactCheck omitted and in essence lied to the American people when they printed up there fact sheet by leaving out Mr. Obama’s father CLEARLY owed allegiance to another sovereignty. John A. Bingham, framer of the 14th Amendment states “a natural born citizen is one that is born in U.S. territory to parents that do not owe allegiance to another sovereignty”. Mr. Obama’s father was NOT a U.S. citizen and owed his allegiance to Kenya.

David Day on Jan 03, 2009

Why isn't the media picking up on this, also Fox News & Rush Limbaugh?

Anonymous on Jan 03, 2009

I have written and sent two letters to the US Supreme Court Justices concerning that he ia an illegal alien and shuld be deported.
I suggest that you make sure the US Supreme Court Justices each receive a copy of you January 12, 2009 issue ASAP. Alos I tried to vote on your site for not a natural born citizen and the email was returned. Go to Obamacrimes to get addres to write to the US Supreme Court Justices ASAP.


Joe on Jan 03, 2009

I predict this will cause the splintering of the Democract Party and relegate most of the old big media, ie network and cable news and newspapers as irrelevant and irresponsible if not downright corrupt.

steve murphy on Jan 03, 2009

I don`t get it.

Why doesn`t The One just produce the original birth documents and embarrass everyone?

You know the ones we all have, with either baby foot or hand prints on with doctors` signatures.

Michelle on Jan 03, 2009

The media should be the first ones in line for the search for the truth re: Obama birth certificate issues and report the results whatever they come up with. All this secrecy re: school records and birth certificates and alias'(known and unknown) very obvious there is something, many somethings being hidden. Why? Go Globe and your gutsy reporters. Note to reporters: go to South Side of Chicago to see the results of THE COMMUNITY ORGANIZER,take pictures they will be worth a thousand words, interview the people who live in Obama's slum landlord buildings they will give you an earful. Maybe someone will take a collection for them, give it directly to the people if the politicians from Cesspool of corruption get near the money they will just steal it again. Unfortunately they are like that.

Randy Dujour on Jan 03, 2009

My people tell me that "nothing will come of this" but that really isn't the point. Obama's camp should produce the original birth certificate (they have not) and put this to bed.


Vista Tom on Jan 03, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama IS a fraud! The pols know it, the $$$ multinational corporations know it, Kenyan's know it, the Supreme Court knows it and the Council on Foreign Relations knows it because they produced him. The world knows it!

Anonymous on Jan 03, 2009

Obama is the front man for wealthy people who want to control the United States. I keep praying that 'someone' or some event will prove without a doubt that Obama is not a natural born citizen. Then I look forward to many people going to prison for knowingly trying to overthrow the law of our country...our Constitution.

Mbeziac on Jan 03, 2009

The mainstream media in this country should be ashamed of themselves for not reporting this story.

Ron Proffitt on Jan 03, 2009

I do not believe that he is a natural born citizen of the U.S., I do believe that he was born in Kenya.
I find a said state of affairs that media has all yr. been playing this down and they have never vetted OBAMA like they did Palin and others.
Are they scared of OBAMA and his Ill. connection's.

Yank on Jan 03, 2009

I personally called Curtis Sliwa
and Sean Hannity (both on ABC radio) to talk about this Obama fraud upon the voting public, and both of their screeners said they would not talk about this issue.
Is there a CONSPIRACY within the press ???

Tom on Jan 03, 2009

This is the story of the Century! Please continue your efforts for the sake of the USA and its future. Please do not suspend your efforts until the proper and orignial Birth documents are presented and verified, by multiple and independant authorities.

Jim D. Andrews on Jan 03, 2009


jarofants on Jan 03, 2009

Where have we gone?

In this day and age in America the tabloids print the truth and the main stream media covers up for Obama and prints nothing but lies.

Yet the bigger question is where are we going.

Loretta on Jan 03, 2009

Iknow he is not legal, My son was adopted and his birth certicate reads Certificate Of Live Birth. It is not the original. He is a fruad. Trust me.

timmy on Jan 03, 2009

Thank you Globe! It is time for BO to step down.

Concerned131 on Jan 03, 2009

I have been tracking this man since June and finally someone is printing something. I thank you very much for breaking this story and hope you print more and more about it. He is an illegal alien and the dem's wanted the seat so much they di nothing about it. Thank you again for breaking this.

karen on Jan 03, 2009

the law it's the law. The President of this great country needs to be a natural born american. Please, We need to respect the Constitution...

Greg Goss on Jan 03, 2009

Please people forget about the Birth certificate. PEBO could have been born on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and he would not be a "natural born citizen". His farther was Kenyan and Kenya was under British rule at the time so he would have British citizenship by way of is fathers lineage. Also his mother could only pass citizenship under the laws at the time if she was a US citizen and resided in the US territory for at least (10) years and (5) of those years after the age of 14. Stanley Ann Dunham Obama was 18 when PEBO was born. END OF DISCUSSION He is not eligible to be POTUS.

bobjen on Jan 03, 2009

We don't know if he was born in the USA or not...But we will as soon as he releases his ORIGINAL Birth Certificate...which he refuses to do...and that raises my Democrat 'spicion antennae.

R A J.Bagdaddy3 on Jan 03, 2009

Check this out....AOL: Growing majority worried over Obama eligibility

Yes, it is very SAD that this is the only form of news we get on this fraud attempting to go into the White House. It is shameful in fact for America. We applaud the efforts of these people...We hope they keep up the pressure. (all of those documents the Pres-elect HASN'T given over to the WE THE PEOPLE)

Michael on Jan 03, 2009

Thanks for covering this story. You have just made a new customer for your paper. He must show proof and stop hiding behind the law. He is truly the coward and liar I know he is and his actions simply strengthen this fact!!

CAE on Jan 03, 2009

someone said it's a shame that CNBC AND NBC isnt covering this story. Its because the have no balls. They are afraid of the Obama rath. Obama will put all out spoken tabloids out of business and try to become the first dictator in the US history. Vote NOBAMA..........

Nick Carol on Jan 03, 2009

What is sad is that the Supreme court officials are trying to dismiss and ignore Berg and his case along with zero media coverage on the issue. Thanks Globe for trying to save journalism in 2009 which your opponents have so horribly ruined in 2008.

fredvn on Jan 03, 2009

Unfortunately, several cases have already made it to the US Supreme Court but all cases so far were dismissed w/o comment. Apparantly, it is going to take an act of congress to bring this issue to a head. The Supremes seem content on sweeping it under the carpet. The best course of action for all those who beleive that Obama is not qualified should contact their Congressmen and Senators and tell them we want documented forensic proof that Obama is qualified to be POTUS.

richard on Jan 03, 2009

I remember the movie "men in black" the only place to get your news was from a tabloid!

sean on Jan 03, 2009

This is absolutely true! There are a slew of law suits that have been filed and are being filed right now. Wake up America, you've been bushwhacked!!

Ronald Deputy Jr on Jan 03, 2009

If you study all the evidence and look at who is giving it, you have to see that Obama if that is his legal name is not a natural born citizen.
Also if the people just ignore this our country is in for a path resembling pre WW2 Germany.

Marcus on Jan 03, 2009

I've looked at this for a few months before it was ever on any news station. They've done a good job at hiding it.
This is a crisis for the United States and if they let him take our country on the 20th, there's no telling what will happen.

Laura on Jan 03, 2009

Thank you sooooo much for telling the truth about this man!!Not one of the media news station has talked about this.Please keep investigating and reporting on this issue!!The citizens of the United States deserve it!

Alec on Jan 03, 2009

I hope that it's not too late (or will not be "dismissed" as meritless. This is a crime against our Nation. BHO wants to be a "pretender" to the President- "President Select."
It's unconstitutional- and should be under investigation by the highest government office that can be invoked!

Daddynoz on Jan 03, 2009

Great job Globe! Mr. Obama may be eligible to hold the office of POTUS...but it falls entirely on his shoulders to prove his eligibilty, not ours to prove otherwise. Isn't he the one SEEKING the position? Anyhow, thanks and great job!

General Jack D. Ripper on Jan 03, 2009

Barack Obama, Jr. is not a US citizen...and he never has been.

jp on Jan 03, 2009

I have known about the for six months
I have blogging and at one point the police came and questioned me about what I was doing. I think is a plant to bring down our nation

Charlene on Jan 03, 2009

Please, please let this be true! I cannot believe all of the documents that he has not released/will not release. He has to be hiding something!

Sinius on Jan 03, 2009

Sour Grapes. Obama was born in the US and this is a moot point. Conspiracy theory to get ratings for second rate conservative talk radio. Total Bunk!

Jonah on Jan 03, 2009

Why won't Barrack Obama reveal his original birth certificate?


denise on Jan 03, 2009

Thanks for printing this. The man is unworthy of the presidency because he's a fraud!!

Sunset Strip on Jan 03, 2009

The simple question, why does Obama not open access to his long form birth certificate?
Has not been answered.
What do You think?
It would be so easy, or not?

Anonymous on Jan 03, 2009

It doesn't even matter if he was born in HI. His father was a british citizen at the time giving Barack dual citizenship at birth thus making him ineligible to be president. No one has the balls to actually apply the law to keep him from taking office. The big question I keep asking myself is why doesn't he show a copy of his long form vault certificate if he has nothing to hide?

billy on Jan 03, 2009

the sheeple won't do anything till it's to late. can you say President Joe Biden?

Kat on Jan 03, 2009

It is true!!!! Thanks for helping to get it out to the American people. He has stopped it in the networks.He is a fraud!!!!!! Go Globe!!!!

Dorothy Donati on Jan 03, 2009

It is about time that this story is getting some legs. I just hope that the American people wake up before Jan. 20th. Thank you Globe!!

Mary on Jan 03, 2009

The Americans who voted for Barack Hussein were deceived and fooled by the media, and now they have buyer's remorse!!

Obama's refusal to stop concealing all of his records, in addition to his shocking associations and dealings, have made America the "laughingstock" of the world!!!

Thank you for helping to expose Barack Hussein!

Concerned on Jan 03, 2009

It's about time, this whole matter about Obama is true and you would think the msm would protect we the people from this constitutional crisis Obama and the Democrats have set up for us. Not onlt is our country in distress with our economy, We have a man for president that is not a Natural born citizen. Once again our Government could care less about the Constitution .

Anonymous on Jan 03, 2009

I think for the first time I'm going to actually consider buying a Globe. Guess it will come down to the balance between Hollywood garbage and news that they've now demonstrated they have the integrity to muster.

