Obama Dumps Oprah!

PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Barack Obama has betrayed Oprah Winfrey, his No. 1 celebrity supporter, telling her he no longer needs her backing in his bid to win the White House, reveal sources. Only GLOBE has the inside story of the rift between the talk show queen bee and the presidential wannabe. Sources tell us the shocking reason Obama's people have told Oprah to back off from the campaign. Don't miss it!

May 14, 2008

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MARK on May 16, 2008

Thanks for reporting on the Obama/sex/drug scandal. Please continue to cover this story. I rely on the Globe to keep me informed.

mamalene on May 18, 2008

oprah gave him his first big push now he dont need her help or money so he thinks. maybe she will give hillary some help, she is great (both of them)

katrina on Jun 19, 2008

whatever happened in obamas past helped to shape his life and helped him to become the president.
He Is Our Next President only unless stupid bush hasn't had us bombed by then

Anna on Jul 15, 2008

I love Katrina's last sentence of her comment, Jun 19,'08. Obama is not my choice for president but she is "right on" about Bush! I can't stop laughing. Boy, does she know Bush!

pam on Sep 11, 2008

this must be the real reason for her fake tears at the convection