Caylee's Mom Unmasked!

IN a stunning world exclusive, monster mom Casey Anthony's ex-boyfriend exposes what really happened to little Caylee, the tragic 2-year-old Florida girl who has broken America's heart. Our shocking interview - complete with never before seen photos - finally lifts the lid on the surprising identity of Caylee's mysterious father - and Casey's bizarre relationship with her mom. You won't want to miss a single word.

September 3, 2008

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Alexandra on Sep 04, 2008

Every mom and dad is born with a natural parentalinstinct to protect their offspring, in particular the mother who bares the featus in her every day, every minutes and second, for so long. When acts of horror occur, I truly think the brain is giving wrong messages to the mind. Was Caylee's mom jealous of her own daughter possibly receiving more affection from her mom than she was? She probably resented the fact that she was home with her parents when mother nature naturally was iginiting her feelings her to spread her wings (regardless of circumstances). Are there not contraceptives that young women can use other than the pill? Can an IUD be implemented in a young woman's body before giving birth?
I am so sorry for the toddle. She was so beautiful. For Caylee's mom to come forward might be a sign of remorse and shame. She did have help from her parents. God is caring for little Caylee. I am so sorry for Caylee's grandparents' inexplicable emotional pain. To give a light example of what the pain is like: Imagine yourself inserting a needle through your nipple with a thread and going over it and over it and over it.

Catherine on Sep 07, 2008

What a sleazy excuse for a mother!

guess who on Oct 08, 2008

why is casey anthony being given so many breaks. she is a monster and deserves to die. i know the investigators have to build a good case on her but why is she out of jail. she needs to be locked up and put to death for what she did to that beautiful little girl, caylee. caylee, there are many people in the world who love you and i hope you are in the arms of the angels and god has put a white light around you so no one else can hurt you. we love you so much and are so sorry for what happened to you.

di on Dec 16, 2008

Calee's mom should be given the
death sentence if she did kill
her daughter.