George Washinton on Jan 03, 2009

stop this Kenyan from destroying our country!

Anonymous on Jan 03, 2009

If anything the court will rule that having one parent outside the US makes Obama a natural born citizen. They will not risk riots or a Constitutional crisis

Henry on Jan 03, 2009

It is a sad state of democracy and for the fourth pillar of democracy as not many in the media are willing to stand up for journalism ethics and expose this. Please keep up the good work.

Irma on Jan 03, 2009

The dems will do anything to keep the truth from coming forth. Everyone in their right mind knows the truth about obama. He is not a natural born citizen. Listen for yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEnaAZrYqQI

Andrew on Jan 03, 2009

The most incriminating evidence came from Obama himself on his own website when he addressed this issue by posting a Certification of Live Birth, which is not the same as a Birth Certificate, and which does not certify that the birth occurred in Hawaii. If he was actually born in a hospital in Hawaii her certainly would have posted a Birth Certificate which says so.

Linda on Jan 03, 2009

Hats off to the Globe! Obama has proven he is a liar! With all his wonderful friends going to prison, hope he will be able to stay with them a while a long while. He won't even produce his vaulted birth certificate---according to his book he has it in his possession. He is hiding something--Kenya birth=treason to America

212ESQ on Jan 03, 2009

Attorney Berg is correct on grounds of losing citizenship when Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia.

Of note: Lolo Soetoro (A Sunni Muslim) died in jihad attacks in Indonesia.

american on Jan 03, 2009

that's moronic. he won. we survived bush, you'll survive obama.

american on Jan 03, 2009

read it and weep: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/citizen.asp

Baile on Jan 03, 2009

Obama is a fraud. Americans have been lied to by Obama and the media. People please open your eyes. Thank you Globe for doing this story!!!!!

Cheryl on Jan 03, 2009

Finally a news organization is checking into Obama's citizenship. If this is false, he would have provided the documents to dispute it, he would have let Hawaii release the documents they have sealed and he would have released his college records. He, the major media and the democrats chooses to undermine the US Constitution. It's a sad time in our countries history. Good work Globe! Keep on it and maybe we can get some answers before it's too late!

Larry C on Jan 03, 2009

I have been following this for a long time. Thank you for exposing the truth. Our government is corrupt

Mike on Jan 03, 2009

Do you think the US Supreme Court is going to touch this? No Way! They will just dismiss it. BO will just have the records sealed when he is sworn in. Once he seals them, good luck trying to get him out.

Larry C on Jan 03, 2009

I have been following this for a long time. Thank you for exposing the truth. Our government is corrupt

Marcia on Jan 03, 2009

I just want to add a comment. Globe you are the ONLY newspaper to publish the information. I am so proud of you all to take this chance. Obama's mother was not of age to pass on her us citizenship and his father was Kenya or British you are wonderful newworthy people

Army Vet on Jan 03, 2009

Thank God! I pray Obama gets tripped up in his own lies!

GRP on Jan 03, 2009

Obama can not take the "oath of office" as ONLY a Citizen of the United States of America, may become President. Obama is a UNITED STATES citizen, meaning he was NATURLIZEd and give the protection of the Constitution by the UNITED STATES. If he take the oath of office ist is a criminal action.

Angry Independent on Jan 03, 2009

Before the election BHO spent over $800,000 to prevent the COLB from being shown and AFTER the election he spent ANOTHER $500,000 to keep the COLB from seeing the light of day! These "Tax and spend Democrats"(there are republicans in the mix too)are being "way too cavalier" with our money!

Chrissy on Jan 03, 2009

If he is inaugurated without being qualified, then he will have no legal authority to make any decisions as a president. What a Constitutional crisis that would be!

juju on Jan 03, 2009

what a mess!

cathy on Jan 03, 2009

Neither myself, my father nor my 98 year old grandmother (who is still sharp as a tack) can recall when any presidential candidate, let alone a president elect was so secretive about his past. It was pretty well expected the candidate would have every grade and paper looked at under a microscope, not sealed from all. The only other person we remember having their citizenship questioned was McCain, who immediately released his birth cert. At first I thought this was all "tin foil hat" fodder, but the longer it went on, and the more odd things that came out, the harder Obama Fought. He isn't fighting to prove them wrong, he is fighting to silence them. This action more than any other tells me that something is going on that is not good. I have read articles that claim to have the minutes of the Kenyan house or parliament (I forget which one) where they are celebrating a Kenyan has been elected President of the US. Whether true or false, these accusations need to be examined so that we can either move forward knowing we have a legitimate president or stop a very dangerous and illegal situation from occurring and swear Biden in instead.

Anonymous on Jan 03, 2009

I wish you could get a copy of the actual certificate.

Bill G on Jan 03, 2009

Thanks for covering this Constitutional crisis ignored by other media. BHO has lied about his background and is committing felonies, fraud and treason by trying to subvert the Constitutional qualification for natural born citizens only to be POTUS. If not addressed by Congress, they each deny their oath, same for SCOTUS. The issue will never go away, because he can never qualify as natural born. At BHO's birth, his Dad was British. The founders clearly intended there be no other allegiance for the President.

Marie in TX on Jan 03, 2009

Thanks for covering a story I've been following since July! It's about time the MSM begins to follow it too!

Gray on Jan 03, 2009

Great work! Bust the lies wide open!!

Nancy on Jan 03, 2009

MSM has been in the tank for B Hussein Obama from day one. They have/will ignore and/or sugarcoat any past, present or future transgressions. They will not let him fail. To say he is Teflon is an understatement. To say he is worthy of the highest office in the land is beyond dubious.

Jarod on Jan 03, 2009

The moment I saw BHO in the early debates point his finger from across the floor at Hillary and say "Well you can come work for me." I knew then and there "This guy... this is not my kind of guy."

Jarod on Jan 03, 2009

Thank you God Almighty for exposing this usurper.

CitizenJane on Jan 03, 2009

Show me the documents! I can't get a driver's license without proving my citizenship. Obama is very arrogant if he things for a moment he is better than me or above reproach. Obama better man up or get out! If he doesn't show America his birth record, then he is an illegitimate leader so don't ask anything of me Obama because I am an American that knows you are unworthy of leading, since, I don't follow people that are hidden and not upfront. Every deceitful person that I have ever met was dishonest, untrustworthy and hanging around just to rip me off. Obama you are the biggest shyster.

Richard on Jan 03, 2009

Your next story should be about his Legal Name of Barry Soetoro and how he LIED on his Bar stating that he had NO former names.

BABE on Jan 03, 2009


David on Jan 04, 2009

It's bad enough that Obama would try to pull this one over on the American people. BUT! Wait until you hear about his and Michelles REAL crimes! If you can't wait, go to www.hawkscafe.com and get the whole story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MaryInNc on Jan 04, 2009

Y A W N - boring! Even the Supreme Court refused to hear this case because it isn't true and a bunch of sore losers are behind all of this. President-elect was born in Hawaii. Get Over It!

SL on Jan 04, 2009

Why can't the News Media do a follow up on BO and expose him once and for all!
Let's see the Birth Certificate! BO

Kevan Corkill on Jan 04, 2009

Thank you for coming forth with the Truth. :) Prayers, praying that the Truth will come into the light for all to see...Amen. :)...and because of you it has. :)

JL on Jan 04, 2009

It is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on American citizens. Go to obamacrimes.com and read the lies about his birth certificate. Then google info about his selective service registration.

The media has known about this and has failed the American people.

Anonymous on Jan 04, 2009

His mom was a US Citizen, but the law on the books at the time of his birth stated that you must be a Citizen at least 10yrs, 5 of which must be after the age of 16!, she was 18 when she had him.

You do the math. =)

g on Jan 04, 2009

What if you guys are wrong? The moon landing actually happened. You are aware of that, right? If this is disproven, how long will it take you to accept it? Ask yourselves that. Can you deal with that?

Concerned American on Jan 04, 2009

Time for action Americans! Contact your local newspapers, radio/TV stations and insist they tell the truth. They have known about this for over a year and while they have made a "passing mention of the story, have been deliberately "hiding it under the rug"! Makes you wonder why, huh? Who has been directing the power? Write to the Supreme Court Justices and voice your opinion to uphold the Constitution of the United States. STOP THE LIES AND FRAUD!!!

webmangler on Jan 04, 2009

If this is what it takes to get the issue into the "mainstream" then put the pedal to the metal ...

ZachJones on Jan 04, 2009

Thank you for covering this important issue. It is becoming more and more clear that the Obama "fairy tale" is just that. When someone spends hundreds of thousands to protect the facts of his birth, there's likely something very big hidden.
Thanks again. Zach

Robert Hefner on Jan 04, 2009

I have been following this story since July. There is no doubt that Obama IS NOT eligible to hold the highest office in our land. Contact your congressmen and senators TODAY.

Kelly on Jan 04, 2009

This information was out there months ago. Thanks A LOT, Globe, for waiting until AFTER the election to inform people. You're no better than the mainstream press in that regard.

Donnie on Jan 04, 2009

It's very simple math if you understand the Constitution.

Too make one "Natural" born Citizen eligible to be President, it takes two American citizens, parents.

Obama only has "one" american parent, the mother. The father was a British citizen, a Kenyan arab.

Sorry, Obama you are not eligible to be a legal U.S. president.

Do the math!!

TreeTop007 on Jan 04, 2009

I consider it an act of treason against the United States, for the media and all 3 branches of our Government to participate in this violation of the Constitution.

The 'rule of law' ceases to exist.

infidelgranny on Jan 04, 2009

BHO is not a natural born citizen because his father was not a US citizen. Senate resolution 511 which was drawn up in order to make John McCain elligible to be POTUS states that McCain is eligible because BOTH his parents were US citizens. Even if BHO was born in Hawaii he is OBVIOUSLY not natural born. His father was Kenyan and a subject of the British Crown in 1961. Those are the facts.

Big John on Jan 04, 2009

He must not be a US Citizen or he would have produced the proper documentation..
He must come forward to solve the problem!!

PIM on Jan 04, 2009

And now they tell you???
this will make all his appointments and his signature on all bills null and void.......Why hasn't this been checked before the election??

PIM on Jan 04, 2009

Bonecrusher, needs to check out webster, being born in anothre country to a citizen does not make you natural born........LMAO some people need to study the law, not bits and pieces...you have to have been born on American soil to be P.O.T.U.S.

CCC on Jan 04, 2009

Thank you so much for having the courage to report the truth that the MSM can't or won't report. You have a new subscriber!

