Camilla and Charles Split!

PRINCE Charles and his boozing wife Camilla are secretly living apart and headed towards divorce, palace insiders reveal. GLOBE has all of the amazing details of what sources are calling the biggest crisis in their three-year marriage. Our sizzling exclusive report reveals insiders' stories about what drove the royal couple to their bitter trial separation - and why they believe Charles and Camilla are doomed. Stay in the know - and read all about it!

May 8, 2008

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Anonymous on May 11, 2008

Thank God they are splitting up! She is an old hag. I could never imagine why he was with her. I hope that they are apart forever. I will never forgive Camilla for going out with him while he was married to Princess Dianna.

Myraw on May 11, 2008

An old saying goes:
You cannot build your happiness on the unhappiness of others.

tomlinp on May 12, 2008

I think charles and camilla deserve each other!

angles on May 12, 2008

It is about time - she will never take the place of Diana - not with Charles nor with his sons. She is a witch who is getting what she dished out.

grammy on May 15, 2008

It couldn't happen to a more deserving couple.

Tinkerbelle on May 25, 2008

What goes around comes around. I would have thought he had what he wanted after all that time.

Peter in Houston on May 30, 2008

I am a Brit living permanently in Houston, Texas - and looking at the absolutely pathetic couple and how ineffective Charles is - why not start afresh with William leap-frogging his Dad to the throne - leaving Prince Charles and his Duchess to a retired life somewhere that cannot harm the Monarchy any further (say) the Shetland Islands, where Charles can look after the local environment and Camilla can ride horses to her heart's content. Come on England - let's hear it for a fresh start with King William 1V !!!!!!

Anonymous on Jul 04, 2008

its about time. what the hell was he thinking getting with her in the first place. they deserve whatever happens, i dont feel sorry for them at all. you cant do wrong and get away with it. one day it catches up with you charles.

margaret tucker on Jul 14, 2008

we will all rejoice when the palace announces that prince charles and camilla have decided to separate, with divorce preceeding to begin with the reading of this announcement.Maybe Prince Charles is finally getting smart. Dump her Prince Charles now

Mary on Jul 18, 2008

They are both ugly people and probably had something to do with Diana's death.

Gloria on Aug 19, 2008

Camilla should never been allowed to marry Prince Charles. She only wants to be Queen. Princess Diana would still be alive if not for Camilla. She is a coniving BITCH and most of the world hates her. She is one ugly person and only a mother could love her.

G.K. in Kansas on Aug 19, 2008

The Prince needs to stay a Prince and let William Be King. The world loves Prince William and needs a younger Man to rule England. I think Prince Charles is a thing of the past ans should be beheaded for marring such a witch as Camilla

Enfrid on Nov 30, 2008

Can't say as I feel too bad. Not after what they did to Diana.

say its so on May 14, 2009

The Bible forbids adulterers to marry one another after the offended spouse is divorced. These two should never have been allowed to marry in the Church of England, and he should never be King.

peppycelt on Jul 08, 2009

Every time I see Camilla, I cringe. We Americans loved her dearly, and the very sight of Camilla with Charles is almost too much to bear. Do the right thing and get out of their lives, Camilla.

Anonymous on Sep 07, 2009

Poor Prince Charming, He Picked
the wrong girl, he had the best,
and let it go. I wonder what he
must think now. God bless that
nice girl "Diana", the Queen of

Mary Mendez on Dec 04, 2009

Camilla never will replace Princess Diane in the eyes of the people. Men like Prince Charles will never learned that these women are only after the money from the very beginning.

Anonymous on Apr 06, 2010

when will charles devorce camilla?

cecilia on Apr 06, 2010

to make poeple happy camilla should depart charles.

becky on Dec 10, 2010

Prince Charles has to pay for the price about Diana's death

lynn on Jun 06, 2011

charles is no longer that little boy that needed comforting by camillla..i could see it in his face at the wedding--how bad could it have been??by now he would've matured and have lovingly been w/his wife diana at their son's wedding.oohh to know the future..i saw sadness on charles heart but he was very close on the wedding day w/his sons--poor camilla--no room at the inn?

summerskye on Jun 15, 2011

After all the pain Charles & Camilla caused Diana they do not deserve to be happy. Charles never gave Diana the support or love I see William giving Kate. He used Diana to produce his Heirs and threw her away. And yes I feel the Royals had a hand in her death she was still to popular and loved by the people.

Anonymous on Jun 15, 2011

What goes around comes around. Remember if he cheated with you, odds are he'll cheat on you! Hopefully he will look to his son for advice on how to marry the right woman.
Camilla was only in it for the gossip, and money, she thought England would forgive her? Bloody hell!

Peter in N.H. on Jul 14, 2011

Diana was NOT perfect-nobody is-but NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT
MIND WOULD MARRY into such a
family at the Royal Family. I would run 100 miles in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION!

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011

for every action there is a reaction and karma lol now thats something to celerbrate.