Estelle Getty Funeral Drama

BELOVED Golden Girl Estelle Getty was snubbed by her former costars Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan and Betty White when she was buried in a Hollywood cemetery after dying from a rare disease. GLOBE gives you exclusive photos of the 84-year-old star's tragic funeral - and reveals the surprising reasons given by her Golden Girls cast mates for skipping the service.

July 30, 2008

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Lorri brooks on Jul 30, 2008

Other than a previous engagement that could not have been cancelled or being out of the country what reason could these women have had not to attened Ms Getty's funeral?

Reza on Jul 31, 2008

I am addicted to the "Golden Girls".I am surprised that all of the other casts never made it to Estelle's funeral.I thought that they were very close with each other.I would think that they would make all efforts to attend such a sad event.I am surprised.However,they have given their own reasons as to why they were unable to do so but sitll my heart is not pleased .They acted so closely in those series and should atleast show some more emotions towards respecting Sophia". Reza.Toronto,Canada.

Caroline on Aug 01, 2008

I Don't Care What there Reason Was they should have been there. That is so wrong.. the only reason that could forgive them would be if they were in the Hospital or Jail. Theres no Excuse.

Maddie (from Hawaii) on Aug 04, 2008

I've enjoyed watching the Golden
Girls for as long as i can remember and to me i thought that they were very close like a family. It's a shame that not even one of the remaining "Golden
Girls" could attend Estell's funeral!!! Shame on you Bea,Rue and Betty! There's no excuse what so ever!! At least one of you could have paid your respects to Estelle. After all she was also a "Golden Girl!!!

laura on Aug 05, 2008

I really liked estelle and I loved the golden girls. It was one of my favorite shows. I have all of the seasons. Estelle was such a sweet lady and I would have loved to have known her and gone to the funeral. I can't believe that none of her costars from golden girls or any of her other shows didn't bother to show up to pay their respects that is just wrong. You do not treat a friend like that. I would have loved to have had estelle for a friend or a grandmother. It is so sad that she passed away. Her funeral was on my birthday. I will miss you estelle. You will always be Sophia Patrillo to me. Rest in peace.

chessplayer1957 on Aug 06, 2008

it was said by the two that they said their good byes when she was a live, no need to be at a funeral where she does not know they was there. I do not agree with that.
Rue M. said she couldn't be there
because of knee surgery.
they did not say if flowers or
money was donated to chairty
in her name. these three should
be ashamed of themselfs for not
being there

Carrie Boone on Aug 06, 2008

It's very sad that the "Girls" couldn't make it. This is what friendships are all about. I know that this was television, but supposedly they were good friends outside of the show. I wish they could have made more of an effort to be by her family's side. I love the show and is trying hard to let this incident not taint the memory.

john on Aug 07, 2008

I am so disappointed in those women. Bea Arthur says she could not handle the emotion of a funeral. If anything, she could have put her emotions aside and been there to support the family. I heard that Betty White was seen attending a play just a week before....what is her excuse. Rue claims she couldn't fly..... she couldn't have arranged for some other form of transportation!? They should be ashamed of themselves!

Jennifer Hebert on Aug 07, 2008

Although it may seem upsetting that they did not attend, no one knows what was said or done between any of them and estelle. If they say they have said their goodbyes when she was still here and knew who they were then they may have been enough for everyone involved. I wish them all the best and will always love and admire them, ESPECIALLY ESTELLE!!!

Laura A on Aug 07, 2008

I still watch the Golden Girls four times a day on Lifetime. Keep in mind Bea, Betty and Rue are old too. I can see why they did not make the funeral

Christina on Aug 07, 2008

A strongly believe that the trio did not "snuff" there beloved Estelle by not attending her funeral. They were simply respecting her and not wanting to draw attention to themselves when it was about Estelle. They are all amazing!

Lisa RBD on Aug 09, 2008

The Golden Girls was a very great show to show how older people really are....Estelle Getty played a wonderful part. I do not find fault at the three for not atteneding, I find it horrible for people to shame them. Just because they are famous, (it would be nice to let them have some privacy, We don't need to know every little detail of their lives, how dull is your own life to be mad at them) sometimes it is nescessary for us to remember they are human, flesh and blood just as you that mock them. Sometimes it is better to remember people when they were alive. After 6 years now I hate that I see my mother, her last 5 days of life dying then laying in her casket and I can not remember her as well alive. Plus my nephew "17 years old at his passing", it is hard to get those images out of your mind of blood, thought I was gonna be sick, but the worse was an 18 month old, I want to keep the memories alive when they were. Don't get mad at them just remember how they were on the show, that is how I will always remember them. (Now in tears) I refuse to go to any other funerals even my own.....I want people to remember me the way I am now not after I die. Everyone has their own way of grieving. Love to all the Golden Girls.