KING KACOROT on Jan 04, 2009

tabloid or not this is all fact. OBAMACRIMES.COM

GENE on Jan 04, 2009

This will be the case to set the illegal immigration issue forward in this country. Is this the precident case we all were waiting for? This could have happened before, but historicly never checked? I hope the Supreme Court does the right thing here and calls it as it is. A Fraud! Not just a matter of record. Hats off to the Attorney and the Globe for looking in to this.

J Dakker on Jan 04, 2009

Obama is a fraud,How high does the element of corruption go that a non american can be put into the white house and our news media does not think it to be newsworthy.

Carrie on Jan 04, 2009

Our Electoral College needs to be reminded that it doesn't matter where Barack Obama II was born, his father, Barck Obama Sr. was a resident of Kenya which was under British Rule at the time of Barack Obama II's birth and that Barack Obama Sr. was in the United States on a student visa at that time. Barack Obama II was born with dual citizenship and in no way is he a natural born citizen of the U.S. Please write to your Senators and Supreme Court Judges and remind them that America is what it is because of our Constitution, no exceptions.

Bob on Jan 04, 2009

The third principle of Liberty: "The most promising method of securing a virtuous and morally stable people is to elect virtuous leaders." Obama, the usurper, cannot be a virtuous leader.

Anonymous on Jan 04, 2009

Just show us your birth cert. and lets move on with running the country. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Sarah on Jan 04, 2009

I have never bought a copy of the Globe before, but just to show my support of SOMEONE finally picking up this story and carrying it through to the end, I do plan to purchase this copy of the magazine when it comes out. Thank you Globe

Cara C on Jan 04, 2009

Bravo to the Globe for covering this story. Where is the rest of the mainstream media? Betraying America. Obama is not eligible. Americans must contact our representatives and demand that they take action to protect America from a usurper.

e on Jan 04, 2009

Obama's own website encourages transparency and reporting fraud, waste and abuse: lead by example, hold yourself to your own high standards. We can afford no less at this time of our lives in USA.

Michelle on Jan 04, 2009

I think that Obama should be able to proove what he believes where he is from somehow.

Anonymous on Jan 04, 2009

Mr. Berg is right. Every candidate needs to demonstrate his/her qualifications. If Mr. Obama's not a natural-born citizen, then Joe Biden should take over.

Jon on Jan 04, 2009

Simple solution Obama release the birth certificate and don't hide behind the privacy act and use the State of Hawaii as your shield, the American public is too smart to go along with this deception, latest support for Obama is that his mother was a US citizen so he could be born anywhere outside the US and still be a US citizen - WRONG!

Doug on Jan 04, 2009

If The Man has nothing to hide, then why, if it is true has he spent $500k in legal fees to hide his birth certificate. We have to show our birth certificate for lots of things in life, this should be one of those things.
By hiding this document Mr. Obama is acting like a child who has done something wrong, and will continue to lie until he is forced tell the truth, in this case to prove the lawsuits wrong. If all the statements I've read are true then he has some explaining to do, if they are false then he is owed an apology
Why has the media been acting like he is a god? Why do people who ask questions about him become labeled raciest? Or get targeted for extensive back ground checks “joe the plummer”? Why does a man who has associations with the types of people (raciest - Mr. Wright, home grown terrorist- Bill Ayres among others) that he has get a free ticket?
On the campaign trail he did not say one thing of substance all we heard was “change”, “Change we need”, “Change we can believe in” his Illinois Senate record did not impress me and neither did his run for President. “Change we can believe in” if this is his idea of change then we’re in for another bad ride.
GOD BLESS AMERICA - We’ll need it.

Anonymous on Jan 04, 2009

I hope all this will be exposed or cleared by January 20, 2009

Marcia on Jan 04, 2009

The "mainstream" media fast becoming the "dinosaur" media have been covering for the fraud. This man had no business even runnning for President. Thanks to Globe for exposing this man who has no regard for our Constitution.

John Bullard on Jan 04, 2009

Well ity's about time! Where the hell were you people two years ago when Obama first initiated his bid for President? For those of us who performed just basic due diligence discovered he was not a 'natural born' citizen. Now for the Love of God finish the job and tell the rest of the American people who have been deceived and voted for this fraud!

amy on Jan 04, 2009

If we allow this guy to get sworn in we may as well rip the Constitution in half. Not only is he a fraud, he plans to turn our nation on its ear. True journalism and objective reporting from the MSM are officially dead. It is now Obamedia. Globe, keep at it. How about if you get a copy of his college application? I'm sure it shows that he applied as an Indonesian resident. There have been several lawsuits. I've spoken a few times with one of the lawyers representing Alan Keyes. Google Orly Taitz. She has a blog out there dedicated to this.

Bonecrusher if you are brave enough, take a serious look at the obamacrimes website. Berg is no right-winger. He is a lifelong Democrat.

Karyn on Jan 04, 2009

I am not only convinced that he's NOT a natural born citizen.. but that he may be an illegal alien because he never officially became a US resident!
... THANKS FOR GETTING THE STORY OUT... hope it's not too late

John in MD on Jan 04, 2009

Horray GLOBE! Please keep this on the front page where it belongs and it will be your best story thru impeachment.

A real natural born citizen on Jan 04, 2009

Thank you for highlighting this story. It shows the american people were totally fooled by the mainstream media. Case in point, many times his middle name was a non-issue, yet now elected he plans to use it as his offical name.
Mr.Berg's original questions , which are included in his lawsuit, should be answered.
I for one would like to know those answers. And also why has he hired 3 law firms to fight these charges ?

WATCHFUL on Jan 04, 2009

To 'Bonecrusher'..Obama's mother was only 18, not the required 19, when he was born,in Kenya. That changes your statement. Read up on Immigration law at the time of his birth.

Janice on Jan 04, 2009

Thank you for bringing this atrocity to light

Anonymous on Jan 04, 2009

Why is this not on CNN etc?

sherrie on Jan 04, 2009

Thank you for having the guts to follow the story. The American people have a right to know the truth regardless who voted for him or not...

Dora on Jan 04, 2009

I think this is a very important issue and the Supreme Court should do their DUTY and insist on him producing a REAL Birth Certificate. Keep up the good work and yell until this issue is settled once and for all.

informed on Jan 04, 2009

The Constitution of the United States is what being attacked,it's your home,it's your country.Take it back.

Linda on Jan 04, 2009

good for you guys ... not one of the Mainstream Press (if that is what you call them,ABC NBC CBS & FOX) will even speak about this...it's so time for the GLobe to come out of the closet & do so.

Sherri on Jan 04, 2009

Its a sad day in America when the only paper we can get to publish this fraud is the Globe! Everyone included myself has researched this and wants Obama to make public his vault birth certificate and yet he refuses..wonder why? This is only the tip of the ice berg with the required paperwork he is supposed to have to qualify for any office in the government, much less his questionable involvemnt with ACORN's accross state lines voting fraud (for Obama) and outside US illegal campaign money sources have finally done the one thing that people have talked about..someone bought a seat in the oval office...Thank you Globe for stepping forward in trying to get the truth out that Obama is not above the law and he must be held accountable like everyone else!

Anonymous on Jan 04, 2009

Thank you Globe for printing this most important issue. Many of us want justice served! Please keep up the good work and reporting! The public is behind you!

Belinda on Jan 04, 2009

I have been trying to get someone to cover this weeks before the election. I've written to anchors on TV to no avail. What can we do now? Even the courts won't hear the case. This is not right. Help get the truth out to the public before it's too late.

Max on Jan 04, 2009

Obama is a fraud.

flx73 on Jan 04, 2009

it's amazing to me that obama has not produced a birth certificate to silence all the people who claim he is not natural born. it is not hard to do and it does not cost more than a meal at a cheap restaurant.

NJ Guy on Jan 04, 2009

FYI, All judges so far have refused to rule on Birth Certificate authenticity and the case would be dropped if Obama would just produce the original...which he refuses to do. WHY????

Evan on Jan 04, 2009

Thank you Globe for finally bringing this to the public's attention. This has been going on for months.

BRIAN on Jan 04, 2009

If Obama desecrates our constitution by becoming President, it will be an Obamination.

bardsmith on Jan 04, 2009

Our president-elect has lied to the American people. He has spent hundreds of thousands fighting over 20 lawsuits demanding that he prove his citizenship. It would only cost about $15 to order a copy of his 1961 original birth certificate. Why hasn't he shown it to us? Besides, his father was born in Kenya, and both parents MUST be citizens in order for him to be a "natural born" citizen, as stipulated in the Constitution.

Jo on Jan 04, 2009

It is about time the truth comes out and hopefully more and more people will realize Obama is INELIGIBLE to serve as president!

Sarah Cohen on Jan 05, 2009

It's a sad state of affairs when Americans would vote for a man they know nothing about!

Lisa on Jan 05, 2009

Amaing it takes the Globe to get this story in the news. He needs to show his birth certificate.(If he even has one) This will not go away like he was hoping.

S. Polon on Jan 05, 2009

He had chosen no to prove this beyond doubts. So is beyond doubts that we has to suspect foul play.
Yes it is a very sad thing that almost only The Globe is paying attention to such important question.

bah on Jan 05, 2009

The mainstream media knew about this matter and did not report this. They should all be shamed! It doesn't matter if his mother was an American citizen, because she gave up his citizenship when his step-father adopted him so that he could attend school in Indonesia. This means that he is not a natural born citizen of the United States, but a citizen of Indonesia. Therefore, he is not eligible to be our POTUS!

S.V.N. on Jan 05, 2009

Now we find out that NOBODY checked anything! The Constitution required the Presidential candidates to be natural born citizen but does not require them to prove it. And the government don't care one bit. After all, our own government allow Roger Calero, a Nicaruagan guy with only a green card to be on the presidential ballot as a candidate for the Socialist party in the last election. He was widely known as not being an an American citizen but he was allowed to be placed on the ballot anyway. He got thousands of votes! This country is so screwed up!

Charles on Jan 05, 2009

Not one of the mainstream networks, newspapers or magazines has seen fit to look into what could become a devastating constitutional crisis. What is the reason for their existence, then, if not to investigate and report critically important news?

lyn on Jan 05, 2009

The sad thing about this is that Obama has had in his power for many months the ability to stop the speculation and bring forth the documents required. Now the truth will come out but the country will be even more divided because of him.

The msm should have been doing their jobs. Thanks to the Globe, the country will have it reported.

