Camilla and Charles Divorce Drama

BOOZING Camilla has heaped the final indignation on her hubby Charles, according to palace insiders who say the prince caught his consort in a gay love nest! This week's GLOBE reveals all the details of the latest divorce scandal to rock the royal family. It's must reading.

July 22, 2008

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karen on Jul 23, 2008

prince charles deserves every rotten thing he gets!! his children deserve better.

kaitepamela on Jul 23, 2008

Camilla is so ugly and Charles was so wrong to two time with her while married to Diana that it serves him right he is now being two timed himself. Does it matter that whether it with a man or a woman? Camilla just wanted the status and Charles cannot be faithful himself.

margaret on Jul 24, 2008

when will prince charles learn that the only way the royal family to get the complete support of his people is to divorce the woman that has not nothing but bring down the monarchy. Wake up prince charles, divorce dog face now

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2008

I hate Camilla. She came in between Charles and Diana. Diana would still be aliive if it was not for her, so what ever she is faceing she deserves it. Charles should not be King of England William is the one who should get it.

margaret on Jul 25, 2008

charles deserves what ever he gets,she is ugly, and only wanted the status,and money. she is also lazy. Divorce her now charles

spencer on Jul 25, 2008

Prince Charles was always more Gay than straight--he could not give Princes Diana sexualy what she needed--and Camila was his soul mate and not sex pot--he used Camilla to cover his gay secrets

Down with Camilla on Jul 28, 2008

This scandel is going to get Good and juicey. I thik the surpise well be Camilla is going to spill the beans on what she knows about Dinas death. I bet you money she knows about a plot to get rid of Diana. I dont see why charels would marry the woman who made the Mother of his children life hell. He should have never married her out of respcet for his Sons, and his late wife. Camilla is an old drunk lady who is ugly,and has no morals. She is not fit to shine his shoes. I thik Charels well be happy singel and can date up a storm and find a Queen England well adore. Only good can come from this divorce.

denise on Aug 16, 2008

well this was in the stars she is not PRINCESS material shame on him for everything he put Diana through not a good role model for a husband at all I hope his two boys do 100% better job than he has ever done and I am sure they will as they have their mothers blood running through their viens

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2008

Charles really is a member of the alternate lifestyle.

jan on Aug 20, 2008

We've waited a long time for justice for Diana...maybe now...but God is never pleased with the sin of adultry or divorce that usually follows it. They need prayer, not condemnation

Enfrid on Aug 23, 2008

What goes around comes around, Charles & Camilla!! It's just a matter of time.

kt on Sep 03, 2008

I cannot wait for some karma
for these two. I don't know which
one is more ridiculous, Charles or Camilla. They deserve each other.
This should put an end to the discussion about the European royalty inter-familial marriages. Diana had alot to teach them about class. I would not want to be a British citizen and have to pay tax to support these sociopaths.

Margaret on Sep 06, 2008

When is prince charles going to wake up and divorce the women that is going to bring down the monarchy? She is the most hated woman in the world, she is lazy,a drunk and thinks that she is better than the common people. Not only that she helped to destroy our princess, that should had been the next queen and destroyed a young family.

caren on Sep 10, 2008

i think charles should divorce camilla all she ever wanted was to be queen an she was greedy so she did everything to breakup Princes Diana an charles so throw that cow away i would have a long time ago.
the true queen should have been the Princess Diana she would have made a wonderful kind Queen in my eyes she was the Queen an in everyone else too.

rifca55 on Oct 11, 2008

I am an American citizen, and I am assured that I can say that Britain's sister nation can say that Diana was one of the best things that happened to the Royal family and charles. I hope that Camilla ecspecially, and Charles are miserable for a long time

qball on Oct 16, 2008

well if there is a divorce comming ,does anybody know if he had her sign a prenup?

sol santos on Jan 28, 2009

Charles wake up!! you split-up with your beautiful wife Diana for an old-ugly drunken woman..your marriage was short wd Diana bec you cheated her for that ugly sagging woman! didnt you find a better looking lady from england who you can be proud to show around the world??any prince in u.s.a. will not even be serious wd her doggy look, drunk etc? you are better off to be single than that face !! she is a marriage breaker yet you married her! give william a chance to show the world a nice london Lady not camilas face for gods sake!

Anonymous on May 12, 2010

its about time he gets a divorce. she is a pig

Joan on Aug 01, 2010

I agree with all of the comments written here! Camilla broke up a marriage of a man that had no problem cheating on someone like Dianna; so much below Princess Di! I can't believe he would even look at another woman. Now he can suffer like he made Dianna suffer. No sympathy here; only disgust for both he and his bride!

denice young on Aug 02, 2010

Prince Charles had a wife that the world loved. But he didn't like the spotlight on anyone but him.Grow up,and be a man. You should have been happy that the world loved you because you loved Princess Diana. You get as good as you get.Carmilla looks like the horses that they ride.Noone in the family cares for her,so what does he see in it!

Ruth Crawford on May 31, 2011

Camilla should leave Kate along and stop the backstabbing that Camilla has always pulled. I hope the Prince Charles will DIVORCE Camilla.

Anonymous on Jun 07, 2011

I think that all Camilla was a gold digger and she will always live in the great Dianna. With Dianna gone from the place we all wanted to see what great she was going to do around the world. But sorry Camilla your a nothing and will remain that way, you could not possibly think that you would have any thing but the back seat

cindy on Jul 07, 2011

His children do deserve better than a cheating decietful dad. But Camilla needs to be put out on the street, striped of everthing that has anything to do with the royal family. Title, jewels, clothes, and something she never had, dignity.

charqueen on Jul 08, 2011

they deserve each other. let be miserabe together.

Peter in New Hampshire on Jul 10, 2011

The next two people I want to see on the throne are William and Kate.But let's let
William and Kate have some
breathing room first.

Peter in NH on Jul 10, 2011

I wish William and Kate well;
these two REALLY belong on the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland(Man!what a

Peter in NH on Jul 17, 2011

It'll Cost a lot but getting Camilla out of Buckingham Palace doesn't come cheap.Nevertheless,it must be done.Better sooner than later.