White House Cocaine Scandal

PRESIDENT George Bush was using cocaine in the White House! That's the shocking charge by political insiders in a GLOBE blockbuster report you can't afford to miss! Sources insist Bush has abused cocaine and the mood swings triggered by the drug have almost destroyed his marriage to first lady Laura!

June 5, 2008

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ohmy on Jun 06, 2008


ahappycamper on Jun 07, 2008

That sums it all up in a nutshell

Bushmaster on Jun 07, 2008

If not his marriage, get that drug user out now!!!
Before we go to war with the white house cartel.......

yoyojie on Jun 07, 2008


Anonymous on Jun 07, 2008

Air Head

Renee on Jun 08, 2008

Bush needs to go to Rehab???

randy on Jun 08, 2008

if it is true,i guess he blew his chance at being smarter than an 82 iq

ChingarraSan on Jun 09, 2008

Of course he uses coke, and, let's not forget his Wild Turkey Jones! He talked to God, and God told him it was OK to snort coke and drink because he's the preznit, and it helps him handle the pressure of the job. The abuse of Laura is simply collateral damage. If she didn't like it she would have left him by now.

American person on Jun 12, 2008

I believe it.

CeeCee on Jun 12, 2008

so what else is new?

FreedomReigns on Jun 13, 2008

And this is news HOW? The man has been abusing cocaine for 20 years. You ever watch Laura Bush smile? That's not the smile of a woman saying everything's ok? That's the smile of a woman who knows her life is f**ked and no one is going to save her.

Sethen on Jun 13, 2008

lol, there had to be something wrong with him.

april on July 17,2008 on Jul 18, 2008

Probably has to drink or something to forget about all the guys that have died overseas, many people feel like they have been abused by a mean alcoholic. He was suppose to make peoples lives better not.

Paul on Aug 22, 2008

This disgusts me. Not only is he drinking and having a relationship with Condi Rice, but now he's using cocaine? I don't blame Laura for storming out of the White House. I'm sure the divorce papers will be filed once he is done with his presidency.

oppppsss. on Oct 01, 2008

Bush, stay away from the coke, it's a young mans drug.... Gotta grow up sometime!