Larry on Jan 05, 2009

After several months is reading everything I can find out there, its without doubt, Obama is not eligible for the Office of President

Joanne on Jan 05, 2009

It is absolutely appauling that the DNC and RNC and all the news media have known about Obama's lack of qualifications for at least 6 months now and have failed to tell the American people. When this was brought up everyone in places of power lied about it. Obama must not be put into the White House.

thunderprince on Jan 05, 2009

Thank you Globe for telling the true story about this fraud

Amazed on Jan 05, 2009

It is about time this comes out !
I hope you make millions of extra copies! Make money while you are revealing this! Because you know the Obots will be out in full force buying up as many as they can to stop this from getting out! I see they have some out sending special invitations to get people to Washington on 1/20/09 to make it look good for Obama,but it is really tasteless & disgraceful when People do not want to go all on thier own,When they have to send special invitations to get more for the public eyes to see! Just like they had to bus folks around to make it look good for them so it looked like Obama really had supporters! I Just wonder how much they paid them!

Dr. Michael A. Savage, Ph.D. on Jan 05, 2009

Barack Husein Obama is a fraud in an empty suit.


Obama on Jan 05, 2009

Im sorry, I did not know I was to be a Natural Born Citizen. I just thought I had to be a citizen of USA. Again I am sorry so please can I still become President???

Democratus Republicus Constituti on Jan 05, 2009

US SUPREME COURT DOCKETS 08A391 08A524 08A469 08A407 Constitution"Natural Born Citizen" qualification for Pres-VP, born on US soil to US CITIZENS. Qualification for US Senators-Reps "CITIZEN" only. Obama is not a "natural born citizen", his father was a Kenyan Britiswh Citizen when Obama was born. Obama's website FIGHT THE SMEARS admits it -factcheck.org

Anonymous on Jan 05, 2009

GLOBE is a real patriot. Thank you very much for publishing this important information about Obama's citizenship

Biz on Jan 05, 2009

Obama does not want to show his BC cuase it will show he was born in Kenya and Obama Sign an Official Document that says he is eligable to be President. So he would incriminate himself.

Dave on Jan 05, 2009

If you dont have something to hide then why hide it?
he has still not showed us his vault birth certificate. (why because he was born in kenya. thats what i believe)

Tom S. on Jan 05, 2009

I hope that everyone knows that the president, congress, governers,secrateries of states,they all are aware of this fraud aganist our REPUBLIC. Should they be tried for failure to up hold their otah to the CONSTITUTION OF THE U.S.A.? Remember one thing we out number them,we know the truth,so make it right you blood suckers in d.c.

Anonymous on Jan 05, 2009

Thank you for being brave enough to tell the truth! Please keep on exposing Obama. He is extremely dangerous. Never let up! Keep hammering away!

kat on Jan 05, 2009

"Hard to believe this news item hasn't been discussed on CBS or NBC."

Come on, after that media fiasco that got Obama elected do you really think that they are going to report this?

Anonymous on Jan 05, 2009

kinda like edwards was exposed by the enquirer

MacSuibhne on Jan 05, 2009

Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen. I'm not sure that he is even a Citizen. His Selective Service Registration was forged. The Germans and Cubans are smart people and the were fooled by Hitler and Castro. Why are we so arrogant to think it cannot happen to us? Obama is dangerous. Defend the Constitution!

Hurst198 on Jan 05, 2009

It doesn't matter where Sen. Obama was born, he is still ineligible since he is not a natural-born citizen as defined by the Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett (1885): "It was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens."

Tob on Jan 05, 2009

Votes 64,000,000. Money raised 750 million dollars. A 10 dollar vaulted birth certificate priceless.

Sue on Jan 05, 2009

Wow, it is about time some magazine in the media talks about this crime being perpetrated in our country. Lets see, Kenyan Daddy, son then citizen of Britain. That doesn't qualify for a natural born citizen. Americans should be outraged at what is going on here. Is finding someone qualified to be POTUS that tough that we have to rip the constitution apart to have a President to take over the failing Bush administration? Lets get rid of them all and clean the House out!

American on Jan 05, 2009

The supreme court NEEDS to get to the bottom of this issue! If they choose not to, then their credibility comes into question! This IS a issue of national security! The media NEEDS to address this issue immediatly!

dennis on Jan 05, 2009

obama is not discussed on nbc cbs...fox...abc...pbs...cuzzzzzzzzz they have saudi arabian money backing up their companies...they don't report the news..the MSM avoids it;;;;;

Timothy on Jan 05, 2009

Obama isn't a citizen and therefore ineligible for President. Bush needs to do his job and block the inauguration until Obama proves eligibility or we can hold another election with legit candidates this time.

kngfish740 on Jan 05, 2009

where are all the constitutionalists? why are they not screaming about obamas inelligability to legally assume the office of president. the media turned a blind eye to this story since it's inception going back to june 08. now we have a president who is an illegal alien. this country is so done!

Mililani on Jan 05, 2009

Thank you for sharing this!!!! wonderful job Globe!

Dori on Jan 05, 2009

The United States Constitution states that .... if a child is born in the United States and one parent has allegiance to another sovereign country, that child is not a natural born citizen of The United States. Obama's father had allegience to Kenya and Great Britian. So, weigh it for yourself...

ANGELUS on Jan 05, 2009


Robert Montgomery on Jan 05, 2009

This has been going on since before the election.Why are they just now reporting it?It's possible the supreme court will act on it Jan.8 or 9.If he is sworn in it will be a constitutional crisis like never before.

Frank on Jan 05, 2009

Thank You for having the guts to report on this, Nobody else will.

HELLO on Jan 05, 2009

This has been in the news many time but he still going to get sworn in let it go unless you can show the proof, not that am a fan but come on go to something easle

MikeT on Jan 05, 2009

Its about time reports get out. No its time for Obama to step down. Before its too late.

2bfree on Jan 05, 2009

The reason I know Barack Hussein Obama is not a “Natural Born Citizen” because he himself says he isn’t one due to claiming that his Kenyan father was never a citizen of the United States of America. Furthermore, based upon the definition of a “native” or “Natural Born Citizen” from the Law of Nations that the Founders relied upon for the definition of such, he CAN NOT be a “Native” or “Natural Born Citizen”.
Here is the definition from The Law of Nations – Book One – Chapter XIX OF OUR NATIVE COUNTRY, AND SEVERAL THINGS THAT RELATE TO IT - § 212. Citizens and natives.
The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The society is supposed to desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon see whether, on their coming to the years of discretion, they may renounce their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born. I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.

Thus as per the definition of a NBC the Founders understood, BHO does not meet the requirement and should be disqualified if our country still is governed by law especially the Supreme Law of the Land, The Constitution for the United States of America. IT DOESN”T MATTER IF HE WAS BORN IN KENYA OR NOT. He disqualifies HIMSELF by claiming to be born of a father who is not a citizen of the US.

JC White on Jan 05, 2009

This is really easy for Obama to settle: Show us the "original" birth certificate, not a computer generated certification of live birth. If he can do this I am OK with it, if not he should NOT be sworn in period!

Ro on Jan 05, 2009

Hundreds of people have been fighting since last spring to bring this to the forefront. If it had been reported by the media, he never would have been a candiate.

If he takes the oath, we will know for sure that we no longer have a constitution.

It wouldn't surprise me either because when we become part of the new world order, what would it matter! Screwed again!

William on Jan 05, 2009

His Long form Birth Certificate has been order sealed. The certificate of live birth on his site means nothing. Why seal it up if there is nothing to hide? http://www.plainsradio.com/show.html then click on open letter to congress

William on Jan 05, 2009

Regarding any comments that state the people have spoken, or who the people voted for. The US is NOT a Democracy but IS A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. With Obama's father being Kenyan, thus making him a British subject, that gives Obama duel citizenship which violates the US Constitution.

joan on Jan 05, 2009

I have been following this for months now, and I can tell you that these allegations ARE totally based in fact. This is not a smear campaign--this is a battle to uphold our American constitution against forces that wish to ignore it. Thank you to the Globe for having the courage to illuminate the story to the rest of the country.

Noreen on Jan 05, 2009

WOW, I am impressed. This is an amazing article. Thanks for having the guts to run with this story. Why haven’t I seen it in the mainstream media? Why is no one else talking about this? These facts should have been exposed MONTHS ago!!

Betty Bohn on Jan 05, 2009

I beleive he is a citizen of the USA. He would never lie to any one. He a good man.Why i voted for him in.

Erika on Jan 05, 2009

About time people see that Obama is a fraud. I mean seriously Obama's own grandmother said she was in the delivery room during this birth in KENYA,AFRICA which means he is NOT a natural-born citizen of the United States therefore he can not be president because he does not mean the qualifications of president.

Anonymous on Jan 05, 2009

Good Luck

bill on Jan 05, 2009

this matter must be thoroughly reviewed immediately by the united states supreme court and the people must be informed as to the results.

when men and women are fighting and dying to defend our constitution no less is acceptable.

bill on Jan 05, 2009

this matter must be thoroughly reviewed immediately by the united states supreme court and the people must be informed as to the results.

when men and women are fighting and dying to defend our constitution no less is acceptable.

Robert on Jan 05, 2009

If this was a court case, I'd say there is reasonable doubt as to Obama being a Natural Born Citizen.
I believe there is more evidence that supports the claim he was born in Kenya vs Hawaii.

Anonymous on Jan 05, 2009

Please find the truth before the whole world comes into a severe crisis..

Edwin on Jan 05, 2009

Even if he is not a "natural born citizen" he will become the president of the USA. The supreme court will not entertain a constitutional crisis at this point and a vast majority of Americans are happy to publicly demonstrate that they have a "black" president. Your protestations will simply fall on deaf ears.

Robert on Jan 05, 2009

I believe there is a reasonable doubt of Obama's birth place, and being a natural born citizen.
Go to this link to contact your elected representative.

Bill on Jan 05, 2009

Thank you for printing the truth about the Obama scam. True reporting. I am your fan from now on. Thank you for supporting the constitution

Wade on Jan 05, 2009

I never would have expected this out of an entertainment mag.
When i was in wal mart last weekend
i couldn't believe how many people this story was news to. It make me wonder where these people were BEFORE they voted for this FRAUD.

Tarrak Hussein Musshif Arid on Jan 05, 2009

Great job CNN...oops, I mean...Globe. It's a sad state of jouranalist affairs when tabloids are having to expose politican's marital affairs and now Obama's attempt to degrade the Constitution.