Jerry on Aug 11, 2008

I used to watch the Golden girls every day. I loved that show. Personally I can understand if the girls had good reasons not to attend Estelle's funeral. We have to consider their age too.

crystal on Aug 11, 2008

Everyone grieves differently. Celebrities are in the spotlight all the time and most times they do things because they know there will be media coverage and someone commenting on their every move. These ladies knew Estelle best and knew the situation at hand. and between friends we dont always share everything to the outside world. the media is so busy reminding everyone that the girls weren't there instead of remembering the woman who was laid to rest. RIP Estelle.

Caroline D'Avignon on Aug 19, 2008

I will miss Estelle Getty so much and she is a very pretty lady and she is a great person and she is like a grandmother to me

Ms. M. on Aug 23, 2008


bouvcat on Sep 11, 2008

You know, Estelle was actually the youngest of the Golden Girls. The women probably didn't attend the funeral because they are in their late eighties and old and feeble and didn't want to be photographed looking old and feeble. Travel isn't easy for old women, especially women THAT old

chris hughey on Sep 16, 2008

l really enjoyed the show.

Kathy on Dec 27, 2008

I love the Golden Girls and Estelle Getty, as an actress could never be replaced, she was great. I understand why Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan did the right thing, people would have had alot of sight seers show up and ruined the funeral. Good-bye Mama, we love you.

1940s piano man on Feb 01, 2009

I agree with Chessplayer. People live 4ever one way or another. Funerals aren't about wether or not the deceased is "aware". It's out of RESPECT and RECOGNITION for your friend.

andrea on mar 8,2009 on Mar 08, 2009

i have been watching :

Andrea on Mar 8,2009 on Mar 08, 2009

I am more than a Golden Girls fan.I know every episodes word for word.Even though i have all the seasons i still watch it on television.Thank u lifetime for all the years of the girls and thank u Hallmark for continuing to give us the best comedy ever.I miss u Estelle but u will always be in my heart.I love u Rue,Betty and especially Bea.

A Dowell on Mar 30, 2009

I feel very sad at the fact that the other women did not attend the funeral... They seemed like a family on TV you would think they would pay their respects when a member of the family was now gone forever. I guess things really are not what they seem. No excuse

Tiffany Norman on Apr 27, 2009

I absoulutely love the Golden Girls. Dorothy and Sophia were a dynamic duo.

michael knight on Jun 21, 2009

we love estelle getty

nish on Jul 20, 2009

the golden girls was my favorite show and still is but once i found out about the death of estelle and bea my heart was broken they were my favorite characters besides rose im glad shes still living

jamie on Jul 30, 2009

I am young and all but the reason why the girls didn't attend to "sophia's" funeral was because she requested it.she didn't want the girls last memory of her to be of her on her death I will always rember sophia as the great and funniest cast member right before rose. I love you sophia

debbie riskus on Sep 22, 2009

im very sad because she is dead but her memorieswill allways be with me i love her she will allways bring a smile to my face and in to my heart rip sweet heart

DR. MADELEINE MARIANI, PH.D. on Sep 28, 2009



Rachael is cool on May 12, 2010

Estelle Getty was so cool! I mean I'm 11 years old so take it from me.
I'm a HHHHHHUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE of The Golden Girls and when she died, I was heartbroken.

Anonymous on Jul 03, 2010

i have watched golden girls since i was in junior high. im now 23. i adore the girls!! :) it's my favorite show ever! it was hard for me to hear that 3 of them passed on. kick it up betty white!!

big boy on Jul 06, 2010

my mom feels sad too cause she use to watch them and does is HEARTBROKEN.she is a hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee FAN OIF THEM.:(

Loretta Salomon on Oct 22, 2010

To each his own. They have to live with that decision, not me. Who are we to judge.

Red on Jun 24, 2011

Death is always a sad thing, but we can not judge any of the other co stars for not attending her funeral. We were not there and we do not know the reason behind it. I really do love the Golden Girls, but I didn't like Estelle Gettys role in the show.

debbie on Jun 14, 2012

yes i loved her she is my only fave golden girls no else i will miss her terribly she is allways in my heart