Steve on Jan 05, 2009

O is a fraud! America its time for truth to come out, and when it does the news media and all people that side with O will be disgraced!
Thanks for Looking into this

John on Jan 05, 2009

Good for the Globe for insisting on the truth. You guys caught John Edwards, and just because Obama is president elect doesn't mean he's above the law.

chip on Jan 05, 2009

this is good they the msm won't touch it because they are covering for hussein, remember the enquirer exposed the breck girl edwards

Brad on Jan 05, 2009

Way to go, GLOBE. I'm buying your paper every time I see it from now on. Bravo. This information desperately needs to come out, thank you so much for having the guts to tell the story!!!!

Robb on Jan 05, 2009

This is old news as well, I'm glad more people are talking about it.
However, if Obama has anything to do with Bilderberg, no one is ACTUALLY going to push this.

Problem is, a few Obama supporters that I've talked to, don't even care that he wasn't born here. Therefore, they either don't know that it's a requirement to be born here, or they don't CARE that he isn't eligible.

Talk about change.

Anonymous on Jan 05, 2009

In USA people can lie to the public, USA has no law aganst it (see Clinton on TV sex in the White House)only to the Police, FBI or under oath in court. Obama did not PERSONELLY broke the law!! Is that a shoking to you there???

satbettyboop on Jan 05, 2009

I have been following Mr. Berg's investigation and lawsuits on Obama's birth and I am convinced Mr. Obama is not a natural born citizen of the US, therefore he is not elegible to be President. My only question is why has the news media - ABC, CBS and NBC covered up this story? Could there be bias in the so called "free press". Once the press becomes a part of the cover-up where do Americans go for information. The founding fathers knew how importance of a free press - they never would have believed that every journalist in this country would be in the bag for a corrupt politician. More's the pity that we no longer have a free press to look out for the interests of our country!!!!

Doctor Mundy on Jan 05, 2009

Globe You Made It. Thanks!
He, Obama, knows that he is not breaking the law, in USA you can not lie only under oath or to the police or the FBI and that is the problem. Some lawyer may elaborate more on this, but Clinton on TV did lie, and the public was ignorant to it! He, Obama, is not, has not, (lie) personally proclaiming that he is "Natural BC", not even on TV or to the Press, therefore no crime here.
Obama knows he is not 'natural born' as he knows where he was born and he knows he was adopted in Indonesia; Obama is an attorney, and knows the freedom NOT to TELL! is on his site!

Rich on Jan 05, 2009

Obama has brought this upon him self by causing a coverup of the facts.
I want to see the real thing and have it varified by a team of investigators.
Thanks for doing the hard work.

Rich on Jan 05, 2009

I keep reading that the people have spoken and we now have what we have and must live with that.
If the truth were told and the news media had done their job than Mr. Obama and his co-conspirators would be in prison.
Now that sounds like a good place for a group of people who would fraud millions of dollars from good hearted people who just want to do what is right.
I ask Mr. Obama to do the right thing and "Step down Mr. Obama"

Jen on Jan 05, 2009

This is crap and has already been fully investigated. HE IS going to be president...get over it already.

Hillary Voter on Jan 05, 2009

THIS is the REAL REASON Joe Biden will be sworn in for a SEVENTH TERM this week and why BOTH he and Hillary Clinton have not RESIGNED from the Senate yet; they are afraid the GOP-owned Supreme Court will worry more about the Constitution than getting Arnold Schwarzenegger into the White House in 2012 AND DECLARE OBAMA'S ENTIRE CANDIDACY, CAMPAIGN, AND ELECTION A CRIMINAL FRAUD. If not, they AND the GOP will force the DNC-controlled Congress to GUT the Constitutional requirement for native-born citizenship to "avoid a contsitutional crisis". Thereby clearing the way for Arnold to TERMINATE ANY POSSIBLE DNC CANDIDATE in 2012, after Obama DESTROYS the economy and ESCALATES the war in the Mideast... 30,000 troops to Afghanistan is ESCALATION, not PEACE.

marsha on Jan 05, 2009

Where is the justice?! Shouldn't this be something that candidates show and prove before they are even considered to run for their party! This is a disgrace to the intelligence of the American people! He is a fraud 100%!!

Rex on Jan 05, 2009

Seems like there is so many accomplices in this crime...the media, the Democratic Party, Obama's family, Hawaii Gov., other politicians, etc...let's see if the Supreme Court will fall into line as well??? Thank you Globe for standing against the tide!

WOW! on Jan 05, 2009

There are a lot of ignorant hayseeds out in fly-over country. Why don't you all stick to growing our food and leave politics to those with an education beyond the 3rd grade?

Gaile on Jan 05, 2009

This is not going away until all the true is out. We want to know,exceptly here OB is born.

Eddie V on Jan 05, 2009

People wake up! From the beginning Joe Biden has been running for president of the united states of america. As soon as Obama takes office the press is going to start to leak out that Obama is not a NBC. Obama will have to leave office and Joe will take over. Go Joe!

Edda Raye on Jan 05, 2009

You are FIRST to use a magazine to inform the people. Let us all use a little common sense and compare this with a policeman asking for your driver's license. You can't wait to dig it out and are glad you brought it with you. Are you arrogant with the cop and tell him he doesn't need to see it? You will get a fine, QUICK. If he had a REAL birth certificate, I believe that he would be happy to hold it up on the TV screen and say HA HA, here it is! Instead, he probably has lawyers working day and night to discover some loophole or trying to find an expert to create one. If they produce one, we should have the right to test it thoroughly, kind of ink, etc. Let's don't let him screw the whole United States!

sandy on Jan 05, 2009

why isn't this being reported on CNN CBS,NBC,FOX,orABC????? it's been talked about on talk radio for months!

Betsy on Jan 05, 2009

I have been following P. Berg's case againest B.H. Obama since September. I am proud of you for picking this topic - other media outlets are too afraid to touch it. I promise to buy your paper regularly if you will start telling us the real news regularly, unlike NYTIMES, LATIMES, TRIBUNE, SFCHRONICLE. You could be the new reputable news outlet - the rest of them are showing their sincerity for truth - you got past the fear thing a long time ago!

Thank you

Mark on Jan 05, 2009

If this true, and I hope it is why hasn't the so called bigwigs in Washington looked in to it or are they going to shove
a foreigner down our throats? This is the start of the end of America as we know it. I didn't votefor him.

Larry L. on Jan 05, 2009

The Left is in such a hurry to have a Democrat Pres. they would and will ignore the law. If your publication leads on this others will follow...keep up the good reporting of real news.

Anonymous on Jan 05, 2009

Thank God The Globe did not drink the Obama Kool-Aid, and they may be the one and only media outlet who has not and most sane news outlet. Thank you, The Globe, for having the guts, the moral courage, the integrity and the gonads to speak the truth when the rest of the media is concealing it! You got more courage than FoxNews I think. Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Obama, is a LIAR and a FRAUD and a thief of more than $700 million in campaign donations, a good part of which is spent in keeping his real Kenyan birth certificate sealed by his many hired law firms. Obama may even hold the record of being the biggest fraud and thief in American history, huh?!

Mark on Jan 05, 2009

This story has been kicking around for months, since Obama released his fraudulent birth certificate last June, 2008.

Greg on Jan 05, 2009

I can't believe that the MSM has allowed this. Everyone has ignored this issue. If he simply would make public an official birth certificate it would be over.

WILLOW on Jan 06, 2009

It is very difficult to ascertain
the quality of this persons birth
certificate. This in fact does not qualify him for President. It is unfortunate that he had to follow on the heels of Bush. People simply wanted a change.

M.r Roberts on Jan 06, 2009

get rid of him , i get in trouble for breaking the law , why should he get away with it, he's know bettter then me !!!!!!!!!!

WTPUSA on Jan 06, 2009

According to Lame Cherry, Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's mother became a british subject when she married Obama Sr.

She was NOT allowed under the 1948 act to renounce her citizenship, therefore, little Barry had 2 parents that were British Citizens when he was born. A few good points and some other areas to look for info. May be worth the read.

Join The Resistance

Jessica on Jan 06, 2009

Very true he should not be allowed to run this country.
It's funny how also his own grandmother claimed he wasn't a natural born citizen before he was even elected. Then, just the day before the election she dies? kinda fishy if you ask me!

Anonymous on Jan 06, 2009

why bitch and cry... there is nothing that can be done

Robert Laity on Jan 06, 2009

I have been posting on Newsvine and Topix about this for months. FOX mentioned some of this but didn't delve into it! Globe has just ratcheted up it's reputation by being courageous enough to print this information.Globe rocks!

Canuck on Jan 06, 2009

Thanks for breaking the Media wall of silence on this issue. Unless Obama produces proof that he is, as the US Constitution requires a Natural Born Citizen and not just a citizen, this controversy shall remain. In addition, should he not be a Natural Born Citizen and should he assume the duties of President of the United States, all his acts in that capacity shall be null, void, and without the sanction of law. Meaning that any bills that he signs into law are illegal.

Anonymous on Jan 06, 2009

Glad to see somebody actually report on this. Obama is a charlatan and a fraud! When he puts his hands on that Bible and swears to defend the Constitution he will be mocking God, mocking the Constitution and mocking our nation!

Concerned citizen on Jan 06, 2009


Anonymous on Jan 06, 2009

Hopefully the info is not correct, I didn't vote foe him, but if he's lied about this, then what else has he lied about and what is he capable of if he actually takes office....pray for America.


Anonymous on Jan 06, 2009

See Glenn Beck, why wouldn't you listen????

Canuck on Jan 06, 2009

Thanks for breaking the Media wall of silence on this issue. Unless Obama produces proof that he is, as the US Constitution requires a Natural Born Citizen and not just a citizen, this controversy shall remain. In addition, should he not be a Natural Born Citizen and should he assume the duties of President of the United States, all his acts in that capacity shall be null, void, and without the sanction of law. Meaning that any bills that he signs into law are illegal.

Woody B on Jan 06, 2009

I feel The PRESIDENT-elect is NOT a "natural-born" Citizen and therefore Should provide Proof!

protect us on Jan 06, 2009

Spread the word and most importantly write to your senators and congressmen and demand them to stop this fraud from taking the oath of office.Do your part and tank the mainstream media for their refusal to report the facts.Boycott abc nbc cbs cnn msnbc oprah and the view.

Republican dog on Jan 06, 2009

It is very sad that our supposedly decent press has failed to report and follow the biggest story of our times - whether Barack Obama is eligible under the US Constitution to serve as our President. Becasue he appears to have a father born in Kenya and there is evidence that his birth took place in Kenya and not in the USA, these are two reasons he fails to be a natural born citizen a requirement for POTUS! Now, its about time that the press gets this right, and better yet, bothers to report it. But why would they report this, their Messiah, the one they largely created isnt about to be ousted by them? Heads will roll!

Tony on Jan 06, 2009

Thank you for printing this. I have been following this for some time and I'm glad that a news organization finally "put it out there." As a disabled veteran, I have always been proud of the injuries I received while protecting our Constitution. If Obama is allowed to be President without being a naturally-born citizen my body was injured for no reason.

I still have Faith on Jan 06, 2009

I've stopped buying all other magazines and newspapers except for Globe because all the others refuse to tell the truth about obama. As long as Globe keeps trying to get the truth out there, I will keep buying the mag. I also have stopped watching all news local and other including Fox because they won't tell the truth. At least Globe is willing to stand on their own. This will be a story for the Globe just like the John Edwards story was for the enquirer.

Bill on Jan 06, 2009

Keep on this, maybe other publications will see the light as well, that Obama is not legally qualified to be president

golden on Jan 06, 2009

Thank you Globe Magazine for this fine article! At least one newspaper in the USA is reporting this to us as the others seem to be in denial. Barack Obama a/k/a Barry Soetoro is not legally qualified to be the US President as he had a father Barack Obama Sr who was a British subject as he was born in Kenya. There are many lawsuits now on this. Thus Obama has a conflict of interest. Obama's mother was not even old enough to give her citizenship to him and thus is Obama even a citizen? Obama is not a natural-born citizen as Obama's father was Kenyan and since we believe Obama was born in Mombassa, Kenya and not Hawaii, well then Obama cannot be inaugurated as our President! We cannot have a foreigner as our President!

RTademy on Jan 06, 2009

When will this issue be addressed as this information is exposed and has been to the people.

Eric on Jan 06, 2009

The story of the CENTURY and the news media COVER UP of the century and the only media outlet to cover this story is the GLOBE. Congratulations on the scoop of the century. Find out more at www. plainsradio.com join the chat, become informed

Rosalyn Tademy on Jan 06, 2009

Are copies of the magazine still being issued? I went back to get one at the store where there were plenty and they were all gone!

RKK on Jan 06, 2009

Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama is not qualified:

1)Because of Dual citizenship at birth
2)Because a “Certification of Live Birth” is not the same as a “Birth Certificate.” There is evidence that the "Certification posted on the net has been tampered with and there are some who have indicated that he was born in Kenya (including his own grandmother).
3)It appears that he also held Indonesian citizenship and travelled on such a passport to Pakistan as an adult. He should provide his college records. The public should know whether he received international student aid. The public should know whether Mr. Soetoro adopted him.

no name on Jan 06, 2009

it only gets worse everyday you read the papers.Remember that most of the top leaders in Washington are related in some way,Obama is only a puppet President.since the first day after the election you can see by who he has put in his cabinet that we sre in a lot of
trouble.Thanks for letting me get
this off my chest !!!

HayKai on Jan 06, 2009

You are all insane!
Obama is probably THE BEST politician of our time. Quit being a disgrace to your country by not supporting your own President-Elect. Show a bit of class please.

Danyo on Jan 06, 2009

So, the major news outlets like CNN, ABC, Fox etc. just completely disregard this issue and, to lend it even more credibility, the Globe picks it up. Nice. Good grief. The liberal media establishment is despicable.

Bob K. on Jan 06, 2009

It's about time! This has been in question for several months and the answer is far bast due.

SLB on Jan 06, 2009

Well it's about time. The media has been in bed with Obama and this should have been resolved long before now.

Andy on Jan 06, 2009

This is true. Check out obamacrimes.com

slb on Jan 06, 2009

He was not even elligible to be in the Senate. He should be made to give back all pay and gifts from that position as well.

John on Jan 06, 2009

The Clinton "machine" is right on track...the plan is working perfectly! Nice job Barry...way to be a team player...oh, and it was nice of you to fill Hillary's cabinet with all her and Bill's good friends and past associates...very convenient for her I'd say. Perhaps YOU could be Secretary of State after all the dust settles.

emma on Jan 06, 2009

The democratc party is throwing us down the tubes!!! The people of america demand that obama release his birth certificate!!!!! We all need to protest at the supreme court of the united states

diane on Jan 06, 2009

Globe...I always thought your magazine was a bunch of nothing...but, i was wrong, you are GREAT. Thanks for the excellent article.

us citizen on Jan 06, 2009

You go globe, we the people stand behind you!!!

Anonymous on Jan 06, 2009

We have got to get to the truth, and soon. Otherwise the Democrats will spin it and bely the facts!

Think| on Jan 06, 2009

I've never bought the Globe before, but now I am going out to get my copy.

Ron Englehardt on Jan 06, 2009

Barak Obama does not have enough electoral votes to become president, as many electoral delegates would not vote for Obama to become president. At last count he had only 170 votes and he must have 270. Indiana delegates voted present, then left. As many of the delegates are conserned that Obama is not a legal citizen of the united states.

Mr. P's Friend! on Jan 06, 2009

Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever--this country deserves no less than the truth, no less than the same standard of complete transparency that Obama publically promotes. The truth will set us all free. Let us pray that all those responsible individuals that have a stake in this, as Spike Lee said, "Do the right thing." Barack Obama, if you have something to hide, you cannot preside!

Man-In-Black on Jan 06, 2009

Obama has absolutely no credibility if he cannot produce a simple "hospital" birth certificate that validates the requirements of the U.S. Constitution.

If this issue is left unresolved, it can bring down the government.

Obama will NEVER be my President.

Anonymous on Jan 06, 2009

if every one would get their facts straight and do some research instead of beieving these smutt magazines they will see that he was born in Hawaii and yes Hawaii is part of the United states.. any one that went to school knows hawaii is I HOPE. If these ppl think they can do it then step up to the plate he cant do any worse than Bush has done for the last 8 yrs.....

votersremorse on Jan 06, 2009

U.S. Supreme Court -- Profiles in Cowardice.

Jack on Jan 06, 2009

I hope this hits the national news if true..Dont think it will though.Hope it happens before Jan20,09

Jack on Jan 06, 2009

Its about time some honest journalism showed up at the scene and I believe he is not natural born.

Waitin For Alibi on Jan 07, 2009

Only in America
Lamestream media = propaganda
Supermarket tabloid = actual reporting
The YEARS spent in route sales delivering your bundles to outlets all over the south Louisiana area in the 1970's and 1980's were well worth it to see this story published. Tonight I made sure to place your publication in prominent checkout spots in a local grocery(HEB).
Thanks again.

Steve on Jan 07, 2009

The Supreme Court needs to do it's job of upholding the Constitution. The Secretary of State in each state should require candidates to show proof they are qualified under the Constitution to fill the position, but none of them did. We need to support the Globe since the Justices of the Supreme Court might think only liberals will react to their ruling. They need to uphold the law, not make rulings to try to get a result they like.

Marcoa on Jan 07, 2009

Thank you Globe for printing this about Obama. WE are fighting an uphill battle to disqualify him. Our Congress are wimps. If they do not stand up and disqualify him they are commiting treason

Barbara on Jan 07, 2009

Thank you Globe. You are the only paper thats had the guts to stand up and admit the truth. This country has really gotten currupt, when we turn away from what we know thats as clear as day. He cannot be president of this great country. What a crook. Thank you again.

Pat on Jan 07, 2009



209,682 Signatures Strong to date. The Supreme Court can't ignore the People forever. We have the right to view his birth certificate! Obama should not be above the Law! Is he even an American citizen?


LV GAL on Jan 07, 2009

Andy Martin @ContrarianCommentary.com has been fighting this battle for quite some time and is being snubbed by the Hawaii government in an obvious coverup. I have never been a fan of Tabloids, but since The Globe is the only media that has the guts to speak up on this matter to a national audience, you just made a new fan! Keep up the good work, lets have some more exposures of this type. I for one do not care about what the Hollywood celebs are doing but would appreciate another watchdog in DC!

ENOUGH! on Jan 07, 2009

I thank the Globe for reporting this story. No other paper would take the chance of facing the obama gang! We must stand together for the sake of this great country. obama knows full well, he is not a Natural Born Citizen, he knows what he is doing, but he does not care. Why should he? So far he has got away with so much, and I'm sure he has a lot of people in his pocket. At this time obama thinks he is untouchable, and the sad thing is.......... HE MAY BE RIGHT.

vagn on Jan 07, 2009

Reporting on this issue will certainly raise the value of your magazine in the eyes of the public, especially when people realize that they have been lied to by omission by main stream media.
More news on this topic would be welcome!

TexasInformer on Jan 07, 2009

Great job Globe....Keep em coming...Im spreading all the info I have as well...on and on more everyday !!!!!

Anonymous on Jan 08, 2009

Thanks for stating the truth about this fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep up the good work, we will never give up until the truth comes out. I will state that all those so-called state reps and sentors will not be in office in 2010. they are frauds as well, they know the truth, but do not have the balls to stand up for all of americans!!!!!!!!!!God help us all

Jefferson on Jan 08, 2009

Obama was born in Kenya McCain was born in Panama = Both not Natural Born The answer is obvious here Ron Paul for President !

portis on Jan 08, 2009

America had a chance to elect the first black President. You would think they would choose someone with solid credentials...but he's a fraud and not a natural born citizen...How could the DNC f--- this up so bad? There are more qualified, natural born black citizens in the US....NOT OBAMA

blue on Jan 08, 2009

Officials in Hawaii have admitted there is an actual, original birth certificate in the vault. The one on BO's website appears to be a manipulated fake. Jan. 9th it goes before the Supreme Court, but if they don't take it up, there are many others cases coming. This needs to be resolved one way or the other. The Court cannot, with this level of doubt, refuse to address this grave concern. They need to see the original and see if it matches what was posted on the Internet. The longer the media waits on this, any fragment of trust people had for the media will be gone. Joe the Plumber's confidentiality was broken by a government official who was a fundraiser for Obama. I think certainly something as simple as this can be checked. I would think Obama would like to start with full trust. What he posted was not convincing.

JD on Jan 09, 2009

He is not qualified and he knows it !

Cathy on Jan 09, 2009

Obama is not constatutionally viable to hold the office of the presidency of The United States of America because of his out of country birth to only one parent of American citizenry. But try to raise this question in these "politically corrrect" times I fear that the truly racist elementsts of our society will to cry foul. After all it must be the white right wing that is behind such a henious misinterpretation of the facts to deny the "saviour" his just elected position. If this is allowed to continue what is the oath of office this fraud will swear to January 20 2009 worth ? The constitution which binds this counrty will be a shambles, We will be all hypocrits and frauds and our laws worth nothing.

Mike Wo on Jan 09, 2009

It is a shame! By Law, the burden of proof lies with the accussers. Mr. Obama doesn't have to prove a thing because he is protected by the the 5th admendment "against self incrimination" of the same Constitution he chooses to wipe his butt with. I can only hope with the corruption of all 3 branches of our government that our military stands on the ready to "protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foriegn and domestic."

JessBear on Jan 09, 2009

It's about time SOMEONE in the media reported on this. I've been following these allegations closely for awhile now.
I can't believe the election came and went without any mention of this.

JC on Jan 09, 2009

Because your paper's had the integrity to touch this issue, when none of the other media outlets would, you've got yourself a new subscriber.
Good job!

ELI on Jan 10, 2009


M on Jan 10, 2009


If there was any real proof that Obama was ineligible he would never have gotten this far, much less be able to run for the Presidency in the first place.

He was born in America to an American, so yes he is a natural-born US citizen and nothing can change that.

Lynda on Jan 11, 2009

It appears that Obama supporters are more concerned about the negative news than they are about knowing the truth of this matter. Hasn't it occurred to anyone that if Mr. Obama was really concerned about this country and truly wanted unity that he would just release the required documents to prove his innocence so we could move past this issue? The laws in this country require every person to provide documentation of who they are and when and where they were born for far less important things. Why won't his followers face the fact that taking the TOP leadership position of this country should require as much? Obama has the power to stop all of this right now in this very hour, yet HE and HE alone allows it to continue. I would suggest that all of his supporters lay off of the concerned citizens and urge their man to come clean, if for nothing else than to make all of us look like idiots. Is there not a single soul out there who supported him that can't see red flags flying in the fact that he's spending thousands of dollars to hide the truth? Just the fact that our MSM is being totally silent on this issue should be at the very least a clue that something is amok. When has our media EVER ignored a possible scandal in the political realm? I salute Globe in their effort to reveal this issue to the masses. I've never purchased a single issue until now and I will continue my support as long as they stick to the facts and keep any and all "conspiracy theories" out of it. Globe now has a prime opportunity to become the voice of the American people during a time of crisis. Thank you Globe and keep up the GOOD work!

BK1 on Jan 11, 2009

All we want is the truth. Obama needs to show his actual birth certificate- I was also born in 1961- my birth certificate is handwritten- their were no computers in 1961. Obama needs to also share his college transcripts- WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO HIDE?

J on Jan 11, 2009

Others have talked about this too, it should have been looked into a long time ago. I do not believe Obama has the standing and he ran anyway. I believe he is a hoax too.

Concerned Voter on Jan 12, 2009

Urgent!!! Philip Berg, a Pennsylvania Democrat, has a case pending that has now reached the 'Supreme Court'. We have to make sure the Court knows that we, as citizens & voters, are extremely concerned; and we are requesting that they HEAR this case. ***Our letters can make ALL the difference in them deciding to hear this case. (Berg has been fighting to force Obama into furnishing a copy of his actual 'vault' birth certificate to prove he is eligible to assume the Office of U.S. President since August of 2008. Instead .. Obama's website sent a copy of a 'certificate of live birth' to pro-Obama websites, saying that proved he was a born in Hawaii. Not ONLY, is a certificate of live birth in Hawaii; a document that is recorded when a birth has taken place 'outside' the country; the certificate has been PROVEN, by a document 'expert', to be a clear FORGERY'! Then, Obama hired 3 law firms; and has had hundreds of attorneys stalling multiple lawsuits asking for proof that he is a "natural born citizen"; so he can take office even though he is NOT eligible.) Berg's case has been distributed to ALL Justices. The case was put on their 'Official Court Calendar' for 'Conferences' last Friday, Jan 9th, & THIS FRIDAY, Jan 16th. ** IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH, THE U.S. CONSTITUTION; & THAT OUR PRESIDENT-ELECT WAS ACTUALLY BORN IN KENYA; & THAT HE IS, IN FACT, AN INDONESIAN CITIZEN .. NOT A 'NATURAL BORN AMERICAN'; YOU MUST ACT NOW!!! Why is he lying to become our President and Commander In Chief? We WILL have a Constitutional Crisis if he takes the Oath of Office.
****We Need as many letters as possible mailed ASAP to the Supreme Court telling them we are Extremely Concerned; & asking them to HEAR THIS CASE: Berg vs Obama, U.S.S.C. Case No. 08-570. They DON'T take faxes or phone calls!! The letter needs to be copied & addressed to EACH of the 9 Supreme Court Justices (listed below); then put all 9 letters into ONE Manila Envelope & mail ASAP (fed ex, etc.) to:
U. S. Supreme Court, 1 First Street N.E., Washington, D.C. 20543
Supreme Court Justices: Chief Justice John Roberts; Justice Samuel A. Alito;
Justice Clarence Thomas; Justice Antonin Scalia; Justice Anthony M. Kennedy; Justice David H. Souter; Justice John Paul Stevens; Justice Stephen G. Breyer; & Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. If he lied about his birth & his Citizenship; what else has he lied about; & where will he take our great country??
for more info see: obamacrimes.com

Hyrum on Jan 12, 2009

Simply show us the real birth certificate and also proof that Obama did not obtain Indonesian citizenship to attend school (thereby giving up any U.S. citizenship that he may have had) while living there with his adopted father. I don't think he's even a naturalized citizen, as there's been no evidence of him applying for U.S. citizenship when he returned to Hawaii.

Mike on Jan 12, 2009

The U.S.A is now under siege from a foreign national who will have his finger on the nuclear button. God help us all!

Janey on Jan 13, 2009

Americans should have realised that he wasnt a citizen before he was elected or even running for president. seriouslly he should be allowed to stay in office

glam on Jan 13, 2009

if obama is not natural-born usa disqualify for office. Arnold Schwarzenegger could run for PRESIDENT why can he its not right?

JD on Jan 13, 2009

why would a party not use a constitutionally-qualified candidate ? What does anything go?

Brett in Palatine, IL on Jan 15, 2009

"Natural born" was defined (according to the Law of Nations written in the 1750's which was the legal reference book for the US Constitution - Section 212) as a) being born in the mainland AND b) BOTH parent MUST be US citizens at the time of birth. Obama's father (Obama Sr.) was a Kenyan citizen (which is public knowledge and acknowledged in Obama's book), therefore, Obama is NOT qualified to be President (regardless of the birth certificate)!

Check it out for yourself! Law of Nations, Book 1, Section 212



william on Jan 15, 2009

obama is a liar, thief and usurper..He knows he is not constutionally qualified to hold the office of president of the UNited States, but he is such a gutless, spineless bastard, he doesnt have the courage to stand up and explain this to the american people..Why our courts are protecting this man, when he should be in shackles and chains, is beyond me!!!!

Brett in Palatine, IL on Jan 15, 2009

"Natural born" was defined (according to the Law of Nations written in the 1750's which was the legal reference book for the US Constitution - Section 212) as a) being born in the mainland AND b) BOTH parent MUST be US citizens at the time of birth. Obama's father (Obama Sr.) was a Kenyan citizen (which is public knowledge and acknowledged in Obama's book), therefore, Obama is NOT qualified to be President (regardless of the birth certificate)!

Check it out for yourself! Law of Nations, Book 1, Section 212



Reenie on Jan 16, 2009

Please keep investigating this story.It is a very important issue.He has hired three law firms to defend him.If he is a Natural Born Citizen,as the Constitution requires,why bother to do this,and why not just prove to the American people that you are eligible to be President by showing a real,legal birth certificate.Thank you,and keep up the good work!

Covey on Jan 18, 2009

You all need to get over it and be ready to accept the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT on 1-20-09

second name on Jan 19, 2009

I saw the copies of the so called birth document,he fits right in with all the other illegals in this country. His birth record looks phony to me . God help us.

angela V. frink on Jan 19, 2009

You need to stop spreading these assertions about Obama without any proof. May be one of the reasons is that at the NYPL(New York Public Library there is a microfilm from the Honolulu Observer announcing his birth... August 13,1961 http://texasdarlin.wordpress.com/2008/07/23/obama-was-likely-born-in-hawaii/
Its just prejudice cause its a black man no one would question a white man's ancestry

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2009

The laws of America are intentionally being ignored by the "lawmakers" on capital hill. This is a travisty!! He is a fraud!!!!!!

Shestheone on Jan 21, 2009

Doesen't matter where he was born. Takes 2 American parents and being born on American soil to be a Natural Born Citizen. BO's father was in the U.S. on a student visa and from Kenya which was under British Rule at the time. There is absolutely no way that BO is a Natural Born Citizen.

Cory on Jan 22, 2009

Thank you for the updates on the Caylee Anthony case. It is sickening that someone would do this to a child. It is necessary for your type of maganize to keept he pressue on so that victims like Caylee get justice. If you want the real story, go to THE GLOBE... Can you guys swithch to a glossy paper so that your papers last. Your current paper type gets smudged and ripped to easily.
Thanks again!!!

Keep up the good work!

Jennifer on Jan 22, 2009

Thank you to the Globe for this story. More people need to know about this. It is deeply disturbing that the vast majority of the media has decided not to report on this. It is censorship.

Sue on Jan 23, 2009

We need all of this information to
get out to the public. The mainstream media has done a disservice to the american people for the last 2 years. God bless you Globe magazine for having the courage to stand up and report, not
everyone will research online, so you are a true blessing.

Harold on Jan 23, 2009

There's a lot of miss-info in these postings, one US parent is all that's reqiured, if certain factors are met. However, Obama's birth doesn't meet the requirements. Check it out at an immigration professional law site www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/United-States-citizenship
1 Possetion of citizenship
2.1.3 through birth abroad to one United States citizen.
Read Items 1, 2, and 3. She was only 17 at the time of his birth. Then, notice that no consulate or embassy regrestration was done, or it would have been produced, end of story.

Tina on Jan 25, 2009

Get a grip people! He was ELECTED, rather than selected like that last idiot. Some of you really need to get outdoors or get a hobby. Grasping at straws!!!

tomtom on Jan 25, 2009

Howard Dean -Chairman of Democratic Party is responsible for checking the qualifications of BO. How come he is so quiet? are you involved too for this biggest conspiracy ?

Paul on Jan 26, 2009

I subscribed to Globe magazine the
part Dec. 08. I am very glad to be receiving it. This artical should be in every newspaper in the
U.s.A.so as to get the word out about Obama. Keep up the good word.

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2009

obama is essentually nothing but a real fake because he has got no citizenship and or an id or ss# let alone a passport or green card just to get into this country and then he must be a legal in this country by taking a required US citizens test just like every other illegal immigrant that comes into this country.

Americafirst on Jan 27, 2009

Thank goodness there are still those of us who care about America. It is time for Obama to be exposed for the fraud he is!

steve on Jan 28, 2009

This artical should be in every newspaper in the
U.S.A.so as to get the word out about Obama. Keep up the good word.
Thanks to all who are doing their best to expose the truth

shar on Jan 30, 2009

Keep it coming Globe.. you are the only media outlet doing it's job.

Megan on Jan 31, 2009

If you have any doubts that something is wrong. Think about, he's got about about 20 lawsuits going on about same issue. He has spent thousands and thousands of dollars (if not a million now), to hide his true information.

Why would anyone do this, when a birth certificate in Hawaii cost about twelve dollars? Instead he hires three law firms??? Where does he keep getting all this money?

Why won't the MSM address this issue...folks we are in deep trouble.

Anonymous on Feb 02, 2009

Finally, a news media with the guts to print this story.

lotzahair on Feb 05, 2009

Keep following this story as he thinks he is above the law and the Supreme Court fails to do their job.

DOGLADY on Feb 06, 2009

sad when i saw your issue of 2-5-09 it disappered next day, any info about how it did?

rachel on Feb 13, 2009

Even if Mr.B.O. was born in Hawaii as he would have you believe, his FATHER wasn't a U.S. citizen...so therefore he isn't a "natural citizen" as required by our Constitution. Why they allowed him to run is beyond me. I guess our Constitution is no longer anything but an old piece of paper, since there are all kinds of violations going on and not a damn thing is done about them.

The rule of law only applies to certain people...not all. Otherwise most of Congress would be in prison (and we'd all be better off if they were).

CPT on Feb 13, 2009


LorieK on Feb 26, 2009

After following this story about the scam being pulled on the American citizenry since August, and the Sinclair story for the past 13 months via true journalists... FINALLY these stories are being addressed in the "main stream". A testament to the lack of true journalism in this nation. Not to mention the fact that instead of standing up for our Constitution and supporting true investigation, questioners are demonized. Look at what you have "elected" America. Be afraid, be very afraid.

name witheld on Feb 26, 2009

yep born in kenya, ties to larry sinclair, wantd guys like farrakahn and sharpton to be part of his cabinet. Realized that couldnt be dropped out of his church though i think is michelles church and not his but then he did belong to it. Wake up!!! There isnt any change and there wont be.

rense reader on Feb 26, 2009

Bush Jr. never won the Presidency, so what!

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2009

how long has everyone been talking about this?

JohnHenry on Feb 26, 2009

Who cares anymore? The USA is officially now a banana republic.

Chemtrails on Feb 26, 2009

You don't say, where were you fools when the neocon Bushes were destroying this country. Where were u when Bush lied about his military service. He know partnership w/BinLaden, When he bankrupted our Treasury. Where were you then? If I must get NWOrdered, let it be by Obama, at least he's human.

Noblebrother on Feb 26, 2009

Yes, even Obama's grandma exclaimed that BO was born in Kenya...the Globe IS correct....

9/11 Truth on Feb 26, 2009

Obama is a tool of the Elites, as were all our other presidents for decades before, with the exception of JFK, perhaps. The Republican/Democrat, left/right paradigm has been infiltrated & neutralized—they are two sides of the very same coin.

heathen on Feb 26, 2009

Lest we forget, there is the small matter of his right hand man, Rahm Emanuel, (dual citizen, U.S./Israhell), who, also, should not be allowed, by constitutional law, to hold the post he now (illegally) occupies.

Scottster on Feb 26, 2009

I just read through some of the responses. Hey! Where are alL the Obots screaming "RACISTS!!!" It's sad but true that a supermarket tabloid is one of the few media outleft with the courage to stand up for truth. This man needs to be removed YESTERDAY!

Mikko on Feb 26, 2009

"Hard to believe this news item hasn't been discussed on CBS or NBC."

Not when you know who owns them...it's not news anymore, has not been for a long time...they are propaganda outlets.

Jay on Feb 26, 2009

Why is the Supreme Court in league with this tyranny by dismissing virtually all of the legitimate suits filed for discovery? May God help us!!! Jesus Christ, we pray to hasten your return... amen.

David on Feb 26, 2009

All this man has to do is permit the State of Hawaii to release his original BC. Thus far, he has refused to do so. Moreover, he should concur with the order to release his student records. If he has nothing to hide, the solution is quite simple. This entire problem could be rectified very quickly. He is definitely not a Natural Born Citizen which is a logical conclusion given his refusal to cooperate!

Howard on Feb 26, 2009

Phil Berg et all should have settled this before the election. If Neo-Cons remove the Messiah, watch out!

K A Kessell on Feb 26, 2009

Go Globe...The only paper with the Balls to speak up.!!

Gina on Feb 26, 2009

THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE. perhaps it is a true statement. Many thanks for your research due to Phil, the man from Pensylvania.

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2009

Americans have no idea how corrupt the people are in Washington.
America is run by a
white house of criminals
the American people are as helpless as a new born child

ted on Feb 26, 2009

neither was arnold shwartzenegger, but he's been governer for how long? what was the other option for president? a war monger.if he is'nt eligable for presidency why'd he win so many votes?

lloyd dobbs on Feb 26, 2009

hey, nobody gives a damn about any constitution. obama is the man. leave him be.

RedWhiteAndMad on Feb 26, 2009

I was born in the U.S. I served my country in the U.S. Army for 20 years against all enemies foreign and domestic. Against communism to protect our country's sovereignty. This man goes against everything American. No birthright. No citizenship. He's a Marxist. Read your history young men and women before its too late. Obama is a monster.

Peresphone on Feb 26, 2009

Silver anyone or is that just for Judas? As much as the GOP adores the heck out of Biden and Nancy Pelosi, who are next in line, well, sounds like their full of it as usual. GOP: Go Biden!!!!

doris haas on Feb 26, 2009

he isn't a legal president under our Constitution and is a usurper to the oval office. didn't anyone know this???????

Kenzo on Feb 26, 2009

I was born in Kenya to missionary parents. My parents are American citizens and were at the time of my birth. I, However..am legally a citizen of Kenya, not USA. If I want to become an American citizen I must apply for citizenship. Additionally, the Kenyan parliment has recently declared a national "Obama" holiday to celebrate one of their own, born in Kenya, who has become president of the United States.

Corey G. on Feb 26, 2009

This info has been circulating well before the elections... Obama made special trips to Hawaii to prevent this from getting in his way.

Joe on Feb 26, 2009

Can we get him out before he spends all our money? Kenya needs there upser back. Go there BO.

Richard on Feb 26, 2009

This has been discussed on MSNBC, but only in the context of it being a crazy conspiracy theory, pushed by butt-hurt Republicans. I'm a liberal who believes Obama is not a natural born citizen who should not be our president.

Doug on Feb 26, 2009

A tabloid writes the truth? What's this world coming to? It's amazing how people come together when one person threatens the existence of a country.

Nelson on Feb 27, 2009

Seems to not matter anymore doesn't it. Where are we headed.

justin_o_guy on Feb 27, 2009

This is just one more event being used to "Set Precedent". The Constitution was suspended 3/9/33 & we have been under War POwers since. This Event, having a Puppetdent installed to Rule over us & forward the Globalist Agenda against us,l is just one more event that goes against everything we have been TOLD is right. The Murder of Terry Schiavo in Fla., as they claimed she was in a Vegetative State, was another. Get ready, Boys & Girls, insanity follows. Inside one of those Bailout Bills they stashed language to limit medical care for people 55 & up. If you are old & going blind, so what? Youre Supposed to go blind!Well, thats all the good news I have for today!

Support Ron Paul, maybe we will survive this crap.


PLEASE take him out of office, he is a non citizen and a communist.

I was a trooper in time of war, and my fellow soldiers dont want to fight for big gov power motivated communist OBAMA gov, especially when he isnt a citizen

rag on Feb 27, 2009

Its been common knowledge on the truth seekers websites for awhile..Wake Up America!!!!!

rebel on Feb 27, 2009

The publisher of Larry Sinclair's book has been repeatly threatend and harassed for several weeks....Truth is never opposed only secrecy is!!!

Katalina on Mar 03, 2009

I agree with Mauka. Now if the MSM would pay attention, you would hope that they would do some serious post-vetting since they didn't do any vetting of BO the candidate prior to the election. The MSM, particularly the big three and MSNBC have been in bed with BO since the beginning. I hope the Globe and other weeklies stay on this story, the lack of an authentic birth certificate story, and any other concerns about BO that should be thoroughly investigated and dealt with. BO is all hype, a crook, and the most disingenuous person to lead this country--much more than boy Clinton.

doglady on Mar 19, 2009


DOGLADY on Mar 19, 2009


at on Apr 05, 2009

Absolutely!!! Americans should of known and the office in the white house should of avoid his candidancy for running for president -every one should be born American not .....

Anonymous on Jul 21, 2009

The left wing media is too scared to carry this story. Wimps all of them. Call the ICE and report that there is an illegal alien in the White House.....I did and I vow to call every day until this is taken seriously. TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW

gayle on Aug 05, 2009

since he's not our president, by law every bill he signs is null & void. America could be saved

sue on Aug 11, 2009

Well its about time someone stands up for American law Thank you!!!

Sarah on Aug 14, 2009

Obama has paid millions of dollars to one in particular law firm to keep his records from public view !!! why doesnt he JUST SHOW THE REAL CERTIFECATE and I will shutup !!!!

Jo-Ann Wulf on Aug 16, 2009

Barack Obama has not paid out of pocket more then one million bucks because he was born in Hawaii.
Globe break this nut wide open.

Anonymous on Nov 23, 2009

Their must be a reason that Obama has sealed his birth records. To clear things up he just has to release the records.

Joel on Nov 23, 2009

Why has Obama sealed his birth records. If he would release them then all this could be cleared up. Unless he is hideing something.

Mauka on Nov 27, 2009

The usurper in chief admits himself his father is from Kenya right? That means right there he is not eligible...PLAIN AND SIMPLE he is NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!

The government is ALL corrupt! They all know that! Left, centre, Right...all same crap. New World Order ! ! !